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  • 'I've no choice' Frank Bruno announces boxing return in 'worrying' This Morning interview

    EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS • ITV The 54-year-old appeared on the ITV show to talk about his depression and battle with bipolar disorder, but viewers seemed more interested in the fact that he was making a comeback in sport. When he made the big reveal halfway through his interview, host Phillip Schofield asked him: "Do you think that's a good idea?" "I've got no choice," the father-of-four replied. "I can't sit down and let these so called promoters say that their guys beat me in two rounds. "I train every day, its my job, its my profession," he added. Watching Frank Bruno on This Morning. Very sad. He is obviously unwell. Uncomfortable viewing Viewer But on Twitter, the news was met with a rather mixed q
  • 'It was the saddest day' Terry Wogan discovered he was dying just three weeks before death

    “I did, and it was the saddest day and the most rewarding day of my life.” The Father compared his close pal to comedy giants Eric Morecambe and Ronnie Barker, and making reference to beloved British TV characters, he added that Terry was like: "Our Captain Mainwaring, our Basil Fawlty." He continued: “All unscripted, all ad-lib and always supremely assured. Unwaveringly confident. And do you know why? Because he never took any of this seriously. Least of all himself.” q
  • 'It's just like Lithuania' Inside Britain's MOST SEGREGATED town

    Entire streets in the town are filled with businesses which say they have almost no English customers. Signs and notices around the community are often published in as many as six languages so locals can all read them. Boston's location in East Anglia makes it attractive to migrant workers because of an abundance of factory and agricultural jobs. Nearby Spalding and Wisbech were also named in the top ten least integrated UK communities by the Policy Exchange think tank. The influx to the small towns has created some resentment among Lincolnshire locals. A market trader in Boston, who did not wish to be named, said: "I have nothing to do with them. "People are bothered by immigration because of q
  • Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Stephanie Davis is the runner-up - and she's in love

    Celebrity Big Brother’s runner-up has emerged from the house to some cheers, but a few boos.

    SNAPPA 48 mins ago
  • Rapist Tube driver jailed more than 20 years after he attacked two women

    He left DNA evidence behind at both crime scenes but was only traced when he was arrested in June 2015 and his DNA came up as a match to the 1994 crimes. Chandler was sentenced to 13 years in jail at Harrow Crown Court on Friday, police said. His first victim was attacked and raped as she walked through an underpass of the A41 at Watford Way in Mill Hill and the second was attacked on Hartley Avenue, also in Mill Hill. A scientific link between the cases was made in 1994, but no suspect was identified and when it was investigated as a cold case in 2005, no new leads appeared. It was only when Chandler was arrested on June 9 2015, for a different offence, that his DNA was taken and loaded on to

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  • Drivers With No Tickets In 3 Years Must Read This

    United States drivers are surprised that they never knew this. If you drive less than 50 mi/day, you better read this...

  • Is This Ancient Greek ‘Laptop’ Proof That Time Travel Is Real?

    A statue showing a young girl holding up what appears to be a laptop - complete with USB ports - has sparked a frenzy among conspiracy theorists. ‘I am not saying that this is depicting an ancient laptop computer,’ said YouTuber StillSpeakingOut. In the gallery’s description, the object is described as a ‘shallow chest’ - but conspiracy theorists are having none of that.

    Rob Waugh's Yahoo Blog
  • Ronan Keating Says 'Sorry' For Cheating On Ex-Wife Yvonne Connolly

    Ronan Keating has publicly apologised to his ex-wife for having an affair. The When You Say Nothing At All singer has admitted he is “sorry” for the “hurt” he caused Yvonne Connolly - who he was married to from 1998 to 2015 - after cheating on her with a Boyzone backing singer. The star - who is now married to model Storm Uechtritz - told the Daily Telegraph: “Nobody should have an affair.

    James Leyfield
  • European Court fight woman 'is Abu Hamza's daughter-in-law'

    A Tory MP has defied an order banning identification of radical cleric Abu Hamza's Moroccan daughter-in-law after her fight against deportation was boosted by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) advocate general.

    Press Association
  • Children Can Solve This Puzzle Instantly - But Adults Find It Hard

    A simple logic puzzle can bamboozle a lot of adults - but 80% of children can solve it near-instantly, National Geographic has said. National Geographic showed off the puzzle as part of its Brain Games TV series on YouTube - and claims that 80% of under-10s got it right instantly.

    Rob Waugh's Yahoo Blog
  • Wrestling Superstar Axl Rotten Dies, Aged 44

    World Wrestling Entertainment star Axl Rotten - who thrilled fans in the 1990s with dramatic bouts featuring flaming furniture, barbed wire and broken glass - has died, aged 44. The wrestler, real name Brian Knighton, was found dead on Thursday night in his car outside a McDonald's in Baltimore, Maryland, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported. "WWE is saddened to learn of reports that Brian Knighton, best known for competing in ECW as Axl Rotten from 1993 to 1999, has passed away," read a statement.

