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    Fox News' Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson distance themselves from Trump

    Fox News' Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson distance themselves from TrumpRush Limbaugh also distances himself from president’s efforts to overturn his election defeat by Joe Biden

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    The Independent

    Trump goes out with a whimper and a tweet. It was always going to be that way

    In the end, the president who roared like a lion went out with a whimper. Those who have followed him knew it would end this way, writes Washington Bureau Chief John T. Bennett

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    John Travolta shares birthday tribute to 10-year-old son Benjamin just months after wife's death

    The 10-year-old is the third child Travolta had with his late wife Kelly Preston.

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    Tributes paid to woman, 58, killed while trying to photograph I’m A Celeb’s Gwrych Castle

    The mother-of-two lost her life on Saturday 21 November while attempting to get a look at the castle's lights, her family have said.

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    Couple reunited with missing dog which was stolen six years ago

    A couple have been reunited with their pet dog, which was stolen six years ago. Simon Hall, 50, and his wife Caroline, 48, had their cocker spaniel Bonnie taken in May 2014 and have been distraught ever since. They had both given up hope of ever seeing Bonnie again, but were shocked after Simon received a call from a dog warden telling him that the lost pooch was found in a Norfolk park on Thursday - 200 miles from home. Now the pair, from Durham, have been reunited with their missing pet the day before its 10th birthday. Credit: SWNS

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    Melania welcomes White House tree after being caught on tape saying ‘who gives a f***’ about Christmas

    Decorating mansion will be her final official act as first lady

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    Dosing error in trials led to Oxford vaccine's 90 per cent efficacy by accident, say scientists

    A dosing error during clinical trials led to the Oxford vaccine reaching 90 per cent efficacy by accident, it has emerged. In the spring, scientists were left baffled as to why participants were experiencing much milder side effects than expected. When they checked, they found participants had received just half the dose given to 500 adults in earlier safety trials. Instead of restarting the trial, researchers at Oxford University boosted the initial participants with a full dose while everyone who enrolled later received the full amount. Trial results announced on Monday show that the 'correct' vaccine dose achieved just 62 per cent efficacy while the 'accidental' arm was 90 per cent effective. Sir Menelas Nicolas Pangalos, executive vice president of biopharmaceuticals research and development at AstraZeneca, the vaccine manufacturer, said: “The reason we had the half-dose is serendipity. “We went back and checked ... and we found out that they had underpredicted the dose of the vaccine by half.” Once informed, regulators allowed the trial of more than 20,000 volunteers to continue – leading to results which were on Monday evening hailed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as "incredibly exciting news".