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  • Mummy of man FOUND in freezing temperatures on volcano still had TEETH, HAIR and NAILS

    CEN The male corpse, wearing a cashmere jumper and carrying climbing equipment, was found face-down and twisted in an unnatural position on the Pico de Orizaba volcano in June 2015. Experts believe the man died 50 years ago and would have been mummified for about the last 15 years. It is now on display at a museum in the city of Ciudad Serdan, in the southern Mexican state of Puebla. The mummy is intact, he has hair, nails and teeth The man was short and slim and experts say he died from an injury, with the low temperatures near the top of the 5,600-metre volcano leading to his eventual mummification. Juan Navarro, the mayor of Ciudad Serdan, said: "The mummy is intact, he has hair, nails and q
  • North Korea executes vice premier for 'disrespect': Seoul

    North Korea has executed a vice premier for showing disrespect during a meeting presided over by leader Kim Jong-Un, South Korea said Wednesday, after reports that he fell asleep.

  • Tearful Schweinsteiger bids farewell

    Bastian Schweinsteiger found time to pose for a selfie with a pitch invader as he made his final international appearance for Germany.

  • Two friends successfully spend the night at IKEA

    Best friends Florian and Bram like to go on memorable adventures. In this video, posted to their YouTube channel, the pair try and stay an entire night in Swedish home-ware store, IKEA. The friends stay until the store closes, and then hide in a closet to wait for the staff to leave. They manage to go undetected, and roam the store throughout the night. They test out the beds, mess about in the toilets and rate the shop out of ten for its “hospitality.” The staff begin to arrive in the early hours of the morning, and the pair have to hide out in a closet until 9am, when they can sneak back in among the customers and make their escape. According to the uploaders, IKEA were not in on the stunt, but were good sports about it and found it funny. A Belgian news report about their night-time adventures included a statement from the flat-pack giant saying they wouldn’t prosecute the duo as they had technically done nothing wrong.

  • Holidaymakers flee from sea in terror after 'shark' spotted in Costa Del Sol

    Beach goers fled the sea in terror when reports of a shark lurking in the shallows sent a popular holiday resort into panic. In scenes reminiscent of Steven Speilberg's classic thriller Jaws, terrified swimmers were pulled to safety by lifeguards on jetskis after the fearsome fish was seen close to a water park at Costa Del Sol in Spain. The Fuengirola beach, a popular holiday destination for thousands of Brits, was closed for five hours while coastguards searched for the predator.

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  • EastEnders: We Need To Talk About Kush's Fertility

    Last night’s episode of EastEnders left viewers picking their jaws up from the floor after Denise discovered that she was pregnant, seemingly after a one-night-stand with her best friend’s son, Kush Kazemi. In case you’ve forgotten, Shabnam Masood let her emotions get the best of her and slept with Kush, who was her boyfriend at the time, before they got married. To make matters even worse for the grieving pair, it was revealed that Shabnam’s best friend, Stacey Branning, was expecting Kush’s son following a drunken night of passion when he and Shabnam had split.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • Japanese airline ANA to replace 100 Rolls engines on 787s

    By Alwyn Scott SEATTLE (Reuters) - ANA Holdings Inc , Japan's largest airline, said on Wednesday it will replace all 100 Rolls-Royce engines on its fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners following three engine failures this year caused by corrosion and cracking of turbine blades. In response to questions from Reuters, ANA, the world's largest 787 operator, said all 50 of its 787s will receive engines fitted with new blades, a process that could take up to three years. ANA has five engines that currently need repairs, "but we will replace all the 100 engines for enhanced safety measures," the company said, adding that it had already repaired three engines.​ A Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC spokesman said the engine maker would swap out existing blades for new ones on ANA's planes in the short term.

  • Antonio Conte tells Chelsea star he can leave the club

    The midfielder has fallen out of favour under new manager Antonio Conte and has played just 12 minutes of Premier League football so far this season.  He helped the Blues win the Premier League title and EFL Cup in 2015 - starring alongside the likes of Eden Hazard and Diego Costa - but now appears surplus to requirements.  According to The Sun, his time at Stamford Bridge is over with Conte harbouring concerns over his work-rate.  The former Juventus boss likes players who give their all to the side but has reportedly identified Fabregas as a cause for concern.  During his time at Turin he had a powerful and energetic midfield consisting of the likes of Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal.  He wants q
  • Builder caught in 'burying my dead wife is more important than your kitchen' lie

    After builder David Crombie told his customers that he couldn’t fix a job he had botched because his wife had died, it was impossible not to feel sympathy. “Of course your kitchen is more important than my dead wife. Ayrshire-based Crombie had shamelessly attempted to lay a guilt trip on customer Stephanie Coleman as she tried in vain to get him to finish work at her grandmother’s home. Crombie has left a trail of misery with customers lining up to complain to Trading Standards.

