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  • Lady Gaga Stepped Out-Without Pants-for a Rock n' Roll Look in NYC

    The actress and singer's t-shirt-as-dress look was an ode to an early aughts rock band.

  • Jeremy Corbyn’s close aides will accept no-deal Brexit and 'don’t give a toss' about Labour members' views, says Margaret Beckett

    Jeremy Corbyn’s close aides will accept a no-deal Brexit and “don’t give a toss” about Labour members’ support for a fresh referendum, a party heavyweight says.In a stinging attack, Margaret Beckett condemned “the leader's office” for the paralysis in the shadow cabinet, which again failed to agree a shift to fully back a Final Say public vote.Labour MPs are furious about what one called the “muddle and confusion”, which they blame for putting the UK at greater risk of a Boris Johnson government crashing out of the EU in October.But Dame Margaret, a former foreign secretary and temporary Labour leader, argued the “stumbling block” was not Mr Corbyn himself, but “the leader's office”.Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Dame Margaret said: “I'm beginning to think that some of them do actually want Britain to leave the EU no matter what.“They don't give a toss about what the British people now want or what Labour members think is in the country's interests.“They just are determined to make sure we don't do anything to impede Britain leaving, if necessary with no deal.”Asked who she meant, Dame Margaret added: “I think there are people very close to him, with great influence with him, who are and have been from the beginning passionately opposed [to EU membership].“He wants to keep the party together as much as possible and present a united front on the issue.”Some have referred to “the four Ms” in Mr Corbyn’s team, all known opponents of a fresh Brexit referendum and some of whom have a long antipathy to the EU.They are Seamus Milne, his director of communications, Karie Murphy, his chief of staff, Andrew Murray, his political adviser, and Len McCluskey, the head of the powerful Unite trade union.At Tuesday’s shadow cabinet, Mr Corbyn refused to budge on his stance that “any deal” to be “put to a public vote", which could mean a general election or second referendum. Frontbench supporters of another referendum are desperate for Mr Corbyn to start campaigning for it - and to guarantee Labour would back Remain if it took place.They were alarmed, last week, when the leader said any referendum ballot paper should contain “real choices for both Leave and Remain voters”.He also floated the option of copying Harold Wilson’s approach, during the 1975 referendum, when the then-leader took no active position, allowing both wings of his party to fight it out.

  • Inside Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's £2.4m Frogmore Cottage Renovation

    The couple moved from Kensington Palace to Windsor earlier this year

  • Strictly's Gorka Marquez reveals he fancies Gemma Atkinson even more for this reason

    Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez is nothing but proud of his girlfriend Gemma Atkinson, who is days away from giving birth to their first child. In an inspirational Instagram post about weight-gain during pregnancy, 34-year-old Gemma praised all expectant mothers as she urged them to love themselves for growing a tiny human. In response to the message, the professional dancer revealed just how much he loved his partner. "And I couldn't be more proud of you and fancy you more in every way," he gushed in the caption.Gemma had shared a before-and-after snap of her body, detailing the changes she has experienced throughout her first pregnancy. Admitting she has gained 15kg, the radio star wrote: "Softer arms, puffier face, bigger ass and thighs, bigger belly, uterus, placenta, water retention, huge rise in oestrogen meaning more cellulite and let's be honest, my boobs are like the Mitchell brothers." The Mitchell brothers was in reference to EastEnders. "All of the above means my body is working to grow my baby and I couldn't be more proud of it," she added.GALLERY: Inside Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez's homeThe former Strictly contestant admitted that she struggled with the changes, but has since learnt to love herself more. "Admittedly, it is hard at first especially if like me, you were/are a gym bunny," she explained. "However, if you change your way of thinking and realise firstly that pregnancy is a beautiful privilege denied to many woman so be grateful you have this opportunity, things do start to become easier. Secondly, from the minute you are carrying your baby (for me anyway) EVERYTHING became about my baby. Not my appearance."I wanted / still want them to be as strong and as healthy as possible. So if that means for the time being me as the 'carrier' gains weight then so what?! I can lose it in time. Yes I've continued my training but to nowhere near the extent I was and I’ve most certainly ate more than usual too."The couple are expecting their baby any day nowAlthough Gemma still has good and bad days. "On the odd day I've felt fed up at not being able to run or lift heavy or have a good sweat on after training I've reminded myself that it’s temporary and that my baby is growing well and that fed up feeling disappears in seconds," she shared. "If you really want to do all that stuff again after a baby, you will. You won’t find time as you’ll be exhausted, YOU have to MAKE TIME."MORE: The One Show's Alex Jones stuns in rare makeup-free selfie with baby Kit"Small steps make a big difference," she continued, before concluding: "Me being pregnant is the reason I look so different to how I 'normally look'. Me being a mum WONT be the reason I don’t get back to it and feeling as good again. Don’t let it be yours either! Woman are incredibly strong, the last nine months I've learnt that even more so. We got this. So to the ladies currently struggling with the changes soldier on. It'll all be worth it when little man or little lady arrives knowing their mum is a total warrior woman."Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Maisie Williams announces first role after Game Of Thrones

    She will star in a revenge comedy for Sky One.

  • Sarah Ferguson wows This Morning viewers with a shock hair transformation

    Sarah Ferguson appeared on This Morning on Tuesday, where she discussed Natasha's Law with Tanya and Nadim Ednan-Laperouse in memory of teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who died of a food allergy. The former wife of Prince Andrew looked wonderful on the show, rocking one of her favourite colours - green, in the form of a vibrant dress which she teamed with a pair of fancy flat shoes. But did you notice her hair? The mother of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie decided to wear her famous mane in a voluminous, sleek style which had some serious height at the crown - rather like a beehive. And with her hair swept over her face, it was a great look for the Duchess.We are loving Sarah's 60's style lookWe also noticed how glowing Sarah's skin appeared on-screen. This could be due to great genes - but also her love of facials! The 59-year-old has been enjoying looking after her skin for many years, having facials with Jo Malone CBE back in the 80s.  "Sarah Ferguson had been coming to me for treatments for years, "Jo explained in her autobiography, Jo Malone, My Story. "When I first met her, before she was engaged to Prince Andrew, she lived in Clapham, South London. She was down to earth and had a wicked sense of humour that often left me in stitches" she revealed. MORE: Sarah Ferguson reveals incredible royal story & the secret to her relationship with Eugenie, Beatrice & AndrewThe CEO of Jo Loves even got an invite to the Duchess of York's wedding! She wrote: "In 1986, she actually invited me and my husband Gary - whom I'd married a year before - to her wedding. I was astonished; I was only the girl who did her face, but that gesture tells you a lot about her." And Jo even visited Buckingham Palace to give the mother-of-two her regular facial! Can you imagine?READ: Sarah Ferguson WOWS in yellow at Ascot and you should see her Gucci bag

  • Mel B claims her ex Stephen Belafonte stopped her speaking to her family

    Spice Girl Mel B and her sister Danielle Brown have opened up about ending their 10-year feud following the end of Mel’s marriage to Stephen Belafonte.