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  • Husband took this last photo with his wife before pushing her off a cliff

    When Harold Henthorn’s first wife Lynn was killed in a tragic accident, which saw her crushed by the couple’s car, there was a rush of sympathy for the grieving widower. Both women had been killed during the 12th year of their marriage in freak accidents at remote scenes while alone with Harold. In 2000, Harold Henthorn married eye doctor Toni Bertolet after they met on a Christian dating website. Toni was divorced and had found her second chance at love – while many believed Harold deserved happiness after his tragic past.

    Daily Mirror q
  • Is Liam Neeson Dating Kristen Stewart? Rumour Mill Continues To Go Into Overdrive About Taken Actor’s ‘Famous’ Girlfriend

    Internet gossip has predictably been ramped up since Liam Neeson announced he has found love again with an “incredibly famous” woman. Now fans have been speculating she is Kristen Stewart. The rumour mill about the Taken star, 63, went into overdrive this week after Liam revealed he has found love again with an “incredibly famous” woman.

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  • Woman Keeps McDonald’s Happy Meal Untouched For Six Years – And This Is The Shocking Result

    A mum claims to have conducted an experiment where she kept a McDonald’s Happy Meal for SIX years – just to see if it would decompose. 

    Anthony Pearce's Blog
  • The Mystery Of Rabbit Island

    Imagine an island filled with rabbits. Okunoshima is a small island in Japan's Inland Sea. It's called "Rabbit Island" because of the thousands of feral rabbits that roam the land. No one knows exactly how they got there, but since the end of World War II, the rabbits have been doing what they do best … multiplying.

    Great Big Story
  • ‘World’s Heaviest Teenager’ Finally Walks After Dropping 700 Lbs.

    At his highest weight, Khaled Mohsen Al Shaeri weighed 1,345 lbs. and hadn’t left his bed for three years. In 2013, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ordered that he be hospitalized for treatment. Since then, Shaeri — now in his early 20s — has lost 700 lbs., and anew video, posted to YouTube Tuesday (garnering almost 48,000 views), shows him walking for the first time in years. 

    Melissa Walker
  • Dad On Phone To Daughter As Bullet Kills Her

    Aaren O'Connor was outside her apartment complex in Chicago, Illinois, when she was hit in the head on Friday, according to US media reports. The 25-year-old's father David told CBS Chicago: "Every few moments she said, 'My head hurts. CBS Chicago reported she had moved to the city last year for a new job and to be closer to her boyfriend.

    Sky News
  • North Korea's army chief of staff executed: report

    North Korea's army chief of staff has been executed, South Korean media reported Wednesday, in what would amount to the latest in a series of purges and executions of top officials by leader Kim Jong-Un.

  • “20 Things No Woman Should Wear After 30″ List Is Not What You Would Expect

    Sick of the sartorial police? One Tweeter had the perfect response [Photo: Instagram/sassymamadubai]

    Marie-Claire Dorking
  • Growing support for an OPEN FIRE border policy on illegal refugees in Germany

    The poll was triggered by Petry's comments of a week ago when she incensed the ruling political elite by declaring: "We need efficient controls to prevent so many unregistered asylum-seekers keeping on entering via Austria. "Border police should be able if need be to have recourse to their firearms -- as laid down by law.No policeman wants to fire on a refugee and I don't want that either. But as a last resort there should be recourse to firearms."  But while a considerable number of voters agreed with her gunfire policy, only 13 percent of those quizzed believed that her party should not be spied on by intelligence spooks - something called for by SPD party chief and vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. q
  • Fastest depreciating cars: top 10 worst motoring money pits

    We’ve all heard the sob stories. A buyer walks into a showroom, pays mega-bucks for a new model with all the bells and whistles, then can’t believe how little the dealer wants to buy it back for at trade-in time… ouch! Every new car loses money of course, and most do it faster than their owners would probably like. But some cars lose money faster than others, and some are absolute stinkers when it comes to holding their value on the used car market. We’ll refer to them as depreciation disasters. To help you avoid these mobile money-pits we’ve combed the data from used car valuation experts at CAP to create a list of possible new car purchases with the biggest sting in the tail. • Car depreciation:

    AutoExpress q
  • ‘I’m almost happy Gary Neville has flopped at Valencia’

    The pundit-turned-coach is yet to win a match in La Liga since his appointment.
  • Another Angry Trip Advisor Critic Has Been Brilliantly Put In Their Place

    Michelin-starred restaurant, Purnell's, has brilliantly hit back at a scathing review posted on Trip Advisor.

    Huffington Post q
  • The Jump: The 11 Stars Forced To Withdraw After Suffering Serious Injuries (12 photos)

    Earlier this week it was called for ITV show The Jump to be cancelled due to the sheer amount of injuries that seem to occur. In fact, in this series alone four celebs have been forced to withdraw from the competition after hurting themselves in training, and we can reveal that they’re not the only ones to meet this fate.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • Coronation Street's Paula Lane to leave as Kylie Platt faces 'dramatic exit'

    Coronation Street star Paula Lane is to leave the show after six years playing troubled Kylie Platt.

    Press Association
  • Duncan James Admits He's 'Lucky' His Daughter Accepts Having A 'Gay Dad'

    Back in 2009, Blue singer Duncan James came out as bisexual but three years later he revealed that he actually identified as gay. The 37-year-old had daughter Tianie with his ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger before he realised his sexual identity, and has now admitted that he feels “lucky” that the ten-year-old accepts him for who he is. Speaking about his orientation in a new interview, Duncan explained: “I was worried how she’d feel about having a gay dad.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • Anti-Beyonce protest planned after 'race-baiting' SB50 performance

    A protest in New York City will rally people who felt offended by Beyonce's performance in the Super Bowl.

    Sporting News
  • If You Uninstall This One App, It Makes Your iPhone Last 15% Longer

    Here’s the good news - if you uninstall just one app, it can boost your iPhone’s battery life by as much as 15%. Now the bad news: the app you have to uninstall is Facebook. You don’t have to stop using the social network altogether - you just switch to browsing it via the Safari web browser instead of the app.

    Rob Waugh's Yahoo Blog
  • Liverpool’s response to demands for lower ticket prices

    Enough is enough, said the Liverpool fans on Saturday. Against Sunderland, Liverpool fans - including, apparently, Jamie Carragher - walked out of Anfield in the 77th minute. As a result, with more protests to come, and the prospect of the movement of fans’ resistance spreading from Liverpool to the rest of the Premier League, they will take action.

  • RBS To Cast Off £3bn Shipping Loan Book

    The taxpayer-backed Royal Bank of Scotland (LSE: RBS.L - news) (RBS) has drafted in advisers to pilot a sale of a £3bn shipping finance operation that will further distance the lender from its globe-trotting past. Sky News understands that RBS is working with bankers at Lazard to examine options for the shipping loans, which could be run off, sold or hived off in chunks to potential buyers. The bulk of the business under review relates to RBS’s shipping finance business in Greece, and an exit will mark another chapter in the bank's international retrenchment since its £45.5bn bail-out by taxpayers in 2008.

    Sky News
  • 13 Mistakes Not to Make If You Ever Want to Sell Your Home (13 photos)

    If you plan to sell your home someday (and most people do), it’s important to always consider the long-term consequences of short-term design decisions. Remember, when it comes to resale value, timeless trumps trendy every time. So, before you install a state-of-the-art sports court, invest in a luxury hot tub, or convert your garage into extra living space, keep in mind the following complaints home buyers often express about certain home enhancements. | By Jill Lawrence-O'Hara,

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