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  • Farmer's passionate speech about Brexit goes viral

    A General Election inevitably means we're bombarded with vox pops from members of the public in news bulletins.But we may have just seen the best one of the campaign.A farmer stopped on the street by a BBC journalist in Bishop Auckland has won praise, and many fans, for his passionate take on Brexit and what it's done to the country.A powerful part of the monologue can be seen in the video above, but he also went into greater detail about his views on Boris Johnson.Here's what he had to say."It's like a turkey voting for Christmas, isn't it? It's a faith that we might be better off outside Europe, and there's no solid basis for it. I've yet to see anybody put a solid argument up for leaving Europe.""We're far better working together as a common community than we are split up. On the night of the referendum we went to bed as Great Britain and we woke up as Little Britain and that's a tragedy.""And all the things they put forward, none of them are as good as staying in Europe - all the alternatives they put forward, none of them are better"."You've got to trade with your local neighbours.""Donald Trump is wishing to take over the health service. Boris Johnson will go to negotiate with Donald as a little boy, pat him on the head. Boris Johnson has stuffed the DUP. He went over here, gave empty promises and the day after he sold them.""It's the Irish problem, he can't sort it. He set about this, he promised £350m, he knew that was a lie. He lied to the British public and he's perpetrating this lie now.""He should be sent to jail."

  • Bikers put pickpocket in headlock after he tries to steal wallet of veteran selling poppies

    The veteran was raising money in Stafford when he was targeted.

  • UK government loses supreme court fight over bedroom tax

    Lady Hale. The court’s decision that will hamper ministerial attempts to water down human rights legislation. Photograph: Kevin LeightonThe supreme court has ruled against the UK government’s attempts to force the bedroom tax on 155 partners of people with severe disabilities, in a decision that will hamper ministerial attempts to water down human rights legislation.A unanimous judgment delivered by the court’s president, Lady Hale, ruled that applying a 14% housing benefit reduction to a man, referred only as RR, was a breach of his right to home under the Human Rights Act.RR’s partner is severely disabled so “it is accepted” that the couple need an extra bedroom for her medical equipment, Hale said.Lady Hale delivers a unanimous supreme court ruling against the government on bedroom taxThe ruling will restore full housing benefit to RR, and at least 155 partners of disabled people who were also subjected to the bedroom tax before rules changed in 2017.Hale referred to 130 “lookalike cases” in England and Wales and there are known to be 25 similar cases in Scotland. There are also potentially dozens more cases that have not have not been taken to tribunal.The case has potentially wider implications by bolstering the primacy of the Human Rights Act against any attempt to enforce secondary legislation, like the bedroom tax and potentially other welfare changes, where it can be shown that to do so would breach human rights.Reading out her judgment, Hale said: “The Human Rights Act is an act of the United Kingdom parliament and takes precedence over subordinate legislation such as the regulation in question … This means that incompatible subordinate legislation must simply be ignored.”RR in effect took up the case of Jayson Carmichael and his wife Jacqueline, who suffered from spina bifida, after they decided, due to personal circumstances, against appealing against a court of appeal ruling against them in 2018.Earlier this year, RR was granted a so-called leapfrog certificate to skip the court of appeal and appeal directly to the supreme court against the secretary of state for work and pensions.Hale said: “This court rules unanimously in RR’s favour. The local authority in deciding claims for housing benefit, the first tier tribunal and the upper tier tribunal in deciding appeals from the local authority, and the courts in deciding appeals from the tribunal, all have a duty under the Human Rights Act not to act in a way which is incompatible with the convention rights.”A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said: “We are carefully considering this ruling.”Lucy Cadd, a solicitor at law firm Leigh Day who represented RR, said: “This ruling is of great significance because it not only allows for the case of our client and that of the 130 couples whose cases were stayed behind it to be resolved with the social security tribunals disapplying the bedroom tax to ensure none of those individuals suffer a human rights breach, but also because it paves the way for decision-makers to avoid human rights breaches in other areas.”Carolin Ott, part of the human rights team at Leigh Day, said: “The judgment has potentially wide-reaching effects because it reaffirms the supreme court’s position that subordinate legislation can be disapplied by public bodies and courts where applying that subordinate legislation would lead to a breach of human rights.”Rosie Brighouse, a lawyer at the human rights campaign Liberty, which was also involved in the case, said: “This decision makes clear what people can expect from their courts and their public bodies when it comes to their duties under human rights law.“The Human Rights Act exists to enable all of us to uphold our rights, which makes this a major victory for access to justice for everyone in the UK.”Carla Clarke, the head of strategic litigation at the Child Poverty Action Group, said the ruling meant that households with a medical need for an additional bedroom who had appealed against the application of the bedroom tax to them before the DWP amended the legislation following a successful legal challenge could now have tribunals decide their appeals “in a way which avoids a breach of their right to non-discrimination - in other words, to not apply the bedroom tax to them”.

  • Paris Jackson And Her Brother Prince Jackson Just Made A Rare Appearance Together

    Michael Jackson's children posed on the red carpet together

  • Strictly's Kevin Clifton breaks silence on reports Alex Scott doesn't like dancing with Neil Jones

    Strictly Come Dancing star Kevin Clifton has addressed the recent reports which suggested contestant Alex Scott was unhappy reuniting with original partner Neil Jones. The professional dancer, who stepped in for Neil twice this series, was asked about the claims during his appearance on Thursday's Good Morning Britain. "I can't imagine Alex Scott kicking off. She's the most chilled person in this competition, she takes everything in her stride," he explained.Kevin Clifton appeared on GMB alongside his sister Joanne Clifton on Thursday"She was saying when it all happened, 'I just want to enjoy my time on Strictly, I got to dance with two of the Strictly pros,'" he added. "The next thing we know it's, 'Alex Scott has kicked off'. Everyone was like, 'What?'" The report claimed that Alex preferred to dance with Kevin, who she was paired up with for two weeks while Neil was injured, and that she felt she and Kevin have more "chemistry" on the dance floor.READ: How Karen Hauer reacted to ex Kevin Clifton's romance with Stacey DooleyWATCH THE VIDEO ABOVEFollowing the claim, Alex quickly rushed to assure her fans that this was not true. "This is not the case at all ha," she tweeted. "I think you can see from the joy on our face last night as we danced our jive." She added that "teamred is very happy to back together." Alongside a photo of herself with Kevin and Neil, Alex continued: "Got to admit it though, I do feel like the luckiest girl alive. Not everyone gets to dance with two amazing people on @bbcstrictly who would ever want to complain about that, lol @keviclifton is part of teamred."MORE: Mike Tindall pokes fun at close friend James Haskell's appearance on I'm A CelebrityNeil was also quick to rubbish the report, replying to Alex's post: "Yep I started laughing when I read it this morning. As we all know happiness and positivity doesn't make headlines. Anyway who cares, we both had a great time and enjoyed every moment of that jive and that's all that matters. teamred." Neil was forced to take some time off the show after sustaining an injury during rehearsals, but he made a triumphant return to the dancefloor last weekend.Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Mystery as NASA Mars Rover finds oxygen which scientists ‘struggle to explain’

    It’s not the smoking gun which proves that there is still life on Mars