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  • Shocking CCTV Footage Shows Man Attacked By Gang Of 12 At London’s Tower Bridge

    Shocking footage has emerged of a “vicious” and “cowardly” attack on a man by a gang of 12 in London. The assault happened at about 10pm on May 31 on Tower Bridge when a 29-year-old man walking home from a friend’s wedding was targeted. In the unprovoked attack, captured on CCTV, the man is hit on the back of the head then shoved to the ground and kicked repeatedly.

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  • The Most Embarrassing Movie Poster Photoshop Fails

    Sex and the City 2 As you’d expect, the film’s four creaking leads have been airbrushed to within an inch of their pampered lives in the poster. What we weren’t prepared for, and what’s disturbing us very much indeed, is the fact that Kim Cattral’s got

  • Hulk Hogan retweets fake messages of support from Rio Ferdinand, Kolo Toure and Danny Welbeck

    At least Hulk Hogan is getting some support through these difficult times…… Or at least that’s what the former WWE wrestler, currently embroiled in a race row, seems to think. Hogan had his contract terminated by WWE – and had nearly all references to

  • Beautiful Creature Found on Gold Coast

    James and his parents were walking along the beach at the Gold Coast in Queensland, when they came across a beautiful creature. Glaucus atlanticus is a type of sea slug with delicate cerata and a brilliant blue colour. James and his dad picked it up on a shell for a closer look. Credit: YouTube/P Plater Ralliart

  • Hope for miracle dims but search goes on for missing boys

    "We're still searching," Chief Petty Officer Ryan Doss said Wednesday evening, with no immediate end in sight. Doss called the decision on how long to continue looking for the 14-year-old fishermen, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, a mix of "art and science," that juggles knowledge of how long people can survive adrift with unknowns on whether the boys had flotation devices and drinking water — and even the extent of their physical stamina. The saga of the two boys from Tequesta, Florida, began Friday.

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  • Well, that’s just swell! Man suffers severe reaction to mosquito bite - and loses his job for taking time off work

    Immediately after he was bitten, Mr Zhang had trouble opening his eyes, while the bite quickly began to ooze pus. Mr Zhang was bitten in the face while at work at a printing factory in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province. Mr Zhang recalled: 'I remember very clearly.

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  • X Factor's booming voice is leaving, and fans are devastated

    So it’s really over: the voice of The X Factor, Peter Dickson, is leaving after 11 years of providing voiceovers for the show. After the best 11 years with the X Factor, it's time for me to check out and cut loose. — Peter Dickson (@peterdickson) July

  • Chicago man cleared after 17 years in prison shot dead

    A Chicago man who served 17 years in prison for murder before being cleared of the crime has been shot and killed almost three years after being released from prison, police said Wednesday. Alprentiss Nash, 40, was fatally shot Tuesday after an argument during "a drug deal gone bad" between Nash and his attacker, Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said Nash died of multiple gunshot wounds.

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  • Indian Ocean debris almost certainly from a Boeing 777 - Malaysia

    By Praveen Menon and Tim Hepher KUALA LUMPUR/PARIS (Reuters) - Malaysia is "almost certain" that plane debris found on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is from a Boeing 777, the deputy transport minister said on Thursday, heightening the possibility it could be wreckage from missing Flight MH370. The object, which appeared to be part of a wing, was being sent to offices of France's BEA crash investigation agency in Toulouse to verify if was indeed the first trace of the lost plane to be found, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said. Malaysia Airlines was operating a Boeing 777 on the ill-fated flight, which vanished in March last year while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in one of the most baffling mysteries in aviation history.

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  • Paris Saint-Germain beats Manchester United 2-0

    Paris Saint-Germain claimed the International Champions Cup with a 2-0 victory over Manchester United on Wednesday night at Soldier Field. Off the field, PSG might be on the verge of scoring another victory over the Red Devils. Following the game, PSG manager Laurent Blanc said his squad is close to finishing a deal with Manchester United for talented midfielder Angel di Maria, who didn't make the trip to the U.S. for the four-match series.

