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  • No one can believe what Katie Hopkins has said about migrants now

    Unsurprisingly it’s made a lot of people angry, including Piers Morgan, Russell Brand and Matt Lucas who all stepped in to say so on Twitter. Adding: “Make no mistake, these migrants are like cockroaches. This is how it went down on Twitter.

  • Danielle Lineker wows in a blue gown with a risqué thigh-high split

    Stars gathered on the red carpet to honour Kevin Spacey at a gala at the Old Vic in London. But all eyes were on Danielle Lineker as she stepped out in a stunning blue dress. The event was to celebrate Kevin Spacey’s 11-year tenure as Artistic Direction

  • Fish and chip shop owner 'gutted' at sign refusal

    A restaurant owner has vowed he will fight to keep a controversial new shop sign in place despite being refused planning permission. Martin Legg, owner of Smiths Fish and Chips in Epping High Street, received a letter on Monday (April 13) informing him that Epping Forest District Council had denied a planning application for the new sign. The large blue-and-white sign was installed in December, replacing one that had been in place since 1966 when Mr Legg’s grandfather opened the restaurant. Mr Legg had applied for retrospective permission after receiving a complaint about the size of the sign.

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  • UK's Labour leads Conservatives by 1 point ahead of vote -YouGov

    April 19 (Reuters) - Ahead of Britain's May 7 election, opposition Labour Party's lead narrowed 1 percentage point over Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives, according to a YouGov (LSE: YOU.L - news) poll for The Sun newspaper published on

    Reuters - UK Focus
  • Hubble Space Telescope: NASA Releases Stunning Images To Celebrate 25th Anniversary (8 photos)

    NASA is celebrating the Hubble Space Telescope's 25th anniversary with a variety of events highlighting its groundbreaking achievements and scientific contributions with activities running 20-26 April. This stunning gallery shows some of the 25 images chosen by the space agency to highlight Hubble's successful quarter century. Hubble, the world's first space telescope, was launched on April 24, 1990 aboard the space shuttle Discovery and is one of the most productive scientific instruments ever constructed.

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  • Cheryl Fernandez Versini Shares ANOTHER No Make-Up Selfie In Honour Of Her 'Nana'

    It seems as though Cheryl Fernandez Versini just can't resist showing us all what an absolute looker she is after taking to her Instagram page to share yet another #NoMakeUpSelfie. Here we go indeed, and if she really does look like just like her nana in that pic then we reckon it's safe to assume that Cheryl's granny is a total babe. Posting a pic of himself and a bare-faced Cheryl casually watching some lions, Jean-Bernard wrote: "Look dimple ! .

  • The airline squeeze has the government worried

    Cramped seating on flights might make more money for airlines, but it could lead to major health and safety problems.

  • Why Email's Days Are Numbered

    Sometimes it feels like they are all in your inbox! It delivers a message to an inbox where it can sit amongst a sea of others - the sender does not know if it has been read and the recipient has very little chance of putting the message into a context they can understand. The truth is that email actually constitutes a very poor medium for modern communication. The intensity, frequency and sheer number of conversations required these days means that email cannot cope with providing the context required for effective conversation.

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  • 'Paedophile Hunter' Arrested After Mob Attacks

    The 25-year-old, from Wigan, is being held by Greater Manchester Police on suspicion of assault and blackmail. Detectives say the two men suspected of being paedophiles by the vigilante group have also been arrested on suspicion of grooming and attempting to meet underage girls.

    Sky News
  • 'Sky wouldn't let me leave until I had discussed my account for 90 minutes'

    Gavin Hackwood asked an online adviser to cancel his account - the transcript offers a fascinating insight ... One reader was made to conduct a 90-minute conversation with a Sky employee via online “chat” when he attempted to use the facility to cancel his contract. Telegraph Money has seen the transcript, which runs to almost 4,000 words.

  • School principal refuses to return confiscated phone to pupil's father

    All schoolkids will know that if you get your mobile phone out in class, it’s going to get confiscated, and you won’t get it back until the end of the day. In the clip, the girl’s father can be seen desperately arguing with the principal, who explains that while she’s unwilling to return the iPhone, she can provide a flip phone.

