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  • Michaela Strachan makes embarrassing Springwatch badger innuendo

    Michaela didn’t appear to notice her slip-up – but viewers and her fellow presenters did.

    SNAPPA Celebrity
  • Watch a man released from prison after 44 years react to today's technology

    Otis Johnson was released from prison in 2014 after being locked away for 44 years. In an interview and video for Al Jazeera, Johnson visited Times Square in New York City, where he was surprised and confused by the modern technology surrounding him: People "with wires in their ears" listening to music who looked like CIA agents, pedestrians "talking to themselves" on their iPhones, and neon video billboards illuminating storefront windows. Johnson offers a fascinating perspective on our world today and the modern technology that many shrug off and take for granted.

    Tech Insider
  • Top Gear: Chris Evans hits back at critics claiming first show is a hit despite being panned

    Chris Evans has hit back at critics who branded the new series of Top Gear, Flop Gear. The presenter who took over in the driving seat with co-host Matt Le Blanc and a new panel comprising racing driver Sabine Schmitz, YouTube star Chris Harris, F1 pundit Eddie Jordan and motoring journalist Rory Reid was lambasted on social media by ardent fans of the much-loved motoring show who took to Twitter to pan the revamped programme. According to the viewing figures the first episode in the new series lost a million viewers, drawing an average of 4.3 million compared to the 5.3 million who watched the final episode with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May last June.

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  • Repair Man Rescued After Getting Sucked Into Escalator

    He was pulled into the device and miraculously managed to avoid being crushed to death by the machinery

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  • Dog Left In Car Is Just Chilling With The A/C On, Sign Insists

    Although no one has been able to verify the note (some Twitter users suggest that it was faked for retweets - of which it currently has over 56,000), it makes for an enjoyable image anyway - what is the dog’s favourite music?

    Yahoo News
  • Hot Football Transfer Gossip: Higuain wants Liverpool, Barca want Mata, Man Utd want anyone

    The Napoli striker is a man in demand after scoring 36 goals in 35 league games last season, with Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United all reportedly queuing up to sign him. The Mirror reports that the 28-year-old Argentine is trying to forcing an exit from Napoli and wants to move to Anfield even though the Reds failed to qualify for Europe - mainly because he wants to play under Jurgen Klopp. Napoli don’t want to let their top scorer go, but the Mirror adds that they would aim to replace him with Everton’s Romelu Lukaku if he does leave.

    Kevin Darling
  • Martin Lewis: this is why you should dump premium bonds

    Martin Lewis: this is why you should dump premium bonds

    Telegraph 58 mins ago
  • What happened to Rainbow's stars? As Jane and Freddy marry here's where Geoffrey, Zippy and Bungle are now

    The iconic TV show kept a generation entertained, and with love in the air for two former stars it's a chance to look at where the cast have ended up It's been 24 years since Rainbow came to an end, but love is still in the air for two of its former stars. Jane Tucker and Freddy Marks - who were two thirds of the show's band Rod, Jane and Freddy - have tied the knot over the weekend after 30 years together . Jane was previously married to their bandmate Rod Burton, but the couple have always played down rumours of an affair, with their relationship beginning after the divorce. Denise Welch was quick to send her congratulations to the couple, sharing a picture from their big day on Twitter. The

    Daily Mirror q
  • Gorilla Death Prompts Calls To Prosecute Mum

    Outrage has mounted over the Cincinnati Zoo's killing of Harambe, a Western lowland gorilla, whose species is listed as endangered. The petition called "Justice For Harambe" demands a police investigation into the family's "negligence".

    Sky News
  • Chinese gangster sent straight back to prison after 'rampantly arrogant' homecoming parade 

    Chinese gangster Cheng Youze looked a picture of content on his release from prison as he marched through a guard of honour made up of 120 burly men as 20 Land Rovers, 30 Mercedes and six Hummers waited to take the entourage to a huge party at a five star hotel. But after pictures emerged online of his over-the-top homecoming, the seasoned criminal found himself back behind bars, as enraged authorities vowed to clampdown on the "rampant arrogance" of his gang. It may have been Cheng’s third spell inside, but he was clearly keen to enjoy his latest ‘first’ taste of freedom following a seven year prison term in the northern Chinese city of Jincheng, a video released in Chinese media showed. Images q
  • The 'Garage Sale Millionaire' who made his fortune selling people's castoffs says there's a step you can't skip before listing anything for sale

    When Aaron LaPedis was 10 years old, his mom made him a deal: If he helped his parents with a garage sale and sold his old toys, he could use whatever money he earned to buy new ones. Around mid-afternoon, his parents went inside to make lunch, leaving LaPedis in charge of the garage sale. "My parents came out literally 45 minutes later and my pockets were full of cash," he tells Farnoosh Torabi on an episode of her "So Money" podcast.

