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  • Does FBI memo prove aliens DID crash near Roswell and THREE UFOs and were covered up?

    An FBI memo that has come under scrutiny following freedom of information requests even suggests each "saucer" contained three bodies of three-foot tall aliens in the legendary "alien" incident. The Roswell incident, in July 1947, went down in UFO folklore after the US Air Force announced it had found the remains of what was suspected of being a crashed flying saucer in the New Mexico desert near the town. The FBI memo now in the spotlight, dated from 1950 - three years after the Roswell incident - said each of three "saucers" contained three bodies of three-foot tall humanoid occupants, making nine aliens in total. Museum workers stumbled across the document as as they were preparing to open the Hakui Centre for UFO Research in the coastal city of Hakui, 310 miles west of Tokyo, Japan, back in 1994. q
  • 'Oh, my God': Man who finds missing 2-year-old girl jubilant

    WARREN, Ohio (AP) — A man who found a little girl who'd been missing from her great-grandparents' home for two days sounded jubilant in a 911 call.

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  • Jilted Lover Suffers Burns After Revenge Acid Attack Goes Badly Wrong

    A woman who poured acid over her former lover while she sat behind him on a motorbike was left with horrific burns after the liquid blew backwards onto her face. Ung Limey, 21, emptied the toxic contents of the container over her boyfriend Leng Socheata’s helmet but she was covered in most of it as the wind blew it straight onto her. Leng, who had recently broke up with his girlfriend, crashed the bike seconds after the attack, which caused the former couple to suffer more injuries as a result.

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  • 'Barclays would only give me £20 notes when I closed my account'

    Nearly four months ago I visited a Barclays branch to withdraw £130. I couldn’t remember my PIN so I went to the desk. The staff there couldn’t help me because I had no ID. I decided that I would close the account and withdraw my savings of £5,000. I returned with a friend with ID, PIN etc. The desk hand took my bank card and handed me a transaction receipt. It informed me that the bank had no method of giving the cash other than in £20 notes. She proceeded to count out the money. I complained to her about the fact it didn’t even have £50s. I said I was anxious about carrying cash around with me. She became rude and I asked to see the manager. DB, London The “desk hand”, as you describe her, q
  • Calais gripped by chaos as FIVE HUNDRED migrants make two violent bids to reach Britain

    REUTERS•GETTY More than 200 migrants broke into the Channel Tunnel shortly after midnight, more than half of whom made it a THIRD OF THE WAY to Britain before finally being intercepted by overwhelmed French police.  The huge crowd smashed down border fences paid for by Britain and completely overran security staff as part of a "planned invasion" of the Eurotunnel terminal at Coquelles.  Police eventually caught up with the group almost 10 miles into the tunnel, but things turned violent when they moved in to disperse the migrants.  Officers were forced to make 23 arrests, with six people being injured in the fracas.  In a separate incident a stampede of 300 migrants surged onto the motorway outside q
  • Ranking all Liverpool’s Premier League managers from worst to best

    From Graeme Souness to Brendan Rodgers, we rate each of the Anfield club’s modern-day coaches.
  • Scientists predict MEGA-TSUNAMI twice the size of Big Ben to wipe out entire CITIES

    GETTY A crew of scientists recently discovered the sudden collapse of a giant volcano 73,000 years ago unleashed a wave nearly 1,000ft in height, the largest ever seen on geological record. Experts have today warned a similar catastrophic mega-tsunami could happen again. The Fogo volcano at Cape Verde, which triggered the unprecedented wave, remains one of the world's largest and most active island volcanoes. The volcano suddenly became active late last year. Seismologists said the eruption in November was one of the strongest ever recorded on the island. Experts fear another powerful eruption could send a devastating mega-tsunami across the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists have recently uncovered q
  • 10 Child Movie Stars Who Went Off The Rails (10 photos)

    It can be tough becoming a famous actor when you’re young. Yes, there’s adulation and money but as these celebs prove, it doesn’t take a lot for it to blow up in your face. Photos: (Image credits: Rex_Shutterstock/Department/Kazden/KeystoneUSA-Zuma/ Everett/Moviestore/Munawar Hosain/MB Pictures)

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  • Notorious Mexican Female Assassin Is Turned Over To The Police By Her Boyfriend

    An infamous Mexican assassin has been arrested after her boyfriend turned her in. Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda, 30, known as “La China”, is said to be the head of a 300-strong gang and is believed to be behind 150 murders in the past ten years.