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  • 14 Daughters of the Rich and Famous You Didn't Know Were Changing the World (15 photos)

    “With great power comes great responsibility” doesn’t just apply to Peter Parker. Whether their fathers are famous actors or oil kings, these daughters are leveraging their heritage through activism and philanthropic contributions that raise consciousness (and cash) for timely causes. From Marie Claire

    Marie Claire
  • Coronation Street sorry over 'more roots than Kunta Kinte' remark

    The ITV soap has apologised for comments made by character Eva Price.

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  • Alex Jones: I don't regret leaving it late to start a family

    Presenter Alex Jones said starting a family can’t be rushed.

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  • Teenage boy DIES after LOVE BITE from girlfriend causes fatal stroke

    GETTY STOCK IMAGE 17-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez started having convulsions as he sat at the dinner table with his family.  The teenager had spent the evening with his girlfriend.  Paramedics rushed to the family home in  Iztapalapa, Mexico City but were unable to save him.  Doctors said the suction from the love bite caused a blood clot that travelled to Julio’s brain causing a stroke Doctors said the suction from the love bite caused a blood clot that travelled to Julio’s brain causing a stroke.  His girlfriend, a 24-year-old has reportedly disappeared after Julio’s parents blamed her for his death.  Today State of Mexico reported Julio’s parents disapproved of the relationship because of q
  • Britney Spears Doesn't Know Who James Corden Is As She Admits Carpool Karaoke Was 'Awkward'

    Yikes, just as we thought that Britney Spears and James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke couldn’t get any more bizarre, the singer has accidentally let slip that she has no idea who James is. Oh my goodness, we can’t handle the second-hand embarrassment. Referring to James as ‘the guy’, Britney opened up to 103.5 KTU’s Cubby & Carolina In The Morning: “Well he controlled the whole thing, and sometimes I got onto him and said, 'I don’t want to hear that song again’.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • iPhone 7 release date, price and features: Everything we know

    Apple is preparing for the release the next generation of the iPhone at its annual event in San Francisco this September. Each year the Silicon Valley giant unveils a raft of new products in the Autumn, which can include new iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch models. At the launch event next month, the company is expected to unveil an upgraded iPhone that, while aesthetically similar to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, could have several big differences, including a pressure-sensitive home button, better camera, power and battery life, as well as having no headphone jack.  What will it be called? Reports have claimed that the upcoming iPhone could either be called the "iPhone 7" or "iPhone 6se". As the q
  • Hot Football Transfer Deadline Day Gossip: Wilshere to Palace, Luiz to Chelsea, Meyer to Tottenham, Pogba to Sunderland

    Jack Wilshere and David Luiz could be moving today and, whatever happens, it’s going to be funny. Arsenal midfielder Wilshere has apparently received 22 offers in 24 hours after being put up for loan by the Gunners, although the proposals can’t have been that exciting because the Mirror says he’s going to end up at Crystal Palace. The Sun makes the more encouraging suggestion that Wilshere will sign for AC Milan, who reportedly want to buy him for £30m at the end of the season, but it’s possible the player wrote that story himself.

    Kevin Darling
  • Officials: Woman kidnapped by husband dead, man brain-dead

    PITTSBURGH (AP) — A man accused of kidnapping his wife while he was under home confinement on charges he beat and abducted her two months ago has been declared brain dead following a self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said Wednesday.

    Associated Press
  • These Adorable Bear Cubs Held Hands While Their Mum Hunted For Fishy Dinner

    When you’re young it can be agonising waiting for your mum to cook dinner - even if you’re a bear.

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  • VMAs 2016: Rihanna Banned Rita Ora From Coming Anywhere Near Her

    Yep, according to a mystery source the Bajan beauty banned Rita Ora from coming anywhere near her at last night’s event, telling MTV bosses to ensure that the former X Factor judge is kept away from her. Speaking to The Sun, an insider explained: “Rihanna is receiving the Video Vanguard Award and she wants the evening to be all about her. Last summer it was reported that 28-year-old Rihanna was furious with Rita because the Brit was recording a song with Ri’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

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  • Britain to seek unique deal with EU, including immigration curbs

    By Elizabeth Piper and Kylie MacLellan LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May and her top ministers on Wednesday agreed Britain would seek a unique relationship with the European Union, involving controls on immigration as well as a good trade deal. After a summer of political earthquakes followed by a few weeks of holiday calm, May gathered her cabinet team for the first time since she asked them to use the break to come up with options for Britain's future ties with the bloc after a divorce. "The PM said that there were two related imperatives: getting the best deal for people at home, and getting the right deal for Britain abroad," a spokeswoman for May said.