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    'I was filmed naked by a stranger without my consent - five years on I've finally got victory'

    The last thing Emily Hunt remembers about the afternoon of May 10 2015 is enjoying lunch at her favourite restaurant with her father, who was visiting from Ireland. Over Italian food and wine, the pair chatted about Hunt's future plans. The then 36-year-old strategy consultant, originally from New York, had just finalised her divorce and was looking forward to a date with a lawyer the following evening. She also had an exciting job interview on the horizon. But just five hours later, Hunt woke up naked in a hotel bed next to a stranger, with no idea of how she got there. The events of that evening - which Hunt still struggles to piece together - would come to dominate her life, placing her at the centre of a battle with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that ultimately led to a change in prosecution policy. The exhausting five-year campaign, which derailed Hunt’s life and drove her to the brink of suicide, culminated on Friday with the landmark conviction of the man she found herself in bed with. He was named last week for the first time as 40-year-old Christopher Killick, who is unemployed and lives with his mother in Brent, northwest London. He pleaded guilty to voyeurism at Thames magistrates court after he admitted making a 62-second video for the purposes of sexual gratification, without Hunt’s consent. “It's pretty amazing,” Hunt says from her north London home. She has waived her right to anonymity and spoken widely about the case in an effort to stop anyone else going through the same nightmare. “Even a couple of days before I wasn't really convinced I'd see justice. I was pleasantly surprised with how seriously they took it in court on Friday.”

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    Child’s disturbing costume sets the internet ablaze: 'She allowed this?'

    You probably remember your favorite Halloween costume from your childhood … but what about your least favorite?

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    Meghan Markle's Devastating Final Words as a Royal Have Been Revealed

    Meghan envisioned a different future with the royals.

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    Lisa Rinna Admits She Should Have 'Warned' Denise Richards About the Brandi Glanville Affair Claim

    "I should have sent a text. I didn't and I think that's where I feel really bad, because you would have warned me," Lisa Rinna told Denise Richards on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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    From Rebel Wilson to Halle Berry: Here's How Your Fave Celebs Have Been Working Out At Home

    Still trying to figure out this whole "working out from home" situation? Take a couple notes from these stars who've got it down pat

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    Kate Garraway in tears over coronavirus breakthrough as husband Derek remains in hospital

    Kate Garraway looked visibly emotional during Tuesday morning's Good Morning Britain as she and her co-presenter, Adil Ray, discussed how plasma is now considered to be a potentially life-saving treatment for COVID-19 \- and appealed for people to come forward to donate. READ: Kate Garraway calls herself 'an idiot' in Good Morning Britain mishapSpeaking to an expert on the subject, it was revealed giving plasma to patients suffering from coronavirus has proven enormously helpful, and that survivors' antibodies can help treat those battling the disease. The study is currently looking for people who have had the virus to come forward and donate, and are particularly interested in patients who have been treated for COVID-19 in hospital, men, and people over 35, as they will typically have a higher count of antibodies. Loading the player...WATCH: Kate Garraway grows emotional as she discusses husband Derek amid news of new COVID-19 treatment Adil took a moment to thank Kate for her encouragement while asking people to donate, saying: "We've got to give Kate some credit here because this must have helped your project a thousand times... Kate, you're so inspiring at a time like this." Adil praised Kate for her coverage of the new treatmentLooking on the verge of tears, Kate said: "I feel very emotional about this because I've spent a long time feeling helpless... [and] I feel emotional that people might come forward and that it might save lives." READ: GMB presenter Adil Ray shares sweet selfie with Kate Garraway - as Downton Abbey star photobombs!She also touched on how her husband, Derek Draper, was doing in hospital, explaining: "I'm hoping to see him this week. It was a stable day yesterday and I'm learning Adil that stable is sometimes good. We want 'up' days but a none down day is something to celebrate as well." She added that unfortunately the new treatment wouldn't work for Derek, who has been left critically ill from the effects of coronavirus, saying: "The damage is done, though we still have hope for the future." You can find more information about donating plasma here

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    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry have 'squandered tremendous opportunity' to do good as royals, author claims

    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry have 'squandered tremendous opportunity' to do good as royals, Lady Colin Campbell claims. The author recently penned a book titled ‘Meghan and Harry: The Real Story’ where royal sources come forward to discuss the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The release came before the bombshell tell-all ‘Finding Freedom.’ Lady Colin Campbell is connected to British royalty through ancestry and marriage. She has written several books on the British royal family, including the bestselling ‘The Real Diana’ about Harry’s mother Princess Diana of Wales.