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  • British TV personality Cilla Black dies aged 72

    British television personality and singer Cilla Black, whose instantly recognisable Liverpool 'scouse' accent won over generations of music fans and television viewers, died in Spain aged 72, Spanish police said on Sunday. Police in Malaga said Priscilla White, her real name, had died in Estapona in the Costa del Sol region. Beatles members John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote her first single which launched a music career which included two number one singles in 1964 and spanned several decades.

  • Football - Respect matters to Wenger

    Finally Wenger has a victory over Mourinho after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's first-half goal earned the Gunners a 1-0 win in the season-opening Community Shield at Wembley. Mourinho made a point of congratulating the Arsenal players afterwards as Wenger walked behind him, their long-running feud showing no signs of coming to an end. "I shook a few hands today after the game, but there's nothing special there," said Wenger, who shoved the Blues boss in last season's Premier League clash at Stamford Bridge.

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  • 13 rarely seen photos of Marilyn Monroe

    So no, not the one of her in the white dress blowing up over the subway grate.

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  • They're married! See pictures of Declan Donnelly and Ali Astall's star-studded gathering

    It was a bright and sunny day in Newcastle as Declan Donnelly, one half of the city’s famous duo Ant and Dec, married Ali Astall as family and friends – some quite famous – watched on. Crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of all the celebs arriving at St

  • MH370 Conspiracy Theorists Are Seizing Upon Speculation About Diego Garcia

    As experts examine debris suspected by many to have come from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, conspiracy theorists are working overtime. Oceanographers have stated that if the plane did go down off the south west coast of Australia, then the Western Australian currents could have taken the debris north and feasibly have carried it on a 15-18 month journey towards Madagascar.

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  • EastEnders viewers up in arms over offensive word

    EastEnders viewers were up in arms after Carol Jackson used offensive language before the watershed. The soap character, played by Lindsey Coulson, called her brother Max Branning (Jake Wood) a "bastard" at 19.58 during the latest episode of the BBC One

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  • Bin Laden Plane Crash 'Doesn't Make Sense'

    A plane crash that killed three members of the bin Laden family "doesn't make sense", according to a pilot who regularly flies into Blackbushe Airport. Speaking to Sky News, Simon Moores explained how the Phenom 300 jet, which came down over a car auction site in Hampshire on Friday, "has every conceivable state-of-the-art safety function you can possibly imagine". He explained how the plane takes approximately 750m to 800m to land - but as Blackbushe's runway is 1,300m, there should have been no reason for the aircraft to overshoot as it arrived from Milan's Malpensa Airport.

    Sky News
  • Police continue investigation into identity of murdered Australian girl found with suitcase

    Australian police say a handmade quilt could be the key finding out the identity of a murdered young girl whose remains were found along with a suitcase on the side of a remote highway.

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  • Rebecca Adlington shares smiling photo of baby Summer

    Becky, as she is known by her friends, perfectly captioned the adorable photo with three heart-shaped emoticons. The new mum and her personal trainer husband Harry Needs welcomed their daughter, and their first child, seven weeks ago.

  • Snake in the Grass! Huge Everglades Python Shows Invasive Issue

    A giant python — about as long as a shipping container — that was captured in Everglades National Park in Florida earlier this month has now been euthanized, authorities say. The accidental finding of this snake shows how easily even huge pythons can remain hidden in Florida's swampy south, experts say. The creature weighed a whopping 133 lbs. (60 kilograms), and at 18-feet, 3-inches (5.6 meters), was almost as long as the largest python ever captured in the state of Florida, which was 18-feet, 8-inches long (5.7 meters).
  • How to delete Windows 7, 8 after upgrading to Windows 10

    Now that you've upgraded to Windows 10 and are ready to embrace Microsoft's computing future, you can free up valuable space on your drive for new files. To do this, you can clean up your disk using the Disk Cleanup utility on Windows to remove old files, temporary internet files and empty out that overflying Recycle Bin. One of the biggest files that you can remove is your previous Windows installation. Bear in mind that doing this means that you'll forever say "I do" to Cortana, for better or for worse, and that there is no going back to the past.