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  • Inside the 'grimy' Southport chip shop where owner was fined £2,000 for breaking food hygiene and safety rules

    Pictures have been released of a ‘grimy’ Southport chip shop where equipment was coated in ‘brown grime,’ and cigarette butts were found on the floor. The owner of the Nevill Street Chippy, on Nevill Street, was yesterday fined £2,000 at South Sefton Magistrates Court for breaking food hygiene and safety rules.

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  • This 'UFO' Looks Too Real To Be True

    UFOs are seen everyday. They can range from being drones, to clever CGI tricks but every now and then, something comes along and has us stumped. Normally at this point we'd say 'experimental military aircraft' and then smugly close the case, but i...

    The Huffington Post UK q
  • Man killed friend, cut up body and stuffed it in suitcases before throwing it in canal

    A man used a friend to decorate his flat before killing him, cutting him up, stuffing him into two suitcases and throwing him in a canal. Lorenzo Simon, 34, used housemate Michael Spalding, 39, as free labour to renovate the home he also shared with his then-pregnant girlfriend Michelle Bird.

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  • Bridge: No concerns about weight

    Popstar and Strictly finalist Frankie Bridge said she "couldn't care less" if she puts on weight following her second pregnancy - and said she hates the pressure on women to return to their pre-baby figure. The Saturdays singer, married to former England and Chelsea defender Wayne Bridge, said she loves juggling her career with her family life, and does not know how her second child will be delivered following a caesarean with first-born Parker.

    Press Association
  • Taylor Swift's Identical Twin Appeared In Old Japanese McDonalds' Advert And It's UNCANNY - Watch

    In a frankly uncanny re-discovered YouTube video from the good old days of 2006, you can see somebody who looks a whole lot like the superstar strike a load of poses before sitting down and magically pulling a Maccy D's hamburger out from behind her back. It's like that time Taylor saw the fan who looked like her on Tumblr and thought that it was her BUT SO MUCH BETTER. 1. Taylor Swift has a Robin-Sparkles-esque pre-fame past, that saw her secretly move to Japan and become the poster girl for hamburgers before she hit the big time.

  • Sam Faiers: 'I Had To Dump Joey Essex For The Sake Of My Sanity'

    It's the juicy TOWIE goss that we have all been waiting for, and finally the time has come to see what Sam Faiers has to say about her ex, Joey Essex, in her tell-all autobiography - and trust us when we say that it's really not pretty... Headlines, Sam rants: "If delusion was an Olympic sport Joey would have a gold medal. The reality star goes on to claim that Essex boy Joe was "obsessed" with her cheating on him, saying of their four-year on/off relationship: "He could never keep anything private - not only with TOWIE viewers but with his whole family.

  • Family Wins Back $80m 'Double Eagle' Coins

    A family has won a legal battle over 10 rare gold coins that could be worth $80m after a US appeals court overturned a jury decision. Officials from the US Department of the Treasury had insisted the $20 Double Eagles were stolen from the US Mint in Philadelphia before the 1933 coin series was melted down when it left the gold standard. Lawyers had said that Joan Langbord and her sons could not lawfully own the coins, which were found in a family bank deposit box in 2003.

    Sky News
  • 'Mysterious' Disease Kills 18 In Nigeria

    A "mysterious disease" has claimed the lives of up to 18 people in Nigeria, the government has revealed. The disease, whose symptoms include headaches and blurred vision, has been blighting the southern town of Ode-Irele, in Ondo state since it was first discovered earlier this week. "Twenty-three people (were affected) and 18 deaths were recorded," the Ondo state health commissioner, Dayo Adeyanju, told news agency AFP.

    Sky News
  • Kelly Brook Opens Up: 'My Relationship With David McIntosh Was Unhealthy And Toxic'

    Ah Kelly Brook and David McIntosh, also known as love's young dream following that whirlwind romance that saw them get engaged after just a couple of months before embarking on a bizarre 'on-again/ off-again' relationship that nobody could quite keep up with. Oh, and there was also that random thing with Chanelle Hayes and Pizza Hut but that's not really relevant right now. After officially calling off their engagement for the millionth time earlier this year, Kelly has now come forward to tell-all about her relationship with former Gladiator David, and she can't exactly deny that it probs wasn't the healthiest.