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Watch Creamfields festival - live!

Yahoo Live is streaming Creamfields, the UK's longest-running dance music festival, live from Cheshire.

  • What This Couple Found In A Hidden Safe Is The Stuff Of Dreams

    An amazed couple were thrilled to find hidden treasure when they opened a 50-year-old safe.

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  • Warning: this couple's Instagram may fill you with rage and jealousy

    For when you want to think 'God, I'm single.'

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  • Airshow Victims' Remains May Never Be Found

    The remains of some of the victims of the Shoreham Airshow disaster may never be recovered, Sky News has been told, as a first responder spoke of the horror he witnessed when he arrived at the scene. A senior officer with Sussex Police has told Sky News it might not be possible to recover the remains of all of the victims from what he said was a "gruesome" scene.

    Sky News
  • Duo set for Anfield exit, United turn to Draxler and all today’s transfer news

    Meanwhile, Matri is in London for a medical and Everton hope to complete double deal.
  • The curious case of the French boy who failed AS-Level French

    It's hard to think of a better example of how our examination system is going wrong q
  • Dog and Kitten Share Touching Bond

    Several days ago a little kitten turned up on Barbara’s doorstep and refused to leave. She’s since named her Apache and has introduced the cat to her white Swiss shepherd named Alto. As can be seen in this video the two have formed an adorable bond with Alto taking on the role of protector. Credit: YouTube/Alto

  • Serena Williams and Drake dating: Tennis champion's ex-boyfriend Common reacts to romance rumours

    Although her friends are said to be concerned about the romance, one person giving his blessing to Serena Williams and Drake's rumoured relationship is surprisingly her ex-boyfriend. As the dating rumours continue to mount, rapper Common has shared his thoughts on showbusiness' new golden couple. Photos have emerged of Williams, 33, and Drake, 28, kissing during a romantic dinner date in Cincinnati on 23 August after weeks of speculation about their relationship.

    International Business Times
  • Chinese ‘Unicorn Woman’ Grows Gigantic Horn In Middle Of Her Head

    Liang Xiuzhen started growing something that resembled a “black mole” on her head around eight years ago, according to her son Wang Chaojun. The 87-year-old, from Guiyan village in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, was left stunned when two years ago it gave way to a finger-sized horn-like mass. Doctors diagnosed the so-called unicorn horn as “cornu cutaneum” (cutaneous horn), a keratinous skin tumour that has the appearance of a horn.

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  • Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear departure 'very sad': BBC Two chief

    The controller of BBC Two Kim Shillinglaw said she is excited about the next series of the hit car show with new host Chris Evans, adding that it will be “really different”.

  • Celebrity Big Brother launch: 13 bizarre moments as the housemates met each other for the first time

    The 12 housemates are here. And this is what happened when they met.

  • 'World's rarest animal' seen for the first time in three decades

    Biologists have spotted what has been considered "one of the world's rarest animals" – a marine mollusc by the name of Allonautilus scrobiculatus – for the first time in 30 years. University of Washington biologist Peter Ward first spotted the elusive creature some 31 years ago in the waters around Papua New Guinea, and only one sighting has been noted since. Ward and his team set up bait – fish and chicken meat between 500 and 1,300 feet underwater – and filmed the subsequent activity for 12 hours a day.

    International Business Times
  • Melanie Road murder: Father-of-three to stand trial more than 30 years after teenager was killed

    A 63-year-old father-of-three is to stand trial for the 1984 murder of teenager Melanie Roads. Wearing a grey T-shirt and glasses, Christopher John Hampton appeared at Bristol Crown Court via video-link from HMP Bristol on Friday 28 August. Family members of Melanie and Hampton were present in the public gallery.

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  • Brave Beachgoers Save Dying Shark By Pulling Fishing Hook Out Of Its Mouth

    A dying shark was saved when brave beachgoers heroically pulled a huge fishing hook out of its mouth. The injured animal was spotted thrashing around in shallow waters off the coast of Porto Pollo in Sardinia, Italy. Several men then sat on the sea creature, who appeared to be in pain and was extremely docile, while others slowly pulled out the metal hook.

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  • The Highest-Paid TV Actors of 2015 Revealed (15 photos)

    The stars of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have been named as the highest-paid male TV actors of 2015. Analysis by Forbes puts the cast of the hit CBS sitcom at the top of the TV-land pile thanks to newly negotiated contracts which earn some of the cast $1m per episode, proving once again that television can be just as lucrative - if not more - than cinema for actors.

    Tom Butler
  • Kim Kardashian pregnant: Reality TV star prepared to have uterus removed after second child birth

    American reality television star Kim Kardashian has revealed that she might have to undergo a hysterectomy, post the birth of her second child. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star who is expecting her second baby with American rapper Kanye West opened up about her pregnancy. In an interview with C Magazine, Kardashian spoke about having a third child with the 38-year-old rapper.

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  • Lunar perigee: First of three 'supermoons' to take place on 29 August

    The first of three 'supermoons' will take place this weekend, when the full moon coincides with the lunar perigee. The full moon on 29 August will be shortly followed by the moon coming within 222,631 miles (358,290km) of Earth, one of the closest approaches of the year. The two events taking place at the same time will mean the moon appears particularly bright and large – hence the term supermoon, although astronomers and the like do not use this name officially.

    International Business Times
  • Labour Ruling Sends Shudder Through McDonald's

    A US workplace watchdog has said parent companies such as McDonald's can be held liable for labour violations by their franchisees and contractors. The National Labor Relations Board's (NLRB) 3-2 ruling could enable unions to bargain directly with parent companies for better pay and working conditions on behalf of millions of workers. The NLRB said on Thursday the existing standard that a parent company must exercise "direct and immediate" control over an employee to be considered a joint employer was outdated.

    Sky News
  • North Korea: Kim Jong-un fires party officials days after deal with South Korea

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sacked some members of the ruling party's Central Military Commission without divulging any reasons. Alongside, Kim praised the latest agreement with South Korea, calling it a "landmark" deal. The sacking of party members, which came at a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), has been seen as punishment for allowing the recent standoff with South Korea to spiral out of control.

    International Business Times
  • Watch As Spider 'Explodes' Into Hundreds Of Glittering Green Spiderlings

    Arachnophobes are advised not to watch this video

    Rob Waugh
  • Feuding Family In Court Over Williams' Estate

    The ongoing dispute between Robin Williams' widow and children over his estate will be heard at a court in San Francisco later. Zak, Cody and Zelda Williams - the comedian's children from a previous marriage - have accused Susan Schneider of holding on to property which belongs to them. Ms Schneider has said she wanted to keep some personal items from her marital home, including her husband's T-shirts, slippers and boxer shorts.

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