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  • Japan Has Just Fired The World’s Most Powerful Laser

    Researchers at Osaka University in Japan claim to have fired the world’s most powerful laser, prompting comparisons to the planet-destroying Death Star laser in Star Wars. While the powerful laser beam only lasted for a trillionth of a second, it’s power was measured as 2 petawatts or 2 quadrillion watts.

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  • ‘French Kissing’ Creates Greater Risk of Head and Neck Cancer Than Smoking, Say Doctors

    Contracting Human papilloma virus (HPV) infections through kissing is now a larger risk than smoking for developing head or neck cancer. According to Australian head and neck surgeon, Dr Mahiban Thomas - Oral HPV makes head and neck cancer 250 times more likely with 70% of all US cases being caused by the virus. While HPV is normally linked with cervical cancer - it can infect both men and women.

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  • Review: 5 ways Windows 10 fixes annoyances in predecessor

    It took me just a weekend to get comfortable with Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system, something I never did with its predecessor, Windows 8, even after nearly three years. Windows 8 was Microsoft's way of modernizing personal computers, as smartphones and tablets grew more popular. Apps that weren't designed for touch — including Microsoft's Office — got shoved into the basement, known as desktop mode.

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  • 21 Beautifully Styled Home Bars (That Will Make You Want To Throw A Party, Pronto) (21 photos)

    A bar definitely isn’t an essential in any home, but it’s most certainly a great addition – both aesthetically and functionally. And the great thing about it is it can be as in-your-face or unassuming as you like. You don’t need much cash to splash either

  • Spanish holiday home tax fiasco: Britons finally receiving refunds

    Some even suspect that cash-strapped governments overseas regard Britons as a source of cash, in some cases even applying taxes where none are due. In Spain, for example, where 700,000 Britons live and own property, the government has obliged non-residents to pay excessive levels of inheritance tax, while locals paid next to nothing. Prior to the ruling, most residents paid as little as 1pc IHT, but non-residents or expats who split their time between Spain and the UK were charged as much as 35pc, even when a property or assets were passed to a spouse.

  • Why did 'Jihadi John' flee Islamic State?

    British terrorist “Jihadi John” has reportedly left the Islamic State (aka ISIS) group, fearing for his life after being identified six months earlier as a Kuwaiti-born Londoner from a well-to-do family. Jihadi John left because the terrorist organization might drop him "like a stone or worse if they feel he is no longer of any use to them," according to a source for the British news outlet, the Daily Express. Recommended: How much do you know about the Islamic State?

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  • Worcestershire DIY SOS project is completed after serious doubts

    A Worcestershire DIY SOS project which looked in serious danger of not going ahead ahead because of a lack of donations and volunteers has…

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  • David Cameron blames Calais crisis on "swarm" of migrants

    David Cameron has blamed the Calais crisis on a "swarm" of migrants crossing the Mediterranean - as hundreds more stormed the Channel Tunnel. The government is resisting mounting calls for the Army to be sent in to deal with the deepening crisis, which has claimed the life of at least one migrant this week. Speaking in Vietnam during his south-east Asian tour, the Prime Minister said the French had sent an extra 120 police and the UK was investing in fencing and security measures at the Channel crossings in Calais and Coquelles.

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  • Premier League - Arsenal transfer news: Draxler back on the agenda

    According to the Telegraph, Arsene Wenger’s side are back in contention to land the Germany forward although they must come up with a decent offer. Although Wenger has loosened the purse strings in recent seasons, he does have decent attacking options already, so this move might not be top of his priorities. Arsenal are preparing a bid for Newcastle's 19-year-old winger Rolando Aarons, according to the Metro.

  • Overdose Killed 'Queen of Versailles' Daughter

    Victoria Siegel's death was the result of "acute" methadone and sertraline toxicity, according to the Orange County Medical Examiner's Office. Ms Siegel was the daughter of David and Jackie Siegel, stars of 2012 reality show The Queen of Versailles. The programme chronicled their extravagant lifestyle, including a plan to build a 90,000 sq ft (8,360 sq metre) mansion modelled on the Palace of Versailles near Paris.

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