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  • Rita Ora should have checked the table before taking this photo… it’s the Dredge

    People are speculating that Rita Ora was caught a bit rapid with a bag of a certain herbal substance sitting at the end of a dinner table she was sharing with friends. Rita’s camp hasn’t commented on it yet, so we can only assume it’s some weeds removed from the garden on one of the guest’s way in. Rita DID post this photo of her with Snoop Dogg and a pair of joints though.
  • Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley marry in star-studded ceremony

    Director Guy Ritchie has married his long-term girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley. Jacqui’s stepsons David Banda and Rocco, from Guy’s marriage to singer Madonna, were also in the photo. Both David and Victoria Beckham took to their social media accounts to congratulate the couple.

    SNAP.PA 45 mins ago
  • Pluto's big moon may host first Star Wars, Star Trek names in space

    NASA's proposed map of Charon, full of geek references. This month's New Horizons flyby of dwarf planet Pluto and its biggest moon Charon left a wealth of incredible data in its wake, with unforgettable pictures of geographic features such as the now famous giant "heart" on Pluto. Now, thanks to maps the New Horizons team plans to submit to the International Astronomical Union (the official governing body for names of celestial objects), we know the answer.

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  • Madeleine McCann: Met contact Australia police over suitcase body

    Police officers investigating missing Madeleine McCann have contacted Australian authorities over their discovery of a young girl's remains in a suitcase, Scotland Yard said. The decomposed body of a young, fair-haired girl aged between two and four, who was killed in at least 2007, was discovered in a suitcase next to a remote motorway in Wynarka near Adelaide in South Australia earlier this month, local police said. Blonde Madeleine was three-years-old when she went missing from the family's holiday apartment in Portugal's Algarve on May 3 2007.

    Press Association
  • Mum Nearly Loses LEG From False Widow Spider Bite In Her Bed

    A bite from Britain’s most venomous spider nearly resulted in a mum-of-four losing her LEG when it crawled into her bed at night. Terrified Aideen Hynes had only just slipped under the covers at her home in County Down, Northern Ireland, when a false widow spider sank its fangs into her calf. The bite was instantly painful and Aideen, 34, leapt out to find the culprit - but it had already scuttled away.

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  • Parking ticket 'discriminated' against disabled people - driver vows to fight fine

    A DRIVER has refused to pay an airport parking ticket as she claims she has been "discriminated" against because of her disability. Blue badge holder Denise Blunt visited Shoreham Airport with her 94-year-old friend and parked in a disabled bay. When they returned from their lunch Mrs Blunt had been handed a £60 parking fine for failing to display a ticket in the £1 an hour car park. But another letter from Ethical Parking Management - which polices parking at the site - rejected her claim over the incident in May and failed to honour that agreement.

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  • How Top Gear fans reacted to Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond signing a deal with Amazon

    It’s a NO for the name, a YES for Andy Wilman’s involvement and a HELL YES that the trio are back. We’re talking about how Top Gear fans reacted to the news that the trio have signed a deal with Amazon. Right. About to do my last ever lap of the Top

  • MH370 Search: Chinese Water Bottle Found

    A Chinese water bottle and an Indonesian cleaning product have washed up on Reunion Island, where debris that could be from MH370 was found this week. Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak said initial reports suggest the debris is "very likely to be from a Boeing 777", and a police helicopter is scouring the remote Indian Ocean island for more debris. Aviation experts have identified the debris from photos as a wing flaperon, used to control the plane's roll and provide extra lift or drag.

    Sky News
  • Shocking CCTV Footage Shows Man Attacked By Gang Of 12 At London’s Tower Bridge

    Shocking footage has emerged of a “vicious” and “cowardly” attack on a man by a gang of 12 in London. The assault happened at about 10pm on May 31 on Tower Bridge when a 29-year-old man walking home from a friend’s wedding was targeted. In the unprovoked attack, captured on CCTV, the man is hit on the back of the head then shoved to the ground and kicked repeatedly.

