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  • UK election polls: Labour sees big surge of support as Tory advantage shrinks

    Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has seen a big surge of support with the Tories advantage shrinking as the parties rally in the last weekend before the general election.Labour made a huge four-point gain from 30 to 36 per cent between December 2 and 5, according to the latest data from Election Maps UK.

  • Second Epstein victim claims to have had sex with Duke of York

    A second alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein has come forward claiming to have had sex with the Duke of York, it has been reported.

  • Victoria Falls shrink to a trickle, feeding climate change fears

    For decades Victoria Falls, where southern Africa's Zambezi river cascade down 100 metres into a gash in the earth, have drawn millions of holidaymakers to Zimbabwe and Zambia for their stunning views. While they typically slow down during the dry season, officials said this year had brought an unprecedented decline in water levels. As world leaders gather in Madrid for the COP25 to discuss ways to halt catastrophic warming caused by human-driven greenhouse gas emissions, southern Africa is already suffering some of its worst effects -- with taps running dry and some 45 million people in need of food aid amid crop failures.

  • More Than 50 Hungry Polar Bears Gather Near Siberian Village

    More than 50 polar bears have gathered near a village in Siberia in recent days, with the World Wildlife Fund saying a lack of sea ice has stopped the animals leaving shore to hunt seals.The “bear invasion” as the WWF has called it, has led to the cancellation of public events in the far northern village of Ryrkaypiy. Schools are being guarded, and regularly patrols are being undertaken, the group said.Polar bear sightings near human settlements are not unusual in the region, the WWF said, “but such a massive gathering of polar bears is quite unusual.” On December 5, the WWF said 56 bears were observed near the village.“The number of human and predator encounters in the Arctic is increasing. The main reason is the decline of sea ice due to the changing climate. In the absence of ice cover, animals are forced to go ashore in search of food,” the WWF said.The bears appear to have been attracted by walrus carcasses found near the village. “Almost all bears are thin. Among them there are both adult and young animals, there are females with cubs of different ages,” said Tatyana Minenko, the head of the village bear patrol. Credit: World Wildlife Fund via Storyful

  • Kendall Jenner's Nude Minidress Looks Like It's Dripping in Tinsel

    The model added some festive sparkle to her hemline.

  • Who will be the next Labour leader? I think I already know

    What will happen next to the Labour Party is one of the big questions beneath the surface of this election. If the Conservatives lose seven seats on Thursday, that creates one set of problems for Jeremy Corbyn: how to put together an administration that the Scottish National Party and Liberal Democrats would allow to govern?The more likely problem he will face is: should he resign now or later? If Boris Johnson wins a majority, Corbyn would probably want to stand down immediately. But the question for him and the clique around him is: how best to ensure the succession of a candidate who will continue their mission?