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  • Shirtless Man 'Urinates' On Another Passenger After Smoking Row On Plane

    A shirtless passenger allegedly urinated on another traveller, sparking a massive brawl on board an Air Mediterranee flight from Algiers to Paris, according to French media reports.

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  • ‘World’s Heaviest Teenager’ Finally Walks After Dropping 700 Lbs.

    At his highest weight, Khaled Mohsen Al Shaeri weighed 1,345 lbs. and hadn’t left his bed for three years. In 2013, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ordered that he be hospitalized for treatment. Since then, Shaeri — now in his early 20s — has lost 700 lbs., and anew video, posted to YouTube Tuesday (garnering almost 48,000 views), shows him walking for the first time in years. 

    Melissa Walker
  • Is Liam Neeson Dating Kristen Stewart? Rumour Mill Continues To Go Into Overdrive About Taken Actor’s ‘Famous’ Girlfriend

    Internet gossip has predictably been ramped up since Liam Neeson announced he has found love again with an “incredibly famous” woman. Now fans have been speculating she is Kristen Stewart. The rumour mill about the Taken star, 63, went into overdrive this week after Liam revealed he has found love again with an “incredibly famous” woman.

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  • Premier League - Paper Round: Mourinho plans United cull, Simeone learning English fuels Chelsea rumours

    Thursday's back pages talk of the managerial merry-go-round, with Mourinho already making demands of his potential home, while Chelsea continue their search.

  • Woman Keeps McDonald’s Happy Meal Untouched For Six Years – And This Is The Shocking Result

    A mum claims to have conducted an experiment where she kept a McDonald’s Happy Meal for SIX years – just to see if it would decompose. 

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  • Enjoying Your Ola-Days? 'Strictly' Star Lives It Up In Dubai

    Having just finished up on her last-ever series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, Ola Jordan was in need of a good holiday, and it seems she made the most of her recent break in Dubai. The professional dancer, who has quit the BBC ballroom show after 10 years, jetted off to the United Arab Emirates with husband James, who has been busy sharing pictures of their romantic getaway. One showed Ola on the beach in a blue two-piece, which he captioned: “Last day on the beach with @olajordan.

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  • Dad On Phone To Daughter As Bullet Kills Her

    Aaren O'Connor was outside her apartment complex in Chicago, Illinois, when she was hit in the head on Friday, according to US media reports. The 25-year-old's father David told CBS Chicago: "Every few moments she said, 'My head hurts. CBS Chicago reported she had moved to the city last year for a new job and to be closer to her boyfriend.

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  • Fastest depreciating cars: top 10 worst motoring money pits

    We’ve all heard the sob stories. A buyer walks into a showroom, pays mega-bucks for a new model with all the bells and whistles, then can’t believe how little the dealer wants to buy it back for at trade-in time… ouch! Every new car loses money of course, and most do it faster than their owners would probably like. But some cars lose money faster than others, and some are absolute stinkers when it comes to holding their value on the used car market. We’ll refer to them as depreciation disasters. To help you avoid these mobile money-pits we’ve combed the data from used car valuation experts at CAP to create a list of possible new car purchases with the biggest sting in the tail. • Car depreciation:

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  • The Jump: The 11 Stars Forced To Withdraw After Suffering Serious Injuries (12 photos)

    Earlier this week it was called for ITV show The Jump to be cancelled due to the sheer amount of injuries that seem to occur. In fact, in this series alone four celebs have been forced to withdraw from the competition after hurting themselves in training, and we can reveal that they’re not the only ones to meet this fate.

    Stephanie Soteriou
  • Growing support for an OPEN FIRE border policy on illegal refugees in Germany

    The poll was triggered by Petry's comments of a week ago when she incensed the ruling political elite by declaring: "We need efficient controls to prevent so many unregistered asylum-seekers keeping on entering via Austria. "Border police should be able if need be to have recourse to their firearms -- as laid down by law.No policeman wants to fire on a refugee and I don't want that either. But as a last resort there should be recourse to firearms."  But while a considerable number of voters agreed with her gunfire policy, only 13 percent of those quizzed believed that her party should not be spied on by intelligence spooks - something called for by SPD party chief and vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. q
  • The Numbers Don't Lie: Oil Storage Levels in the U.S.

    Feb. 10 -- In today's "The Numbers Don't Lie" segment, Bloomberg's Alix Steel takes a look at the glut in oil and when the U.S. will run out of oil storage. She speaks on "What'd You Miss?"

