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  • North Korea executes vice premier for 'disrespect': Seoul

    North Korea has executed a vice premier for showing disrespect during a meeting presided over by leader Kim Jong-Un, South Korea said Wednesday, after reports that he fell asleep.

  • BREAKING: Shoppers evacuated after Tesco roof COLLAPSES in lightning strike

    A Met Office yellow weather warning is in place for heavy rain in the region.  Lucy Louise said: “Roof just collapsed. My family live on Tesco road and say the rain has been torrential over there. My dad just drove to look - fire engine outside, it's closed, traffic cones to stop anyone going near it." Emergency services have been called to the scene as eyewitnesses claimed drains and pipes around the supermarket have overflowed.  The supermarket has been closed and cars are being turned away as they arrive.  More to follow… q
  • 10 of the worst Premier League deadline day deals ever

    So much excitement... so much money... so much disappointment

  • Builder caught in 'burying my dead wife is more important than your kitchen' lie

    After builder David Crombie told his customers that he couldn’t fix a job he had botched because his wife had died, it was impossible not to feel sympathy. “Of course your kitchen is more important than my dead wife. Ayrshire-based Crombie had shamelessly attempted to lay a guilt trip on customer Stephanie Coleman as she tried in vain to get him to finish work at her grandmother’s home. Crombie has left a trail of misery with customers lining up to complain to Trading Standards.

    Daily Mirror q
  • Teenage boy DIES after LOVE BITE from girlfriend causes fatal stroke

    GETTY STOCK IMAGE 17-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez started having convulsions as he sat at the dinner table with his family.  The teenager had spent the evening with his girlfriend.  Paramedics rushed to the family home in  Iztapalapa, Mexico City but were unable to save him.  Doctors said the suction from the love bite caused a blood clot that travelled to Julio’s brain causing a stroke Doctors said the suction from the love bite caused a blood clot that travelled to Julio’s brain causing a stroke.  His girlfriend, a 24-year-old has reportedly disappeared after Julio’s parents blamed her for his death.  Today State of Mexico reported Julio’s parents disapproved of the relationship because of q
  • Britney Spears Doesn't Know Who James Corden Is As She Admits Carpool Karaoke Was 'Awkward'

    Yikes, just as we thought that Britney Spears and James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke couldn’t get any more bizarre, the singer has accidentally let slip that she has no idea who James is. Oh my goodness, we can’t handle the second-hand embarrassment. Referring to James as ‘the guy’, Britney opened up to 103.5 KTU’s Cubby & Carolina In The Morning: “Well he controlled the whole thing, and sometimes I got onto him and said, 'I don’t want to hear that song again’.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • David Beckham picks up pizza in Beverly Hills

    Footage of former footballer David Beckham picking up a pizza in Beverly Hills, CA, USA on Monday.

  • BBC tell Cliff Richard they WON'T be rolling over in £1million legal fight

    BBC bosses have told Sir Cliff Richard they will not be rolling over in their £1m legal fight with him. Sir Cliff - who is set to start a new week-long run of performances onboard a Mediterranean cruise ship - instructed lawyers to take action after accusing the tax-payer funded broadcaster of “misuse of private information”. But the Sunday Mirror can today reveal the BBC has now responded to Cliff’s lawyers maintaining their decision was justified as they claim showing the footage was in the public interest.

    Daily Mirror q
  • Blogger's cringe-worthy sex tale goes viral after son, 9, catches her in the act

    A mother has shared the cringe-worthy moment her son asked her to 'keep it down' after hearing her having sex. Aussie mum Mel Watts , the 'Modern Mumma', said her home's thin walls had led to an embarrassing conversation with her nine-year-old son.

    Daily Mirror q
  • Alex Jones: I don't regret leaving it late to start a family

    Presenter Alex Jones said starting a family can’t be rushed.

    SNAPPA Celebrity
  • Transfers - Transfer Update: 13 top rumours and all the completed deals

    James Rodriguez and Isco are both heading to the Premier League, while Samir Nasri is rumoured to be going the other way.

  • Angela Lansbury reveals the only reason she agreed to Murder, She Wrote

    Angela Lansbury , 90, says she has been feted “like a rock star” all over the world because of the iconic role. At its peak, Angela was said to be earning around £250,000 per episode, with the show drawing more than 23million viewers in the US alone.

    Daily Mirror q
  • IS spokesman killed in Syria in major blow to militant group

    BEIRUT (AP) — The Islamic State group's spokesman and chief strategist, who laid out the blueprint for the extremist group's attacks against the West, has been killed while overseeing operations in northern Syria, the group has announced.

    Associated Press
  • These Adorable Bear Cubs Held Hands While Their Mum Hunted For Fishy Dinner

    When you’re young it can be agonising waiting for your mum to cook dinner - even if you’re a bear.

    Yahoo News
  • 14 Daughters of the Rich and Famous You Didn't Know Were Changing the World (15 photos)

    “With great power comes great responsibility” doesn’t just apply to Peter Parker. Whether their fathers are famous actors or oil kings, these daughters are leveraging their heritage through activism and philanthropic contributions that raise consciousness (and cash) for timely causes. From Marie Claire

    Marie Claire
  • SNAPPA Celebrity
  • Arsenal Fan Set to Lose £40,000 After New Boy Shkodran Mustafi Is Confirmed by Club

    ​One Arsenal fan may be wishing he hadn't put his money where his mouth is after a ridiculous post on Twitter could see him lose up to £40,000 following the club's confirmation of Shkodran Mustafi joining the club. The German international completed his transfer from La Liga Side Valencia FC after weeks of speculation for what could rise to £35m after add-ons, but according to ​the Mirror, one Gooner may wish he hadn't signed for the club at all following a nightmare few days. On the 12th...

  • Formula 1 - F1 urged to close engine loophole after Hamilton's 55-place penalty shambles

    Toto Wolff has called for a loophole in Formula 1's rules to be closed that has allowed Lewis Hamilton to build up a pool of fresh engines.

  • 12-year-old trophy hunter vows to 'never stop' killing wild animals

    A 12-year-old trophy hunter who was photographed holding a giraffe's heart in her hand, has vowed to never stop killing wild animals. Aryanna Gourdin has responded with defiance to a public backlash after she posted images on her Facebook page which show her proudly posing alongside a string of animals and bragging about her kills. "First day in Africa was a huge success" and "Good times in Africa".

    International Business Times UK q
  • Stefanie Powers at 73: 'Everybody should get a medal at a certain point for surviving'

    Stefanie Powers is calmly eating a wrap in a cluttered London basement, during a lunchbreak from rehearsals for her latest role. Not the most elegant surroundings for the Hollywood veteran, who made her name with the global television hit Hart to Hart, but still, at 73, Powers exudes glamour.  Between bites, she regales me with starry anecdotes, from passing her pilot’s licence to fly with her friend, the late racing driver and Woolworth heir Lance Reventlow, to playing polo with Prince Charles, until he retired 10 years ago at the age of 57. “We were riding out one day and he said to me, 'I don’t know if I can be doing this for much longer’. I said to him, 'I’m six years older than you – you q