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    Coronavirus: Boris Johnson raises prospect of stricter lockdown in letter to 30 million homes

    Boris Johnson has raised the prospect of stricter lockdown measures in a letter that will be sent to every household in the UK. The prime minister, who tested positive for coronavirus this week, says in the letter it is a "moment of national emergency". People are already under tight restrictions after being told to only leave their homes for essential necessities, to exercise once a day, for a medical need or to help a vulnerable person, or to go to work if it is not possible to work from home.

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    'If I get corona, I get corona': the Americans who wish they'd taken Covid-19 seriously

    'If I get corona, I get corona': the Americans who wish they'd taken Covid-19 seriouslySome of the people who violated social distancing rules are having to learn their lesson the hard way

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    What is chloroquine and could it cure the coronavirus?

    Could a pair of decades-old, relatively inexpensive drugs be the solution to the novel coronavirus pandemic?

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    Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma dies of coronavirus

    A member of the Bourbon-Parma royal family has died after contracting COVID-19. Princess Maria Teresa passed away in Paris at the age of 86, with the announcement made by her nephew, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma. Princess Maria Teresa was born in 1933 to parents, Prince Xavier and Madeleine de Bourbon, who had six children in total. She died without marrying or bearing children of her own, but is survived by a number of nieces and nephews, including Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Duke of Parma and Piacenza, Princess Margarita, Prince Jaime and Princess Maria-Caroline.READ: Prince Charles and Camilla clap NHS workers from separate self-isolationPrincess Maria Teresa and her brotherThe coronavirus pandemic has affected thousands of people across the globe, including royalty. Prince Albert of Monaco, 62, was confirmed to be the first head of state to have tested positive for the virus, while the Prince of Wales, 71, was also confirmed to have coronavirus this week after displaying "mild symptoms."Prince Albert addressed rumours that he may have caused Prince Charles' positive coronavirus diagnosis after they both contracted COVID-19 just two weeks after they met at a Water Aid event in London. Speaking to RTL radio on Thursday, the Monaco royal spoke about the speculation that one of the royals may have affected the other at the meeting on 10 March."I was at a roundtable for his foundation, but we never shook hands. I was at the other end of the table, way far away," he said. "We nodded hello to one another, so I don't think I can really be accused of contaminating him."MORE: The Queen shares video from Windsor Castle isolation as workers clap NHS heroesThe Princess with familyPrince Albert continued: "There were a lot of other people around at the congress centre and I know he continued his schedule afterwards for a number of days." He added that Prince Charles "had a number of other opportunities to catch it".The Prince of Wales carried out a high number of engagements that week, including the Prince's Trust Awards and a dinner for the Australian Bushfire Appeal. He is currently self-isolating at his Scottish home, Birkhall, with wife Camilla (whose test came back negative) and aides said that he has been working at his desk.Make sure you never miss a ROYAL story! Sign up to our newsletter to get all of our celebrity, royal and lifestyle news delivered directly to your inbox.

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    Fruit and veg ‘will run out’ unless Britain charters planes to fly in farm workers from eastern Europe

    Fruit and veg ‘will run out’ unless Britain charters planes to fly in farm workers from eastern Europe. UK urgently needs 90,000 labourers to pick crops that will otherwise die in the fields, warns charity

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    These are the Healthiest Canned Food Options (Plus a Few Salt Bombs You Should Avoid)

    Don't get played for a fool by a sneaky salt trap.From Good Housekeeping

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    Fake police officers ‘pulled over driver and tried to fine her amid coronavirus lockdown’

    The scammers tried to issue a £60 fine for "unnecessary travel".