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  • Breastfeeding Mom Shuts Down Haters With One Photo

    Sitting in a restaurant, surrounded by people, Ashley Kaidel fed her son. The trouble for one fellow diner was that Kaidel was giving her 6-month-old milk from her uncovered breast at her table. 

    Jennifer O'Neill
  • Birthday Cake Fail As Cake Maker Takes Text Message Literally

    A mum who requested the message on her son’s birthday cake ‘should be happy 21st Stefan’ was left speechless when she got exactly that piped on top. 

    Kate Solomon
  • The Longest Celebrity Relationships (20 photos)

    It seems like this 2015 has been the year of mass break-ups and divorces. So let’s restore our faith in the L word by checking out the long-term loves of celebs who found their happy ever afters.

    Yahoo Celebrity UK
  • Sinead O’Connor: ‘My Children Are Dead To Me’

    Sinead O’Connor worried everybody on Sunday when she shared a concerning Facebook post that said that she had taken an overdose.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • Flight attendant accused of attacks appears in court

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — An American Airlines flight attendant accused of attacking fellow crew members and two U.S. air marshals during a trans-Atlantic flight made her first court appearance Tuesday, where attorneys argued over whether she should be held in custody or released to her family.

    Associated Press
  • Lorraine Kelly shocks viewers with 'sit on your face' comment to Piers Morgan

    TV presenter Lorraine Kelly shocked viewers with a comment she made to Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan as he presented her with a birthday present.

    Press Association
  • Good Samaritan 'Killed With Broken Wine Bottle'

    A mum-of-two who intervened in a street row was murdered when a man plunged a broken bottle into her neck, a court has heard. Alison Wilson was worried about the safety of a baby whose mother was arguing with Stephen Duggan near a chip shop in Widnes, Cheshire. The 36-year-old witnessed the argument from a taxi with a male friend and thought it would be "less intimidating" if she stepped in, a jury at Liverpool Crown Court was told.

    Sky News
  • British tourist urgently in need of medical care stranded in Dubai over £100,000 car hire bill

    But the car company claimed it was excessively damaged and provided a "shopping list" of parts Charles needed to buy to fix the car - including a new engine. The initial repair bill came to almost 220,000 Dirham, around £40,000, but after he was unable to pay the first bill, the total cost has increased to around £100,000. Charles hasn't been able to get detailed information from the garage where the car was allegedly repaired. He had hoped the issue would end up to court - but he hasn't been charged for any crime - so is now stuck, without a passport, in the country. Charles is awaiting urgent surgery on his fractured pelvis that was injured in the balcony fall in 2013 because the metal hardware

    ITV News q
  • Game of Thrones Actor Smashes Keg Throw Record

    Hafþór Björnsson, or The Mountain from Game of Thrones as he’s more commonly known by his fans, holds the title for being the world’s strongest man. On November 28, he attempted another world record, the keg toss, and managed to smash the previous record. He threw a 15kg keg over 24 feet into the air, completely stunning the watching audience. Credit: YouTube/Official Strongman

  • Slut-shaming has become a national sport - as Gordon Ramsay's daughters just discovered

    Were these people never teenagers? If they stopped spitting bile on social media for long enough to cast their minds back, they might just remember wearing the odd item of clothing that could have been deemed risqué themselves. They might also recall how vulnerable young women, and men, can be about their appearance. Ramsay’s daughters are 14 (Matilda), 16 (Holly) and 17-years-old (Megan). They should be encouraged to feel good about their changing bodies, have fun with clothes and be confident – not be told they look like ‘prostitutes’ for wearing mini-skirts to a party. With their family. And anyone who thinks a parent ‘lets’ their daughter dress in a certain way has clearly not visited Topshop q
  • Victoria Beckham's shop just got a very famous new sales assistant

    Bet she was “desperate” for the help in the lead up to Christmas…

  • Delivery Driver Caught Pretending To Deliver Xbox And Leaving Note In Package Scam

    A delivery driver has been caught on camera pretending to deliver an Xbox to a house before appearing to drive off, keeping the console for himself. CCTV footage outside Paul Kerswill’s home show the Hermes driver walking up to his house empty handed before leaving a note to say he had left the package in a bin next to the property in Hull, East Yorkshire. Mr Kerswill had ordered the £300 Xbox from Amazon in a Black Friday deal as a surprise present for his son, Kurt.

