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    Pamela Anderson wears her iconic 'Baywatch' swimsuit to hang out at home: 'It still fits'

    Pamela Anderson slips on the suit to surprise friends, she revealed in a new interview.

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    How Boris Johnson’s gamble on one lie too many pushed the British public over the edge

    It’s one thing to live through a terrifying pandemic, but another thing entirely to do so under a blundering government. And during the past week, as Boris Johnson’s government dodged and lied to protect an adviser, while the nation’s coronavirus death rate became the highest, the mask finally came off even for many previous supporters of this failing administration, exposing the moral vacuum behind it.In just one week, the government trashed its public reputation, with Johnson’s approval dropping an eye-watering 20 points. As news emerged that the prime minister’s aide, Dominic Cummings, flouted lockdown measures with a family road trip to Durham, the nation united in outrage. Nearly 100 Conservative MPs revolted over Johnson defending his chief aide, while vicars, police officers and previously sympathetic columnists have voiced criticism. We watched Cummings claim a drive to Barnard Castle was an entirely permissible sight test and government ministers pretzeled themselves trying to make this sound legit. The ensuing mockery of government was allayed only by public rage.

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    James Corden talks life with wife and kids in lockdown during rare interview

    James Corden has spoken about his family life while living in lockdown. During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show earlier this week, the former Gavin and Stacey star was discussing how he and his wife, Julia, and their three children, Max, Carey and Charlotte are coping with remaining positive while tackling the perils of home-schooling.Loading the player...WATCH: James Corden chats to Ellen about family life in lockdown"I think we're all experiencing those spikes of anxiety and fear," he told host Ellen DeGeneres. "Anytime I find myself, or me and my wife and in particular our kids, thinking 'oh man this is tough' you just go 'well, right around the corner, there's going to be a glorious moment, and I have no idea how long away it is but it'll be spectacular.'"MORE: Gavin and Stacey stars surprise fans with lockdown reunion - watch hilarious videoJames, his wife Julia and their three children live in LAThe actor and TV presenter, who's currently residing in LA with his family, also spoke about how he's been finding home-schooling his children. "It adds like 25 layers of stress, it's a nightmare. Firstly, it's hard to know who's being home-schooled, whether it's me or my son," he joked. "If im ever sat in in lessons with him, I find myself going 'wow I did not know that'." He continued: "The home-schooling with the lessons and things is fine, it's the homework, I can't do it and my son's nine! And I find myself going - and this is deeply irresponsible - I find myself going 'you know what, Max, honestly you're not going to need any of this in life."MORE: James Corden shares unseen photos of younger sister Rudi in celebration of her birthdayThe presenter, who is currently filming The Late Late Show with James Corden from his home in LA, also discussed the future of his popular segment Carpool Karaoke, which had to put on hold due to social distancing restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. "I think it'll be a while before we're singing a car with anybody," he explained. "We can't really think of a remote way to do it, it really does rely on two people being in close proximity."Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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    Taylor Swift's Donald Trump Tweet Is Now Her Most-Liked Tweet Ever

    The tweet received more than one million likes in less than five hours.

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    Real reason why This Morning's Ruth Langsford sobbed on TV revealed by husband Eamonn

    Eamonn Holmes has revealed the real reason why his wife Ruth Langsford was so emotional on Saturday night after winning £30,000 in Alan Carr's new ITV game show.Taking to his Instagram, Eamonn explained to his fans in a live chat that there were two reasons why she was overcome with emotion – her father and her sister Julia who passed away last year."I just wanted to come on and talk to you and say thank you because earlier this evening Ruth and I appeared on ITV, on the new Alan Carr revival of classic game shows and tonight was Play your Cards Right. It was recorded quite a long time ago and we were sort of watching it as though we didn't know what was going to happen but what did happen is that we won, we didn't just win, we won £30,000 for charity and the charity in question was the Alzheimer's Society."MORE: A look back at Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford's magical wedding dayHe added: "Ruth got very emotional at the end of this and there are a number of reasons why she got very emotional, but let's just say the overriding reason is that her father died from this awful condition, this awful disease."Explaining the second reason, Eamonn continued: "Ruth was very overwhelmed at the end and she broke down in tears, and as I said on Twitter and Instagram, she had a very good reason to weep. "When this happened there was a lot going on in her life as well, it was the first programme she had done after the death of her sister so there was a big well up of emotions within her," he said.Ruth's father was 84 when he died in 2012. Speaking of his death on Loose Women back in 2017, she said: "I was grieving and losing my dad but my mum was losing the love of her life, the man she married and had children with. They had years and years of memories. You don't often hear people talking about that side of it.READ: Inside This Morning presenters' Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes' stunning Surrey homeRuth with her sister Julia"When my dad went into care, my mum was so distraught... I'm sorry," she said, wiping a tear from her eye. Ruth continued: 'You do hope, but you know they probably won't get better. I'm sorry, sometimes I just can't talk about it. It's thinking about my mum, that side of it that gets to me."The This Morning presenter's sister, Julia, sadly passed away in June last year. At a later inquest into her death, it was revealed Julia had taken her own life after suffering with depression for a number of years. She was found by her heartbroken husband Paul at the home they shared together in Lingfield, Surrey.

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    Shocking moment Los Angeles police open fire on unarmed protesters

    After protesters began chanting "f*ck 12," this is the shocking moment Los Angeles police began opening fire on peaceful protesters on the corner of Fairfax and Oakwood Avenue on Saturday evening (May 30). "F*ck 12," a phrase popularized by rappers to speak against police behavior, has become commonplace during the protests against the police killing of George Floyd.