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  • Jean-Claude Juncker: Economic turmoil after Brexit will be UK's fault

    Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission chief, has warned that the UK would be "100 per cent" responsible if its decision to leave the EU caused economic turmoil, as he urged MPs to vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal.

  • Adele and husband the latest in a line of celebrity splits this year

    Lady Gaga, Khloe Kardashian and Lily Allen have all become single this year.

  • Anger followed Notre Dame grief for yellow vest protesters

    PARIS (AP) - For many yellow vest protesters, the stinging sadness that came with the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral has quickly given way to boiling anger.

  • 'We've all done it': Diane Abbott backed after apology for train mojito

    Diane Abbott has apologised for drinking on TfL, where alcohol consumption is banned. Photograph: Victoria Jones/PAThe shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, has apologised after a photo was circulated showing her drinking a mojito on public transport in London.The Labour frontbencher said on Twitter: “A photo of me drinking from a can of M&S mojito on the Overground has been circulated. I’m sincerely sorry for drinking on TfL.”She sent the tweet after the photograph was published in the Sun, and she received widespread support, with many people saying she should not have to apologise.The therapist and writer Philippa Perry said: “Oh mate. We’ve all done it. Anyway thanks for travelling on the tube like most people have to do.” While the Labour MP David Lammy said: “Jah Rastafari! Why was the rum not Jamaican?”A mental health campaigner, Sam Thomas, said: “Why should you be sorry? We are all free to the freedom of choice. If you choose to drink on the underground, it’s fine. Meanwhile, for the serious crime that it isn’t, far worse atrocities are being committed.”One person wrote: “I’ve never felt more represented,” while another said: “Babe, live your life”.The Sun reported that Abbott was “slammed” for drinking alcohol on the tube, which is illegal. It reported that one commuter saw Abbott drinking at 1pm, keeping her head down and staring at her mobile phone.Rules introduced in 2008 state that drinking is not allowed on buses or tubes run by Transport for London. The Conservative MP Boris Johnson was responsible for bringing in the ban when he was mayor.At the time, Johnson said: “I firmly believe that banning the drinking of alcohol on London’s public transport will create a better travelling environment for all Londoners.”

  • Parrot gives heartwarming welcome as owner returns from trip

    Jeff returns home after being away for a week and surprises Einstein the parrot. The reaction is priceless! Einstein waves and is so happy to see him! Although you might not think that birds show emotion the same way as some animals, it is obvious to those familiar with parrot body language that this is truly a happy parrot. Einstein nibbles (or preens) Jeff's nose which is considered a sign of affection. Lots of kisses and raspberries were also exchanged! Rasperries is a little game Jeff and Einstein have played since Einstein was very young, just like blowing into a babies tummy to make the baby laugh. Einstein loves it when Jeff does this and is a gesture of affection. Welcome home Jeff! Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He knows the names of several animals and likes to make their sounds. In addition to his silly vocalizations, he likes to have conversations with his owners, talking, doing animal sound imitations and acting silly. He also enjoys singing and dancing in some of his video compilations. With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot’s videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website, is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. As previously mentioned, Einstein is popular on many social media sites such as YouTube @einsteinparrot, Instagram @einsteinparrot, Twitter @einsteinparrot, and Facebook @einsteintexanparrot. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. A parrot such as Einstein can live to be 50 or 60 years old. Many larger parrots like Macaws can live to be 100 years old. They all require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive, a large cage is an investment and plenty of play perches to spend their out of cage time. Specialized veterinarian care is also required. Most of all they require your companionship and a forever home. Many people decide after the first few years of parrot ownership that the responsibility is too great and the parrots become neglected and sometimes abandoned. When that happens they are sent to parrot rescue facilities to be adopted by a new family or some spend their lives in sanctuaries. It is often said, "Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!"

  • Easter supermarket opening times: When are Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Aldi open this bank holiday?

    The four-day Easter bank holiday has finally arrived, and many of us will be keen to ensure our cupboards and fridges are fully stocked.

  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte Celebrate Easter with This Tradition, Just Like Other Kids!

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte's Easter Tradition