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New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins - live!

The American National Football League is in the UK for this regular season match between the Jets and Dolphins.

  • A Guy Who Injected Himself With Ancient Bacteria Thinks He's Found Immortality

    A Russian scientist has made a bizarre claim linking ancient bacteria to immortality. Anatoli Brouchkov, who injected himself with 3.5-million-year-old bacteria has said how it has helped him work longer and avoid the flu for the last two years. As the head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, he put himself forward as a guinea pig for the controversial experiment in the hope of uncovering the key to finding eternal life. "I started to work longer, I've never had a flu for the last two years," he told The Siberian Times. "It wasn't quite a scientific experiment, so I cannot professionally describe the effects," he added. "But it was quite clear for me that I did not catch

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  • Long Distance Lorry Driver Snaps 'Ghost Of Drowned Man’ Wandering In Rush Hour Traffic

    A long distance lorry driver claims to have photographed the ghost of a drowned man wandering into a tunnel. Driver George Furst’s colleague Stephen Smyth took the snap last week as they drove into a tunnel heading into Cork, Ireland. On checking the picture, they spotted what they believe could be a ‘Downton Abbey’ period ghost.

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  • Premier League - Paper Round: Mourinho will not be sacked, but Rodgers is facing chop

    Jose Mourinho has apparently survived an emergency board meeting at Chelsea, but the news is not so good for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers.

  • Imogen Thomas shows pregnancy at musical

    Footage of Imogen Thomas showing her pregnancy at 'Showstoppers' the musical in Chelsea, London, UK on Wednesday night.

  • World Cup - England savaged by Sunday papers: 'Deluded... humiliated... mortifying'

    England's Rugby World Cup exit drew a brutal response from the Sunday newspapers, who tore into Stuart Lancaster's side after their 33-13 defeat to Australia.

  • X Factor 2015: Rita Ora calls Simon Cowell 'rude' during Six Chair Challenge spat

    It wouldn’t be X Factor unless the judges disagreed with each other and Rita Ora just couldn’t hold back after a clash with Simon Cowell.

  • India's first male supermodels: Then and now (7 photos)

    At some point of time in the 90s, after our country opened its gates for economic liberalisation and before the runway merged with Bollywood, Indian fashion was all about four men – Arjun Rampal, Milind Soman, Marc Robinson and Rahul Dev – the first and also the last of their kind. Of course there was John Abraham, whom Atul Kasbekar regarded as a ‘combination of all the aforementioned models’; subsequently, the breed of  male supermodels sort of died out in India. Today the lines that define masculinity have become more or less blurred, with the assimilation of metrosexual and androgynous; on the other extreme, stands the brawny men, and individuality got pushed into the periphery somewhere along the way. There is an abundance of models, but dearth of characters, contrary to the days when Milind Soman, Arjun Rampal, etc., were household names. The highlight of any fashion shows these days are the Bollywood stars, whose roles have extended to that of a show stopper. Even brands resort to the big screen when they are looking for a face to sell their products. Change is inevitable and good, but it also brings a sense of loss; all we can do is reminisce the good old era of male supermodels. In pics: How the Big Four – Arjun Rampal, Milind Soman, Marc Robinson and Rahul Dev – have changed through the years. Image credit: Yogen Shah, AFP, AP, facebook.

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  • REVEALED: Top 10 most burgled towns in UK, as 60% of Britons IGNORE burglary alarms

    GETTY Pilferers are causing crimewaves up and down the country, with Newcastle topping the roll of dishonour. The northern powerhouse is followed by Brighton, Leeds and Manchester. Making up the rest of the top 10 is Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Southampton and Glasgow. The study has also revealed many victims do not believe the crime will be properly investigated with only 78 per cent of incidents being reported to police. The research, carried out on behalf of security firm Canary, showed just 19 per cent resulting in convictions. The news comes as revealed only one in eight homeowners who are burgled ever see any of their stolen possessions again.  Despite the threat q
  • Angela Griffin: I'm so lucky to have been accepted by Lewis fans

    The actress is reprising her role of Detective Sergeant Lizzie Maddox in the hit ITV detective series.

  • How to Double Your Money Every 3.5 Years

    In a recent study, a group of University professors show how 539 individual investors were able to consistently double their money every 3.5 years.

  • Coutinho: Liverpool are missing Gerrard

    Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho admits the club are missing Steven Gerrard following the midfielder's move to LA Galaxy.

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  • Chris Moyles on Radio X: 'The whole male-focused thing came out of the blue' | NME.COM

    Chris Moyles labels Radio X's so-called 'male-focus' as "bollocks" in his NME cover feature. Moyles returned to radio three years after departing BBC Radio 1 in September as part of Radio X. The station boasts a playlist filled with indie rock bands with Moyles lining up alongside fellow DJs including Johnny Vaughn and Vernon Kay. However, Moyles tells NME that he was not impressed with the positioning of the station, and neither were his co-workers. "It’s bollocks," he says in the cover feature. "The whole male-focused thing came out of the blue. A load of us presenters went out for a beer the other night and everyone was like, ‘This is bullshit, who said this?’ The weird thing is, if that’s

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  • Walking with migrants: 'Arrested, nearly knifed, but now we are in Croatia'

    I asked a policemen what he thought about all of these people arriving in his country. "These women and children deserve protection but why do men come?" he asked. "They need to stay in their country and fight. We had war here about 20 years ago and we didn't leave our country." This is the answer I received when I asked a policeman in Macedonia the same question. Having said that I was a journalist I was not allowed into the camp so I talked to some volunteers outside, mainly students from Germany, Finland and Sweden. They too were having trouble getting in to the camp. "You can help effectively by doing small things, making them feel important, letting them feel that everything will be good q
  • Ditch the diesel: The ten best small petrol cars in 2016

    Worried about the diesel emissions scandal? Why not try one of our top small petrol cars for 2016?

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  • Jeremy Clarkson suffers verbal battering on Have I Got News For You

    Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson survived a verbal battering from the panel of Have I Got News For You as he hosted the opening episode of the show's 50th series.

    Press Association
  • David Cameron's 'confrontational language undermines UK Muslim outreach work'

    Confrontational language used by David Cameron and other Government ministers about the need for British Muslims to do more to combat extremism may have hampered efforts to win support within the communities, a report by a respected defence think-tank has claimed.

    Press Association
  • Sir Terry Wogan calls for changes to way BBC is funded

    There should be changes to the way the BBC is funded, one of the organisation's most famous stars has said.

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  • Brit feared drowned after being swept away in freak Costa del Sol weather

    His friends watched in horror as he was swept away at about 2am this morning 

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  • Death row inmate at 16, later freed, she can't escape past

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — She was determined to make good on her second chance, to become a profile of redemption. A death row inmate at 16, Paula Cooper had won a reprieve and tried to rebuild her life.

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  • 5p Carrier Bag Charge: All You Need To Know About The New Supermarket And High Street Fee

    Start remembering your “bags for life” - because from next week you’ll have to cough up 5p for each single-use plastic bag. The Government has introduced a law requiring all supermarkets and large stores to charge a minimum of 5p for every single-use plastic carrier bag they hand out in a bid to reduce their use and the litter they cause. There will not be a charge for paper bags or bags from shops in airports or on trains, aircraft or ships. Customers will not need to pay if the bag only contains certain items such as unwrapped food, raw meat and fish where there is a food safety risk, prescription medicines, uncovered blades, seeds, bulbs and flowers or live fish.

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  • Size Does Matter! Woman Files For Divorce... Because Her Husband Is Too Short

    Size matters for one Saudi Arabian woman - who’s divorcing her husband because he’s too short.

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