    Yahoo News
  • The Most Embarrassing Movie Poster Photoshop Fails

    Sex and the City 2 As you’d expect, the film’s four creaking leads have been airbrushed to within an inch of their pampered lives in the poster. What we weren’t prepared for, and what’s disturbing us very much indeed, is the fact that Kim Cattral’s got

  • Cyclist Starts Massive 73-Acre Forest Fire After Stopping For A Poo

    A cyclist with a penchant for public pooping has been accused of starting a fire which engulfed 73 acres of foothills in Boise, Idaho. Bureau of Land Management official Carrie Bilbao told reporters a fitness fanatic was cycling in the area when he needed to void his bowels, so he decided to defecate in a ravine. The man then tried to dispose of the waste by setting his toilet paper on fire, but embers spread to a nearby patch of grass. Firefighters spent six and a half hours keeping the inferno under control, during which time it scorched 73 acres of land.

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  • Beautiful Creature Found on Gold Coast

    James and his parents were walking along the beach at the Gold Coast in Queensland, when they came across a beautiful creature. Glaucus atlanticus is a type of sea slug with delicate cerata and a brilliant blue colour. James and his dad picked it up on a shell for a closer look. Credit: YouTube/P Plater Ralliart

  • Premier League - Paper Round: Manchester United have De Gea problem

    Manchester United are in a bind. The Manchester Evening News claim that Sergio Ramos' new contract with Real Madrid has left the Red Devils unsure of what to do with David De Gea. Man United said they would only part with De Gea if they got Ramos in return, but Ramos isn't coming and Louis van Gaal has already admitted that De Gea isn't in the right frame of mind to start the season.

  • Greece crisis escalates as IMF witholds support for a new bail-out deal

    Talks over an €86bn bail-out for Greece have been thrown into turmoil after just four days as the International Monetary Fund said it would have no involvement in the country until it receives explicit assurances over debt sustainability. An IMF official said the fund would withhold financial support unless it has guarantees Greece can carry out a "comprehensive" set of reforms and will be the beneficiary of debt relief from its European creditors. The world's "lender of last resort' said it would continue talks with its creditor partners and the Leftist government of Athens, but made it clear the onus of keeping Greece in the eurozone now fell on Europe's reluctant member states.

  • Stuart Baggs' Family 'Shattered' By His Death

    The sister of former Apprentice contestant Stuart Baggs has said his family's world is "shattered apart" by his sudden death, as police continue to investigate. The 27-year-old, who ran a communications firm on the Isle of Man, was found at a property

    Sky News 25 mins ago
  • Not All African Pygmy Groups Grow the Same Way

    Not all African people of short stature — often referred to as Pygmies — grow alike, a new study finds. However, other African Pygmy tribes grow differently: In East Africa, the Sua and Efe peoples give birth to smaller-than-average babies.
  • The new look Mickey Rourke, acting legend, was spotted out and about this week with yet another drastic new look. His chiseled face, designer stubble and new ‘do make him look completely different to the actor who became a pin-up in the 80s. (Image Credit: Wenn) (11 photos)

    The new look Mickey Rourke, acting legend, was spotted out and about this week with yet another drastic new look. His chiseled face, designer stubble and new ‘do make him look completely different to the actor who became a pin-up in the 80s. (Image Credit

  • Met Police 'refused to rescue canal death boy'

    The 17 year old, believed to be Jack Susianta, smashed a window at his home and fled after officers were called to the property in Clapton, east London, on Wednesday. Fiona Okonkwo, 42, told the Evening Standard it appeared the youngster "couldn't swim" and was in difficulty for around 10 minutes.

    Press Association
  • Calais Migrant Claims 'Right To Travel' To UK

    A migrant at Calais has argued he has the right to come to the UK, comparing it to the freedom Britons have to visit foreign countries on holiday. The Algerian man said he was not a terrorist but a human being "from this planet", whose wife and children lived in London. The man was among the hundreds of migrants gathered at Calais trying to get through the Channel Tunnel and reach the UK.

    Sky News
  • The harsh realities of the Greek financial crisis

    One reader has seen first-hand the sadness and suffering of the locals and mass exodus of expats from Greece q