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  • Couple Release A Bit TOO Much Information On Their Facebook Engagement Photo

    A woman who was so deliriously happy at getting engaged to her boyfriend didn’t check the Facebook photo before posting it - and let something MAJOR slip.

    Yahoo News
  • 'At 24, we have a house and earn £100,000. What could possibly go wrong?'

    Jonathon Kelly and Stacey Mills are not your typical new graduates. While most under-30s are struggling to pay their rent, this couple are joint home owners with their careers well under way. Miss Mills, who studied at Cardiff University, met Mr Kelly on a night out four years ago when he was visiting friends in the city. Now both 24, they live in a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, which they bought for £250,000 shortly after they graduated. A few months ago Mr Kelly proposed – laying out tea lights in their garden to spell the words “Will you marry me?”. But since then the couple have had some less romantic things to think about. With a £225,000 mortgage q
  • Jim Carrey Carries Ex's Coffin At Funeral

    Jim Carrey has attended the funeral of his ex-girlfriend in Ireland - serving as one of six pallbearers at the service. The Hollywood star fought back tears as he joined hundreds of others to mourn Cathriona White, a 30-year-old who was found in her Los Angeles home after a suspected suicide. During the service at the Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Co Tipperary, Ms White was described as someone "with an amazing capacity to love and to be loved".

    Sky News 59 mins ago
  • Football - Real Madrid's Benzema facing spell out thanks to own team-mate

    Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema is expected to be sidelined for three weeks after tests on Saturday revealed the France forward has suffered a muscle injury.

    PA Sport 39 mins ago
  • Airbus lodges patent for ‘stacked’ airline passenger seating

    French airplane maker Airbus has filed patents in Europe and the United States for split-level passenger seating configurations — an idea which has been likened to stacking passengers like blocks.

    Reuters Videos
  • NASA Is About To Make An ‘Amazing’ Announcement About Pluto

    Could we have found life on the icy dwarf planet?

    Rob Waugh
  • Bye bye bacon sarnie? Bizarre report tells offices: Ban PORK to avoid upsetting Muslims

    Academic Adam Dinham, behind the report, said: "It would be good etiquette to avoid heating up foods that might be prohibited for people of other faiths. "The microwaves example is a good one. We also say, don't put kosher or halal and other special foods next to another food or, God forbid, on the same plate. He said the British public had lost the ability to talk about religious belief "because of a century of secular assumptions, and most religious belief is either highly visible and we don't recognise it, or it's invisible and we miss it entirely". q
  • These 'Cube’ Homes Stack to Form Pop-Up, Tiny Home Apartment Buildings That Help the Homeless (11 photos)

    The YMCA of London South West has developed what they call the Y:Cube, a simply-designed tiny house unit that can be assembled in a factory, transported to a construction site and then stacked together to create pop-up apartment buildings. (Watch a video of a demo cube being assembled below) The new design is being used for good reason: To fight homelessness in increasingly expensive London. Last month, the organization opened its first development in South West London, offering 36 apartments at 65 percent the average rent of the surrounding area. South West London has seen the largest increases in rent across the city, where rent prices surpassed 1,500 pounds (about $2,265) for the first time this summer, according to rental insurance company HomeLet’s rental index, a widely-cited report on rent in the nation. The building’s inexpensive rent is made possible by the inexpensive construction model: The units are assembled off-site in a factory in Derbyshire and then transported to London. Stacking and stringing the units together into a cohesive building took about five months, the YMCA says. Each 280-square foot unit is a rectangular box (so no, it’s not technically a cube) with room for one person in a studio layout. The kitchen is open to the living area and behind those is an open hallway that leads to the bedroom and bathroom. Every unit also comes with a deck in the front that is attached on site. All the services–gas, plumbing, electric–come pre-made in the cube, so the unit only has to be plugged in, so to speak. This allows more units to be added to a development, or the entire development to be disassembled and built somewhere else, according to the architects behind the project, according to the architects behind the project, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. The building is already filled up with residents. Wendy Omollo, 24, is one of the first Y:Cube tenants to move into the site. She was previously homeless and slept rough on the streets in Kingston upon Thames, according to the YMCA. “By having my own space with my own front door I will regain my independence. But it’s not just that,” she says. “As the rent is affordable and I can stay for up to five years, I’ll also be able to save money for a deposit. Basically, when the time comes to move on from Y:Cube, I will be in a far better situation than today.” The YMCA has plans to expand the pilot program and build more of these throughout London, according to a press release. (All photos and video: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners)

    Michelle Huffman
  • Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson split after Kate Middleton's sister photographed with ex-boyfriends

    Pippa Middleton and her boyfriend Nico Jackson have reportedly split. The 32-year-old younger sister of Kate Middleton and millionaire stockbroker Jackson parted ways after dating for more than two years. "Pippa and Nico have parted ways.