    Yahoo News
  • What Happens When a Harvard Engineer Gets Robbed?

    He designs a smarter home security system—without contracts, installation fees or sneaky salesmen. Discover a smarter way to protect your home today.

  • This Picture Shows Exactly What Christmas Party Season In London Is Like

    It’s December so the festive party season can officially get under way - and that means more scenes like this across the capital. Up front is a seemingly sober couple sharing a tender embrace but the sight behind them is more like what you can expect on the London Undergound for the next few weeks. The picture, titled ‘Mind The Gap’ shows a very drunk woman leaning over a barrier while she prepares to be sick all over the platform at Embankment station.

    Andy Wells
  • Women Who Urinated In Front Of Praying Muslim Family Are Spared Jail

    Two women who urinated in front of a Muslim family while they prayed in a park have walked free from court. Natalie Richardson, 32, and Claire Farrell, 36, who were drunk at the time, shouted racist abuse and pulled down their underwear and squatted within metres of the Syrian family, which included two children aged eight and ten. Another six children were in the company of the two drunken women on a Sunday afternoon in Central Park, Plymouth on August 16.

    Yahoo News
  • Schoolgirl found hanging after 'rare allergy to wi-fi made her life a misery'

    Jenny's parents are now campaigning to have wi-fi banned in all schools. Mrs Fry said it got to the stage where Jenny would hide herself away in unused classrooms in the school to work just so she could escape the wi-fi. "As soon as Jenny walked away from a router she felt instantly better. She was aware of what was going on, but nothing could be done. "It's a misunderstood condition and schools are reluctant to do anything because the wi-fi companies have money and tell schools it is safe." Simon Duffy, headteacher at Chipping Norton School, which Jenny attended, said the safety of students was paramount. He added: "Jenny's safety at school was just as important as anyone else's. "Just like

    ITV News q
  • Muslim Woman Punched In The Face In Birmingham For Wearing A Hijab

    The 18-year-old (not pictured above) was walking along New Street in Birmingham when she was approached by a man in a grey hoodie who punched her in the face. The woman, Ms Choudhury, who didn’t want to give her full name, told the Birmingham Mail that the attacker showed no interest in her belongings, leading her to believe she was punched for wearing a hijab scarf on her head.

    Ross McG
  • Mysterious Glinting ‘Alien’ Dome Is Seen On Mars

    Is this proof of an ancient alien civilisation?

    Rob Waugh
  • Joshua Shintani, Star Of Shallow Hal, Dies At 32

    Joshua Shintani, the ukulele-playing teenager from ‘Shallow Hal’, has died at the age of 32. Shintani, who went by the nickname Li'iBoy died in Kauai, an island off Hawaii, after being rushed to hospital last week. Peter Farrelly was on holiday in Hawaii when he first saw Shintani, who was at high school at the time, playing his ukulele outside the public library.

    Ben Arnold
  • Paul Gascoigne Had 14 Lines Of Cocaine Before Taking Chicken And Fishing Rod To Raoul Moat

    Paul Gascoigne has revealed why he went to the aid of murderer Raoul Moat. In July 2010, Gascoigne, in his dressing gown, tried to bring chicken and a fishing rod to Moat, who was engaged in an armed stand-off with police in Rothbury, Northumberland. Moat had shot his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, her boyfriend Chris Brown - who was killed - and police officer David Rathband before hiding out at Riverside, Rothbury.

    Yahoo News