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  • Couple Release A Bit TOO Much Information On Their Facebook Engagement Photo

    A woman who was so deliriously happy at getting engaged to her boyfriend didn’t check the Facebook photo before posting it - and let something MAJOR slip.

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  • 'At 24, we have a house and earn £100,000. What could possibly go wrong?'

    Jonathon Kelly and Stacey Mills are not your typical new graduates. While most under-30s are struggling to pay their rent, this couple are joint home owners with their careers well under way. Miss Mills, who studied at Cardiff University, met Mr Kelly on a night out four years ago when he was visiting friends in the city. Now both 24, they live in a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, which they bought for £250,000 shortly after they graduated. A few months ago Mr Kelly proposed – laying out tea lights in their garden to spell the words “Will you marry me?”. But since then the couple have had some less romantic things to think about. With a £225,000 mortgage q
  • NASA Is About To Make An ‘Amazing’ Announcement About Pluto

    Could we have found life on the icy dwarf planet?

    Rob Waugh
  • Bye bye bacon sarnie? Bizarre report tells offices: Ban PORK to avoid upsetting Muslims

    Academic Adam Dinham, behind the report, said: "It would be good etiquette to avoid heating up foods that might be prohibited for people of other faiths. "The microwaves example is a good one. We also say, don't put kosher or halal and other special foods next to another food or, God forbid, on the same plate. He said the British public had lost the ability to talk about religious belief "because of a century of secular assumptions, and most religious belief is either highly visible and we don't recognise it, or it's invisible and we miss it entirely". q
  • Coffins float from graves during historic flooding in America

    This should be something from an apocalypse film, but apparently not (which makes it even more terrifying_. Coffins floated up from graves this weekend and drifted away after severe floods on the East Coast of the USA. The final resting place of several people was disturbed at a cemetery in Springfield, South Carolina, when historic rains hammered the state. Over 20 inches fell on Sunday, killing nine people and leaving 40,000 residents without water, 26,000 without power and around half of South Carolina under water, the Mail Online reported. Authorities have now managed to remove the coffins from the flood and will bury them again after the waters recede. MORE: Artist gets away with creating

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  • These 'Cube’ Homes Stack to Form Pop-Up, Tiny Home Apartment Buildings That Help the Homeless (11 photos)

    The YMCA of London South West has developed what they call the Y:Cube, a simply-designed tiny house unit that can be assembled in a factory, transported to a construction site and then stacked together to create pop-up apartment buildings. (Watch a video of a demo cube being assembled below) The new design is being used for good reason: To fight homelessness in increasingly expensive London. Last month, the organization opened its first development in South West London, offering 36 apartments at 65 percent the average rent of the surrounding area. South West London has seen the largest increases in rent across the city, where rent prices surpassed 1,500 pounds (about $2,265) for the first time this summer, according to rental insurance company HomeLet’s rental index, a widely-cited report on rent in the nation. The building’s inexpensive rent is made possible by the inexpensive construction model: The units are assembled off-site in a factory in Derbyshire and then transported to London. Stacking and stringing the units together into a cohesive building took about five months, the YMCA says. Each 280-square foot unit is a rectangular box (so no, it’s not technically a cube) with room for one person in a studio layout. The kitchen is open to the living area and behind those is an open hallway that leads to the bedroom and bathroom. Every unit also comes with a deck in the front that is attached on site. All the services–gas, plumbing, electric–come pre-made in the cube, so the unit only has to be plugged in, so to speak. This allows more units to be added to a development, or the entire development to be disassembled and built somewhere else, according to the architects behind the project, according to the architects behind the project, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. The building is already filled up with residents. Wendy Omollo, 24, is one of the first Y:Cube tenants to move into the site. She was previously homeless and slept rough on the streets in Kingston upon Thames, according to the YMCA. “By having my own space with my own front door I will regain my independence. But it’s not just that,” she says. “As the rent is affordable and I can stay for up to five years, I’ll also be able to save money for a deposit. Basically, when the time comes to move on from Y:Cube, I will be in a far better situation than today.” The YMCA has plans to expand the pilot program and build more of these throughout London, according to a press release. (All photos and video: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners)

    Michelle Huffman
  • Daughter's dash to welcome home dad brings smiles to Army

    FORT CARSON, Colo. (AP) — Top brass at a Colorado Army post are all smiles after a 2-year-old girl interrupted a general's speech to dash across the room and hug her dad, who had just come home from a nine-month deployment.

    Associated Press
  • Soldier wins £13.2m prize after 25p online bet

    A British soldier has become an overnight multimillionaire after winning more than £13.2 million on a 25p stake.