    International Business Times
  • Daughter's dash to welcome home dad brings smiles to Army

    FORT CARSON, Colo. (AP) — Top brass at a Colorado Army post are all smiles after a 2-year-old girl interrupted a general's speech to dash across the room and hug her dad, who had just come home from a nine-month deployment.

    Associated Press
  • Russia using electronic warfare to cloak its actions in Syria from Isis and Nato

    Fed up of the West's indecisiveness on dealing with the ongoing situation in Syria, Russia is now providing direct military air support to Syria, and it is using electronic warfare to jam Islamic State's (IS) communications, as well as to prevent Nato from detecting what it is up to, according to an electronic warfare expert. Electronic warfare is the ability to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum in order to sense where enemy targets are so that you can attack the enemy first, or to prevent the enemy from attacking you. Examples of things you can do with electronic warfare include communications jamming, radar jamming, reconnaissance and countermeasures using infrared, radio and electro-optical frequencies.

    International Business Times
  • Soldier wins £13.2m prize after 25p online bet

    A British soldier has become an overnight multimillionaire after winning more than £13.2 million on a 25p stake.

    Press Association
  • Battlefield Hardline can soon be played for free on Xbox One consoles via EA Access

    Xbox One owners can officially experience the first-person-shooter game Battlefield Hardline for free from 14 October. The game can be checked out by those who have subscribed to the EA Access membership.

    International Business Times
  • Clive James 'Embarrassed' He Is Still Alive

    Clive James has confessed he feels "embarrassment" that he is still alive - one year after he predicted his imminent death from terminal leukaemia. In a poem published last September, the Australian critic had "confidently stated" that by the time the leaves on his maple tree turned red for autumn, he would have passed away. Mr James, who has been receiving cancer treatment for more than five years, explained: "Autumn came, the tree came red and I was still here, steadily turning red myself.

    Sky News
  • Passenger falls from cruise ship off Isle of Wight

    A passenger has reportedly fallen overboard from a cruise ship off the Isle of Wight.

    Press Association
  • Anti-Muslim protests span US: How mosques are responding

    Muslim leaders of mosques in more than 30 cities nationwide are preparing for anti-Muslim marches planned for today. Earlier this week, the Council for Islamic-American Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil rights group, released a statement urging Muslim leaders around the country to take extra precautions ahead of the planned demonstrations.

    Christian Science Monitor
  • House Cat Goes Outside For The First Time And Makes This Face

    Well, we don’t actually have to imagine with Kiwi as his series of facial expressions tells the exact story. The orange tabby’s owner uploaded a series of pictures to photo sharing site Imgur, captioning it ‘Kiwi’s Adventure To The Outside’ - and what an adventure it was. Kiwi is a house cat no more.

    Yahoo News
  • Man Divorces Wife On WhatsApp After Four Weeks Of Marriage

    The 21-year-old man used free messaging service WhatsApp to legally separate from his new wife - meaning he didn’t even have to pay anything to end their marriage. J Prameela Devi, a member of the state women’s commission adalat, told the Times of India: ‘He said she was like an apple and he had already tasted it. Islamic scholars are divided as to whether WhatsApp is actually a legal document, with some stating that the divorce should be carried out in person.

    Yahoo News
  • Controversial lottery changes coming into effect

    Lotto players may want to update their lucky numbers as sweeping changes are taking effect this weekend.

    Press Association
  • Peter Andre Branded Liar Over Contract Row

    Peter Andre has been accused of lying about receiving death threats and branded "an extremely unsatisfactory witness" by a High Court judge. ITV2 has been ordered to pay a reality show producer damages of what could run into millions of pounds after a contract dispute involving the singer and reality TV star. Andre, who is currently competing on Strictly Come Dancing, claimed he felt physically threatened after his close friend and manager Claire Powell allegedly received death threats from Neville Hendricks after the end of their relationship.

    Sky News