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  • Has the mystery of DB Cooper been solved?

    It is 44 years since a man known only as DB Cooper leapt out of a hijacked 727 airliner with a parachute on his back and a bag stuffed with $200,000 (£132,000) of bank notes. No trace of him has ever been found. But now a new theory suggests he may have been a grocery store manager who disappeared before the hijacking. Lisa Lepsy said she remembered watching news coverage of the audacious airborne heist on television two years after her father, Dick, failed to return from work. "We were all sitting on the couch watching Walter Cronkite," she told WZZM, a local TV station, referring to the news anchor. "When the composite sketch of DB Cooper came on the TV screen, everyone looked at each other q
  • Are we really heading towards World War III? Twiteratti think so

    The Turkish military's bombing of a Russian jet over Syria's border has pulled the trigger for Twitteratti who see the latest action as a prelude to World War III. Only three hours after Turkey announced it had shot down the Russian war plane for violating its airspace, the phrase World War III picked up rapidly and was trending in almost all regions in the world. A fuming Russia called Turkey a "backstabber" and "accomplices of terror" and warned of "significant consequences." Most see Russia in the near future stepping up the heat on Turkey – a significant Nato member, who may be backed by the US and other western allies. While Russia and Turkey have boasted of fighting the Islamic State (Isis), the fact remains that each has its own objectives in mind.

    International Business Times
  • I'm A Celebrity 2015: It all started kicking off, and Lady C threw some serious insults

    Pretty much everyone stuck their oar in and joined in the arrguing, but it was Lady C that Twitter was talking about.

  • Champions League Review - what is the point of Manchester United?

    Louis van Gaal’s football is a risible disgrace. Fine, if you’re Sam Allardyce at Sunderland looking to grind your way to the promised land of Premier League survival. The formation from the start was baffling, with the tediously pointless Wayne Rooney brought back into a side that then dropped Juan Mata to the bench as a result.

    Alex Netherton
  • This is America's new $13 billion warship

    The US Navy is just months away from adding the most expensive warship in history to its fleet...

    Business Insider
  • Tim Wonnacott quits Bargain Hunt in wake of suspension rumours

    Tim Wonnacott has stepped down from the BBC's Bargain Hunt after reportedly being suspended from the show.

    Press Association
  • What Is a Mourning Moon? Why You Should Care About Tonight's Full Moon

    It's an important moment in the Pagan religion.

  • Jodie Marsh Casually Reveals That She Is Now A Mum

    When Jodie Marsh revealed that she had tied the knot to Jamie Placido in a top secret Barbados ceremony back in August, we naively assumed that she was done with her share of surprises for the year 2015.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • 8 ‘healthy’ foods and drinks that are actually bad for you (8 photos)

    Trying to drop a few pounds to fit in to that little sparkly little number you plan on wearing to the office holiday party? These foods and drinks may seem healthy, but might be stopping you from finally dropping that last little bit of weight before holiday party season goes into full swing.  All photos via Thinkstock

    Melissa Dunne
  • Actress Ordered to Pay Child Support for Son Born Via Surrogate

    Television personality and actress Sherri Shepherd has been found legally responsible for a child born to a surrogate she and her ex-husband hired before they divorced, a Pennsylvania appeals court ruled this week in upholding the surrogacy contract. The ruling means she must continue paying $4,100 a month in child support, according to a lawyer for ex-husband Lamar Sally, who is raising the 1-year-old boy in Los Angeles. It’s all good,” Sally told The Associated Press on Tuesday. STORY: Sofia Vergara’s Ex Wants to Have Her Baby—Even Though They Split Up She had paid more than $100,000 and Sally another $5,000 for a suburban Philadelphia surrogate to carry the child conceived through a procedure that used his sperm and a donor egg.

    Yahoo Parenting Contributors
  • The Good People Of Scotland Are Really Determined To Take On ISIS

    ISIS might be threatening to wage an all-out war on the Western world, but it seems that they haven’t thought about having to deal with the might of Scotland and it’s people.
  • Goodbye Wi-Fi, Hello Li-Fi: New Wireless Technology Is 100 Times Faster

    New wireless technology has been tested that is 100 times stronger than Wi-Fi. The technology, which transmits information using visible light communication, is being tested in offices and other workplaces in Tallinn in Estonia. Tests in the lab have revealed that Li-Fi can be up to 100 times quicker than Wi-Fi - it uses visible light and transmits messages through binary code.

    Yahoo News
  • ‘Not in our neighbourhoods’: New York Mafia sends warning to ISIS

    Man linked to Gambino crime syndicate sends warning

    Rob Waugh
  • Obama: Russia Has a Coalition of Two

    Nov 24 -- At a joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday at the White House, President Obama addressed the issue of Russia’s role in Syria. “Russia now has a coalition of two, Iran and Russia supporting Assad,” he said.

  • Michael Caine Reveals The Movie That Stopped Him Quitting Acting

    Michael Caine has revealed the movie that stopped him quitting acting, after her realised he was no longer being considered for leading man roles. The 82-year-old knight of the realm said that he went off to Miami to take stock once he realised that he was no longer ‘getting the girl’. “I gave up and I went and lived in Miami.

    Ben Arnold
  • Katie Piper’s Husband Cheers Her Up In Hospital Following Operation

    After suffering a horrific acid attack back in 2008, Katie Piper has been forced to spend a lot of time in hospital undergoing various treatments and operations. Katie married James Sutton last month and looked absolutely thrilled to have him at her bedside, captioning the sweet shot with: “Looking who came to visit me tonight in hospital and has jumped in my bed! This isn’t the first time that Katie has shared an adorable insight into her hospital visits, previously posting heartwarming snaps of her twenty-month-old daughter, Belle, getting to grips with hospital life.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • Aldi Christmas advert sends up 'man on the moon' from John Lewis

    Aldi has re-entered the war of the Christmas ads with a cheeky take on the John Lewis Man on the Moon tearjerker.

    Press Association
  • Autumn Statement: Chancellor confirms £155.65 flat-rate state pension

    The flat-rate state pension will pay £155.65 week, the chancellor has announced. In April 2016, a flat-rate state pension will replace the existing two-tier system. In his Autumn Statement speech chancellor George Osborne announced the new single-tier system will pay a minimum of £155.65 a week. However, as many as one in three retirees will not receive the full flat rate as they will not have made sufficient national insurance contributions (NIC).   The rate of the basic state pension from April 2016 was confirmed by the chancellor to be £119.30 from April 2016. Individuals will need at least 10 ‘qualifying years’ of NICs to qualify for any state pension at all, and 35 qualifying years to receive

    New Model Adviser q
  • Leeds man 'wanted to buy pig parts to desecrate mosques' as UK Muslim hate crimes rise

    A man in Leeds allegedly tried to buy pigs' heads and feet from a butcher because he wanted to "desecrate as many mosques as possible". The incident was reported to the Leeds Muslim Community Safety Forum, which raised it during an event aimed at tackling Muslim hate crimes. Attendees at the event in Beeston on 24 November were told that the West Yorkshire Police had seen a sharp rise in reports of hate crimes against Muslims.

    International Business Times
  • Axed Apprentice candidate calls exit 'outrageous' as kids' party task falls flat

    A boring assault course, poor-quality party bags and terrible T-shirts cost Team Versatile the task.