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  • Chloe Madeley shows off her toned body as she boasts that fitness helps 'in the bedroom'

    Chloe Madeley has showed off her super-toned body in a photo shoot for Fabulous Magazine, in which she recreated a classic shot of Grace Jones. Photographed in nothing but a tiny crop top and a knee support, Chloe paid homage to singer Grace Jones’ iconic pose on the cover of her 1985 album, Island Life.

  • How Top Gear fans reacted to Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond signing a deal with Amazon

    It’s a NO for the name, a YES for Andy Wilman’s involvement and a HELL YES that the trio are back. We’re talking about how Top Gear fans reacted to the news that the trio have signed a deal with Amazon. Right. About to do my last ever lap of the Top

  • The new look Mickey Rourke, acting legend, was spotted out and about this week with yet another drastic new look. His chiseled face, designer stubble and new ‘do make him look completely different to the actor who became a pin-up in the 80s. (Image Credit: Wenn) (11 photos)

    The new look Mickey Rourke, acting legend, was spotted out and about this week with yet another drastic new look. His chiseled face, designer stubble and new ‘do make him look completely different to the actor who became a pin-up in the 80s. (Image Credit

  • Texas man shoots armadillo, gets hit in face by bullet ricochet

    By Lisa Maria Garza DALLAS (Reuters) - An East Texas man was wounded after he fired a gun at an armadillo in his yard and the bullet ricocheted back to hit him in his face, the county sheriff said on Friday. Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe said the man, who was not identified, went outside his home in Marietta, southwest of Texarkana, at around 3 a.m. on Thursday morning.

  • Calais migrant crisis: 'Too many people to count' - BBC News

    Migrants have once more broken through police lines in Calais trying to enter the Channel Tunnel.

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  • Emmerdale spoilers: Ross Barton to go plunging off a cliff in shock stunt scene

    It's not just Emmerdale's helicopter crash which impresses in the stunt stakes next week - fans will also see Ross Barton take a potentially-deadly plunge over a cliff. The village's bad boy finds himself in terrible trouble when Cain Dingle abducts him on the day of Debbie and Pete's wedding, keen to ensure that he doesn't have the opportunity to ruin the big day. Cain knocks Ross unconscious, ties his feet and hands together and bundles him into the back of a van. Not one to do things by halves, Cain then drives the vehicle off to the edge of a cliff and abandons Ross there.

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  • Show down looms at Strictly but which dancers are mad at each other?

    Strictly Come Dancing bosses fear a huge showdown ahead of filming due to bad blood between the dancers. Kristina Rihanoff, 37, has riled co-stars by listing other Strictly flings to defend her romance with show partner Ben Cohen. Russian Kristina, who joins the professionals’ rehearsals on Monday, has insisted she only began dating rugby ace Ben, 36, after his marriage to Abbie ended.

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  • Dentist 'tried to impress barmaid' with gruesome boasts about Cecil slaying

    Shamed dentist Walter Palmer used a gruesome picture of Cecil the lion’s carcass to try to impress a barmaid. Palmer, 55, even boasted that he had broken a record for slaying the “world’s biggest lion”. Shortly afterwards Palmer was forced into hiding due to international outrage over his killing of Cecil, one of Africa’s most famous big cats. Bartender Danielle, who works at Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill in ­Alexandria, said: “He showed me the image of the lion on his cell phone.

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  • Athletics - 'I'll sue!': Top British athlete confronted over doping claims

    The paper, along with German broadcaster ARD/WDR, has published some astonishing revelations about the widespread extent of doping in athletics after being given access to a database detailing the results of more than 12,000 blood tests from 5,000 athletes. Around 4 per cent of British athletes are alleged to have recorded abnormal scores in blood doping analysis leading up to the eve of London 2012, with the Sunday Times putting the total figure at "a dozen". While the data of Olympic champions such as Mo Farah and Jess Ennis-Hill is normal, one athlete in particular has aroused suspicion with some blood results which, according to the paper, have only a one in a thousand chance of occurring naturally.