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    Salma Hayek posts jaw-dropping swimsuit photos taken 20 years apart

    Salma Hayek is sharing some sultry swimsuit snaps — taken 20 years apart.

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    An Iceberg Might NOT Have Sunk the Titanic After All, a New Study Finds

    That's what this new study suggests. Here's the evidence.

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    Travel latest news: British travellers can now visit just 12 destinations without restrictions

    The 24 countries you can (feasibly) visit right now Holidays may not return to normal 'for three years' The empty Greek island you should visit right now Covid latest: 'Circuit break' national lockdown being considered Sign up to the Telegraph Travel newsletter Analysis by Telegraph Travel has revealed that Britons can now visit just 12 places without restrictions following the removal of Slovenia and Guadeloupe from the quarantine-free list. Holidaymakers can now travel to Italy, Germany, Turkey and the majority of Greece without having to self-isolate on arrival or return. Less popular tourist destinations such as San Marino, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein and Greenland are also open for business, as are Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Slovakia. A further 12 destinations are feasible options, requiring Britons to show evidence of a negative PCR test, or else take submit to being tested on arrival. These include Madeira, the Azores and Cyprus, alongside several Caribbean countries including Barbados, Bermuda and St Lucia. The rest of the world, including new ‘travel corridors’ Thailand and Singapore, is not an option for ordinary holidaymakers, with many countries keeping their borders closed to commercial travel while the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Spain, France, Croatia, Malta, and a small number of Greek islands have all been struck off the ‘green list’ of quarantine-exempt destinations in recent weeks, sparking frantic scrambles among UK holidaymakers as they rushed to get home before quarantine rules came into effect.

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    Coronavirus: PM urged to take 'blindingly obvious' COVID action 'today' to halt virus spike

    Dr Bharat Pankhania, senior clinical lecturer at the University of Exeter, told Sky News it is "blindingly obvious" what needs to be done to stem the current spike in COVID-19 cases - and that is to minimise one-to-one contact between individuals. "So unless you have a really, really strict South Korea-style or even China-style shutdown and people don't move around between groups, it is not going to happen."

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    NHS worker knocked out and stamped on after moving away from man without mask

    Victim, 63, was repeatedly punched to the floor during unprovoked attack on London bus

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    Coronavirus: Over 120 people meet for stag hunt 'making mockery of social sacrifices by others'

    Dozens socialised without masks in gathering that ‘flew in face of spirit of restrictions’

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    Will we be wearing masks forever? Here's what experts think

    New comments from several prominent public health officials suggest that mask-wearing may be here to stay.