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  • X Factor Sam Bailey says she's glad to be free of Simon Cowell's contract

    2013 X Factor winner Sam Bailey was dropped by Cowell’s label Syco earlier this year but claimed she felt trapped by the strict terms of the deal and is happy to finally be able to make her own decisions. The former prison officer said the label banned her from arranging her own gigs – and her X Factor mentor Sharon Osbourne begged her to break away from Cowell.

    Daily Mirror q
  • Man uses bomb hoax to delay flight but he didn't expect this to happen

    The 46-year-old told cops: "I heard two Arabs say that they had put a bomb on board"

    Daily Mirror q
  • Former Circus Tiger Freed After 12 Years Walks On Grass For The First Time

    This majestic former circus tiger has spent her whole life caged up, having never walked on grass – until now. 

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  • Farmer Who Discovered Mammoth Thought It Was A Fence Post

    The remains of a woolly mammoth that lived about 12,000-15,000 years ago have been recovered after it was found by a farmer digging in a field in Michigan.

    Sky video
  • The BBC tried to find out if Britain was racist by offering people doughnuts and it didn't go down well on Twitter

    In the midst of a pretty decent documentary, the BBC stuck in an absolutely (dough)NUTS experiment.

  • Ham Sandwiches And Sausage Rolls May Be Banned From Office Kitchens For Being ‘Offensive’

    Kitchens that are shared between office workers may soon be banned from storing pork products like sausage rolls over fears that they are “offensive”. Andy Dinham, professor of faith and public policy at Goldsmiths, University of London, is writing up the guidelines that will be put forward to employers this week.

    Yahoo News
  • Pensioner Snaps ‘Boy Ghost’ On Her iPhone During Spooky Walk Through Black Country Woods

    Elaine Stewart was left spooked when she saw what she believes is the spooky outline of a young child from the 18th century as she walked through a beauty spot in the Black Country. Retired auxiliary nurse Elaine, from West Bromwich, has researched the area and discovered the woodland is on the site of an 18th century coal mine.

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  • ‘Ferguson couldn’t lure me to Manchester United’

    The manager reveals he chatted with the Scot in the season leading up to his retirement.
  • All of the very best (and worst) glitzy looks from the Inside Soap Awards red carpet

    We take a look at what was hot, and what was not, on the red carpet.

  • 'Downsize to raise cash? It would COST us £90,000'

    Beryl Morris is keen to sell her two-storey, four-bedroom family home in the near future. She and her husband have loved it for the 33 years they’ve lived there – but now it’s too big to manage. Downsizing isn’t an option for the couple, however. Their house, in a small village, is worth £280,000. The cheapest suitable property into which they could downsize, in their area of Cambridgeshire, would cost £350,000. The moving costs would add another £20,000 on top. Like millions of other would-be downsizes, they have become disillusioned by Britain’s dysfunctional housing market. Downsizing has become an option restricted to the very wealthy: those who have spare assets or seriously valuable family q
  • Curiosity Rover Snaps Stunning Mountain Vista on Mars (Photo)

    NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has beamed home a gorgeous postcard of the mountainous Red Planet landscape it's exploring. The car-size Curiosity rover has been studying the foothills of the 3.4-mile-high (5.5 kilometers) Mount Sharp since September 2014. Slowly but surely, the robot is making its way up the mountain, and the new photo — which was taken on Sept. 9 but just released Friday (Oct. 2) — shows some of the terrain Curiosity will investigate in the future.