    Business Insider UK
  • Flesh-Eating Disease ‘Spread By Isis’ Is Now Infecting Other Countries

    A horrific ‘flesh eating’ disease which has infected hundreds in Isis-controlled territories in Syria has now spread outside the country - sparking fears of an Ebola-style situation. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease which leads to lesions and severe scarring - often on people’s faces - and is spread by infected sand flies. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is endemic in Syria - it was once known as the ‘Aleppo evil’ - but it’s now spreading outside its area.

    Rob Waugh's Yahoo Blog 52 mins ago
  • 'Tourists go home': Is the party over for Ibiza?

    Although still a minority protest, it points to tensions in Palma de Mallorca and elsewhere in Spain over rising numbers of visitors who are propelling the economy but also disrupting the lives of locals and straining services from transport to water. With tourism accounting for 12 percent of economic output and 16 percent of jobs, Spain can ill afford a backlash. The population of the famous party island almost doubled during peak season last year.

    Newsweek q
  • Amanda Holden Says She Was Wearing Knickers Under THAT Dress Thank You Very Much

    Britain’s Got Talent’s Amanda Holden revealed that Simon Cowell reckoned he could see everything when she sported a daring outfit on Tuesday’s show.

    Katy Brent-Stacey
  • Internet pranksters get 'spectacular revenge' on 'man who wore vile Hillsborough shirt'

    A man who was hurled out of a pub for wearing a vile t-shirt mocking the Hillsborough tragedy victims is apparently being bombarded with 'gifts' by pranksters. The pubgoer sparked outrage on social media after he was pictured donning the shirt, which suggested the 1989 disaster was 'God's way' of helping a pest control company. Now, furious Twitter users are sending a man - believed to be the reveller - a horde of eccentric items, including a 70-strong crate of Lilt, a clown, 10 diggers and a giant CRANE. There are also 25 cement mixers, a package of poo and £600 worth of Viagra - while one prankster has even ordered him a male prostitute, according to social media posts.

    Daily Mirror q
  • A Heartbreaking Revelation Inspired This Teacher To Write Personal Notes For Over 100 Students

    A teacher in Colorado was inspired to write personal notes to all 100 of her students after a heartbreaking revelation at parent’s evening. 

    Yahoo News
  • Gorilla killed to save child sparks outrage (13 photos)

    The killing of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo after a 4-year-old boy tumbled into the ape’s enclosure triggered outrage and questions about safety, but zoo officials called the decision to use lethal force a tough but necessary choice. More than 2,000 people signed a petition on that sharply criticized the Cincinnati Police Department and the zoo for putting down the animal and called for the child’s parents to be “held accountable for their actions of not supervising their child.” Cincinnati police on Sunday said the parents had not been charged, but that charges could eventually be sought by the Hamilton County prosecuting attorney. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (Reuters) See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Tumblr!

    Yahoo News Photo
  • Boeing mulls larger engine for biggest 737 MAX-sources

    PARIS/NEW YORK, May 29 (Reuters) - Boeing is considering a plan to put a larger engine on its biggest narrowbody airliner in an effort to blunt the runaway success of a rival Airbus jet that outsells it by four to one, industry sources said. Boeing disputes its rival's claims about the strength of demand in this particular section of the market where Airbus has the most advantage.

    Reuters - UK Focus
  • Game of Thrones recap, ‘Blood Of My Blood’: Plates spin and a very old face returns

    On this week's episode of Game of Thrones, "Blood Of My Blood," several characters prepare for their next moves, and a possibly familiar face makes a return. Check out our recap for all the details.

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  • Britain is most corrupt country on Earth, says Mafia expert Roberto Saviano

    He has spent more than a decade exposing the murderous criminal underworld of the Italian Mafia, but journalist Roberto Saviano believes that Britain is the most corrupt country in the world. The author of international bestsellers Gomorra and ZeroZeroZero,  has lived under police protection since publically denouncing members of the Camorra, a powerful Neopolitan  organised crime syndicate, in 2006. On Saturday he made a rare historic appearance at the Hay Literary Festival flanked by several security guards. He warned the audience in Hay-on-Wye that financial institutions were allowing ‘criminal capitalism’ to thrive through offshore holdings. And he warned that a vote to leave the European q