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    Louise Redknapp: I've not been on a date since divorce and fear I'll be single forever

    Louise Redknapp has revealed she’s not been on a date since splitting from ex-husband Jamie and fears she'll be single forever.The singer, 45, who divorced the former England footballer in 2017 after nearly 20 years of marriage , said her love life was “not looking positive”.

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    Tory MP blames ‘chaotic parents’ for children going to school hungry

    John Penrose defends criticism of ‘sticking plaster’ solutions in letter to constituent about free school meals

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    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ‘summoned to court and told to pack a bag for prison’

    The 42-year-old British-Iranian woman has been detained in Iran since 2016.

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    Kim Kardashian Broke CA’s Non-Essential Travel Ban for 40th Birthday Vacation in Tahiti

    Kim brought family and friends along, ignoring the very much ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Gigantic heron strolls casually through fish market like he owns the place

    Great blue herons of the Galapagos Islands are usually solitary and mysterious birds. They are enormous birds, reaching a height of 1.5m (over 4.5 feet). They can also live for up to 15 years. Generally, they are found in marshes and wetlands, keeping to themselves as they feed on small fish, frogs and other small animals that are found at the edge of bodies of water. They have been known to eat small rodents, lizards, and even turtle hatchlings. But this large bird has found an unusual place to look for a meal. He is at the fish market on the island of Santa Cruz, and he has come to check on the catch that is being brought in by the fishermen. Unafraid of the humans that walk about, he struts through the busiest spot in the town as if he owns the place. He is waiting for a handout from the men who are cleaning their catch, and he will not be disappointed. Scraps fall on the ground and stray skins and guts are flung about as the fish are quickly cut and prepared for sale. The people of the town wait excitedly to make their purchase of the freshest fish possible. The tourists gather to see the excitement and to photograph the activity, along with the animals that come to beg for the leftovers. The fishermen here are like all of the residents of the Galapagos Islands. They respect nature and the delicate balance that we cannot interfere with. For this reason, feeding wildlife is usually avoided, no matter how much they beg or how pitiful they cry. The baby sea lions that come and stare longingly will test the men's resolve with the most heart breaking sounds as they cry hungrily for a snack. But even the hardest of hearts will melt a little when the animals like this heron wait so patiently for a share. And it does little harm to toss the scraps out to the animals when they were just going into the garbage and to the dump where they will be found by the animals all the same. This heron has had a decent share and he has realized that the feeding time is over as the fish have all been carted away or sold at the counter. He walks casually out of the cleaning station and along the sidewalk to make his way back to the shoreline where he will take up a position at a tide pool and wait for the next meal to find him. A trip to the Galapagos Islands will provide the nature enthusiast with endless possibilities for observing nature.

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    Essex lorry deaths: CCTV of moment driver discovered bodies in trailer shown at trial

    CCTV footage of the moment a driver parked his lorry and trailer and discovered the bodies of 39 illegal Vietnamese migrants inside has been played in court. Four men are on trial at the Old Bailey in connection with the deaths of the men, women and children, aged 15 to 44, who were found after the airtight trailer was transported by ferry from Zeebrugge in Belgium to Purfleet in Essex. In the video from 23 October last year, lorry driver Maurice Robinson is seen walking to the back and opening the right hand door a little before vapour is seen rising from it in Eastern Avenue, Grays, at 1.13am.

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    What Is the Sirtfood Diet? Inside Adele's Reported Weight Loss Program

    Adele commented on her 40+ pound weight loss while hosting SNL.