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    Trump heckled, bullied and lied through the debate. It won't help him beat Biden

    Trump heckled, bullied and lied through the debate. It won't help him beat BidenThe president is behind in key states. Fighting on TV won’t turn things around or win over the sliver of undecided voters left

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    Florida lifts all COVID-19 restrictions

    Florida residents will no longer be fined for not wearing face masks and COVID-19 restrictions on all businesses in the state, including restaurants and bars, have been lifted in an effort to help the state's economy, according to Gov. Ron DeSantis. "Every business has the right to operate," DeSantis said at news conference Friday. Local governments can put their own restrictions in place as long as they don't limit restaurant seating to less than 50% occupancy.

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    US election debate: Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash in bad-tempered and angry showdown

    Tim Stanley: This was the ugliest debate ever Rosa Prince: Biden proves Democrats made wrong choice Trump criticised for telling white supremacist group Proud Boys to 'stand by' When is the next debate? Join our brilliant US election WhatsApp group Subscribe to The Telegraph Donald Trump and Joe Biden went at each other hammer and tongs in the first of three debates in the US presidential election. In a bad-tempered and at times chaotic debate, the candidates ripped chunks out of each other on their records and issues such as the economy and race. Mr Trump was rebuked several times by Chris Wallace, the moderator, for speaking over his opponent. At one point, after incessant interruptions from the president, Mr Biden said: "Will you shut up, man?" Follow the latest updates and reaction below.

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    Lampard and Mourinho reveal what was said in touchline spat as Spurs beat Chelsea

    Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho exchanged words during Tottenham's EFL Cup penalty shoot-out win over Chelsea.

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    Python has to be 'rescued' after swallowing huge prey

    Forest officials reached Sihari village in the district after villagers informed about the presence of the reptile in the area. The python was initially released near a river but was brought back the villagers after which the forest officials released it into a nearby forest. Pythons are among the largest snakes in the world. They are normally not considered dangerous to humans but have enough muscle power to overcome and swallow an animal as large as a grown up fawn or calf.

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    Michael Rosen on his Covid-19 coma: ‘It felt like a pre-death, a nothingness’

    Michael Rosen on his Covid-19 coma: ‘It felt like a pre-death, a nothingness’Earlier this year, the beloved children’s writer spent six weeks on a ventilator with coronavirus. He talks about the magic of the NHS, the mismanagement of the crisis and how his near-death experience has changed him