    Press Association
  • Jennifer Aniston Shows Just How Rich She Is In New Commercial

    Stars: They're just like us! Sometimes, they need to get to a destination, just like us. And sometimes, they get there by taking a plane, just like us. And when they're on said plane, they take luxurious showers and sip fancy cocktails, just like us. Wait, what? In the new ad for Emirates Airlines, featuring spokesperson Jennifer Aniston, anything less than a flight with a fully-stocked bar and functional shower should make you faint. (Hey, most of us would just settle for some more legroom, better movie choices, and a seat mate who understands that silence is golden.) In the clip, Aniston emerges from a tiny airplane bathroom in a robe. She looks for the staff to ask them where the shower is,

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  • Man Divorces Wife On WhatsApp After Four Weeks Of Marriage

    The 21-year-old man used free messaging service WhatsApp to legally separate from his new wife - meaning he didn’t even have to pay anything to end their marriage. J Prameela Devi, a member of the state women’s commission adalat, told the Times of India: ‘He said she was like an apple and he had already tasted it. Islamic scholars are divided as to whether WhatsApp is actually a legal document, with some stating that the divorce should be carried out in person.

    Yahoo News
  • Britain's car sales hit record high: Top 10 most popular models revealed

    Overall, critics said the buoyant figures were indicative of high household confidence and spending power. Howard Archer, economist at IHS Global Insight said: "Private car sales should be supported by elevated confidence, improved earnings growth, negligible inflation, high employment and low interest rates. "Admittedly, consumer confidence weakened in September, but it is still at a historically high level which should be supportive to consumer spending. "Furthermore, consumers still regarded it as a positive environment to make major purchases. "Meanwhile, a fall in consumer price inflation to 0.0 per cent in August and a pick-up in annual underlying earnings growth to 3.2 per cent in July q
  • Big rise in German attacks on migrant homes in 2015 - BBC News

    The German government says there have been almost 500 attacks on homes intended for asylum seekers this year - three times more than in 2014. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere called such violence "shameful". Two-thirds of the attacks were carried out by locals who had no previous criminal record, he said. Germany expects to host at least 800,000 asylum seekers this year. Bavaria's leaders have demanded that Berlin restrict the numbers arriving. The southern state's conservative CSU government opposes Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door policy for refugees. Yet formally the CSU is allied with her Christian Democrats (CDU). Many of the migrants reaching central Europe via the Balkans

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  • Quaid taken into custody in Vermont trying to cross border

    HIGHGATE, Vt. (AP) — American actor Randy Quaid was taken into custody Friday night while trying to cross into the United States from Canada, Vermont State Police said.

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  • How to Double Your Money Every Four Years

    In a recent study, a group of University professors show how 539 individual investors were able to consistently double their money every 3.5 years.

  • Stabbed Train Hero 'Knocked Out' Attacker

    Spencer Stone, 23, was in intensive care after undergoing surgery for an apparent punctured lung following a brawl outside the nightclub in Sacramento, California. He was with four friends when they got into an altercation with another group of people, according to Sacramento Deputy Police Chief Ken Bernard. Mr Hailermariam told the TV station it was three men against one and added that a 24-year-old woman was also injured after she tried to protect Mr Stone after he had been stabbed.

    Sky News
  • Yesil eyes Liverpool return

    Jurgen Klopp's arrival at Liverpool may signal a change of fortunes for the on-loan Samed Yesil.

  • House Cat Goes Outside For The First Time And Makes This Face

    Well, we don’t actually have to imagine with Kiwi as his series of facial expressions tells the exact story. The orange tabby’s owner uploaded a series of pictures to photo sharing site Imgur, captioning it ‘Kiwi’s Adventure To The Outside’ - and what an adventure it was. Kiwi is a house cat no more.

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  • Only One Direction announce stage show

    One Direction tribute act announce their run of West End shows. They reveal all about meeting the actual Harry Styles and claim Liam is the leader.

  • Free Retirement Calculator: When Can You Retire?

    Find Out How Soon You Can Retire With Our Free Online Assessment.

  • Hit singer and songwriter Jim Diamond dies aged 64

    Singer-songwriter Jim Diamond has died at the age of 64, it has been reported.

    Press Association
  • Security Accosts Shopper Who Carried Goods To Car In Basket To Avoid 5p Bag Charge

    The new carrier bag charge turned ugly this week after security guards accosted a shopper for using a basket to take groceries to her car. 

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  • Islamic State closes in on Syrian city of Aleppo; U.S. abandons rebel training effort

    By Dominic Evans and Parisa Hafezi BEIRUT/ANKARA (Reuters) - Islamic State fighters have seized villages close to the northern city of Aleppo from rival insurgents, a monitoring group said on Friday, despite an intensifying Russian air-and-sea campaign that Moscow says has targeted the militant group. News of the advance came as the United States announced it was largely abandoning its failed programme to train moderate rebels fighting Islamic State and would instead provide arms and equipment directly to rebel leaders and their units on the battlefield. The Obama administration is grappling with a dramatic change in the four-year-old Syrian civil war brought about by Moscow's intervention in support of President Bashar al-Assad.