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  • Decades-Old Star Wars Mystery Finally Solved

    One of the longest-running ‘Star Wars’ mysteries has finally been solved by a doggedly determined fan. Despite being one of the most overanalysed movies of the 20th century, fans have long wondered who played BoShek the cantina patron who sends Obi-Wan and Luke in the direction of Han Solo when they arrive in Mos Eisley looking for a passage to Alderaan. The character with the sideburns and distinctive flight suit had his own action figure, but no-one at LucasFilm archives has ever been able to confirm the identity of the actor who played him, as his name doesn’t appear in the film’s closing credits.

    Tom Butler
  • North Korean satellite nonfunctional and ‘tumbling in orbit’ following weekend launch

    North Korea is dealing with an international fallout following the country’s weekend launch of a satellite-carrying rocket. The country reportedly launched a rocket and successfully deployed the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 satellite in orbit, reports CNN. According to U.S. Department of Defense officials who were monitoring the launch, the satellite reached its orbit, but is tumbling and nonfunctional. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) launched its Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 satellite on Sunday despite objections internationally that the deployment violates earlier agreements prohibiting missile testing. Officials from concerned countries believe the rocket launches could be a front being used by North Korea to test and develop intercontinental ballistic missile technology. North Korean officials claim the launch was for “peaceful purposes” with officials asserting the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 satellite is an “earth observation satellite” that can be used to monitor agriculture. North Korean celebrated the launch with an official fireworks display in the capital city, Pyongyang. “We hope that the future of our space technology keeps growing and shines like these fireworks in the sky,” said an announcer during the state-sponsored broadcast. Related: Dramatic SpaceX video shows Falcon 9 rocket land, topple over, and explode South Korean officials claim to have found more than 170 pieces of debris thought to be from the North Korean rocket. Unlike previous rocket launches that produced debris suitable for further examination, North Korea is believed to have included a self-destruct feature that exploded the rocket booster to prevent other countries from studying their current technology. The Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 satellite is not the first North Korean satellite to reach orbit and then fail. The nation launched the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 Unit 2 satellite in December of 2012 and reportedly achieved orbit, making North Korea the 10th country capable of deploying satellites using its launch vehicles. Despite North Korea claims that the satellite was deployed and functioning as planned, U.S. officials reported the satellite was “tumbling out of control.” Visual data obtained by Spain, Italy, and the U.K..also suggested the satellite was tumbling as it orbited the Earth. Unlike this most recent launch, fragments of the rocket used to deploy the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 Unit 2 were collected in 2012 and examined by South Korean missile experts. Their examination suggests the North Korean engineers relied on old technology from the 1960s and 1970s for their rocket design. Also watch: Raimond de Hullu’s vision for Oas1s green buildings Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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  • These Adorably Rugged Russian Trucks Will Drive On and Over Anything

    ​They may be small but these buggers can tackle a lot. ​

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  • Duncan James Admits He's 'Lucky' His Daughter Accepts Having A 'Gay Dad'

    Back in 2009, Blue singer Duncan James came out as bisexual but three years later he revealed that he actually identified as gay. The 37-year-old had daughter Tianie with his ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger before he realised his sexual identity, and has now admitted that he feels “lucky” that the ten-year-old accepts him for who he is. Speaking about his orientation in a new interview, Duncan explained: “I was worried how she’d feel about having a gay dad.

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  • Tributes to young footballer killed in crash after police pursuit

    Tributes have been paid to a teenager who trained with Crystal Palace after his death in a scooter crash following a police chase.

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  • People upset about Beyoncé's Super Bowl show are organizing a protest at NFL headquarters

    In the wake of Beyoncé's halftime performance at Super Bowl 50, anti-Beyoncé protesters are planning on demonstrating outside of the NFL headquarters on Tuesday, February 16.

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  • Football - Host of Liverpool stars shown up by inexperienced kids

    A bunch of inexperienced kids seized a rare opportunity to impress for Liverpool on Tuesday night.

  • Another Angry Trip Advisor Critic Has Been Brilliantly Put In Their Place

    Michelin-starred restaurant, Purnell's, has brilliantly hit back at a scathing review posted on Trip Advisor.

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  • Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Waitrose face ban on 'special offers'

    The ban could be enforced by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the UK consumer regulator and watchdog, after research showed that such deals were "seducing" shoppers to spend an additional £1,000 (€1,287, $1,453) a year. The watchdog's plans to clamp down on the supermarkets including, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda are in the final stages.

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