    Sky News
  • Check out these glamorous mother-daughter duos... (9 photos)

    Star kids and their super glamorous mommies are always in the news for their sparkly appearances at promotional events, awards functions, celebrations, parties and what have you! Here’s a look at some of our famous mother-daughter duos who never fail to impress.

  • Peter Andre and wife Emily bump into Ola and James Jordan on Dubai holiday

    No hard feelings here! Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh bumped into Ola and James Jordan during their sunshine break in Dubai this week, and it was clear the two couples have put any Strictly Come Dancing dramas well and truly behind them. The picture is further proof that Peter and James have moved on following their public spat last year during the latest series of Strictly. After Ola and her partner Iwan Thomas were the first to be voted off the show, James had insinuated that Peter was getting preferential treatment from BBC bosses.

  • ‘Married At First Sight’ Couple Split

    It turns out that one success story to come out of ‘Married At First Sight’ isn’t quite as successfully as we hoped.

    Rachel Pilcher
  • Beware Of The Bobbit Worm!

    Lorena Bobbitt was infamous in the '90s for the way she took revenge on her cheating husband's ... um … member. Turns out her legend lives on through a very precocious sea worm, known to attack with such speed that its prey sometimes gets sliced in half. Be very afraid.

    Great Big Story
  • Premier League - Paper Round: Sturridge wants out after injury criticism, Chelsea reject £57m bid

    Friday's papers are filled with big stories, as Daniel Sturridge is apparently out in the summer while more Premier League stars are chased by Chinese clubs.

  • This tent has a shocking secret that could keep you alive in a storm

    Thunderstorms are beautiful when you are inside a sheltered area, but the experience can be terrifying when you are outside, especially if you are in an open area. To help outdoor enthusiasts find safety during a sudden storm, industrial design student Kama Jania from Finland’s Aalto University has created a new line of lightning-proof tents that were featured recently in Designboom. The new “Bolt” tent looks like any other tent you would see on the trail or at a campsite, but it has an internal design that separates it from your typical store-bought shelter. The aluminum poles can withstand up to 200 kiloamperes and are intended to route a direct lightning hit away from the people seeking refuge in the tent. An added waterproof groundsheet protects the occupant from ground-based step voltages, which occurs when the current from a lightning bolt radiates through the ground following a strike. Related: Beat the freeze with these gadgets and gear for winter camping Working with Professor Michał Kracik Ph.D. and physicists Konrad Sobolewski and Aleksander Bogucki, Jania tested the Bolt tents using both high voltage and high current generators. In the high-voltage tests, the tent was subjected to discharges produced by an impulse voltage generator. A simulated tourist head was placed inside the tent to measure the voltage that reached the occupant. While the high-voltage test measured occupant exposure, the current generator test was used to determine the tent’s durability. In these tests, a series of electrical discharges with various peak current values were aimed at the tent’s poles. The tents passed the testing phase with only minor scorching on the poles and some melting observed on the tent stakes due to the high temperatures from the simulated lightning strikes. As conceptualized, the Bolt has three different designs based on the size of the shelter needed for hiking or camping. The largest tent is the Bolt Half (1.2 kg/2.65 lb), a half-tent suitable for multi-day trips in areas with ledges or ridges. The Bolt One is a single-person tent that is roomy enough for overnight camping while the Bolt Air is an ultra lightweight pneumatic shelter for day trips where an overnight stay is not expected. Each tent is made of a waterproof and breathable fabric with a frame that is easy to setup. Like most tents, the outer skin uses clips to attach to an aluminum pole frame that almost self-assembles due to its unique pole locking mechanism. An added window and a spacious entrance add a bit of comfort the portable abodes. Related: Cozy up next to your neighbor with the pod tent Unfortunately, Jania has no plans to manufacture the lightning-proof tents and instead is looking for a commercial partner to carry on the idea. The innovative grad student also is working on other outdoor-related projects, including a water collector that gathers water from different atmospheric heights.

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  • This Man Falling Asleep At Work Resulted In An Epic Photoshop Battle

    If you’ve ever wanted to sneak in an afternoon nap while you’re at work, you might want to avoid doing it where anyone will spot you.

    Yahoo News
  • Briton overlooked for chain restaurant job as Polish staff 'REFUSE to work with English'

    GETTY Andy Smale applied for a job at Chiquito after seeing there was a vacancy but was concerned after he did not get any reply. The 49-year-old, who has experience working in bars and restaurants, decided he would go into the restaurant to ask why - and was shocked to learn the reason he had not even been considered. I was told by a member of staff that the Poles working in the kitchen did not want an English person in there Andy Smale He said: “I was told by a member of staff that the Poles working in the kitchen did not want an English person in there. “I did not want to cause a scene there, but I did say I would take this further. Then they asked me to leave.” Outraged Mr Smale, of Exeter, q