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    Woman may be the UK's longest COVID-19 sufferer after 'catching virus last Christmas'

    Nicola Kimberley, 53, from Cheltenham said she caught the virus over Christmas last year.

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    Half term chaos as 'too many' Britons pile onto Greek and Spanish islands

    The countries you can (feasibly) visit right now Your last-minute guide to the Canary Islands The new travel rules for Tiers 1, 2 and 3 Your final options for a quarantine-free half-term holiday Sign up to the Telegraph Travel newsletter Travel carnage looks to be on the cards for foreign holidays this half term, as hordes of Britons pour into the small handful of destinations that remain on the UK's 'green list'. Last night on the Greek island of Rhodes, frenzied crowds formed at the small airport as at least five flights back to the UK were scheduled to depart within a matter of hours, carrying passengers home from holidays taken before most schools had even broken up. One passenger Tweeted: "Absolute chaos at Rhodes airport. Fights and arguments breaking out. No one knows where they are going or what they are supposed to do. No staff, no control." A family who was travelling with Jet2 told Telegraph Travel: "It's the Government's fault for its quarantine policy; it's inevitable when there are so few places left to go on holiday, that companies will funnel everyone into these tiny regions that can't cope." Airlines and tour operators including Tui, Jet2, Ryanair and easyJet have been adding extra capacity to meet soaring demand for the Greek islands in recent weeks as new travel corridors have been granted. With the Spanish Canary Islands also added to the FCDO's quarantine-exempt list on Thursday, Britons were this weekend already descending upon Lanzarote's airport. Scroll down for more of the latest news.

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    Asia Today: Sri Lanka closes harbors after 609 test positive

    The government also widened the curfew in parts of Colombo, the capital. At least 11 villages were isolated in densely populated Western province, which includes Colombo. Health authorities on Wednesday temporarily closed the fish market on Colombo's outskirts after 49 traders tested positive for the coronavirus.

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    Prince William Had a Life-Changing Chat with Prince Charles That Led to His Relationship with Kate Middleton

    This talk literally changed the course of William's life forever.

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    Isle of Wight tanker: Police surround vessel amid 'ongoing incident'

    Police are dealing with an incident on board an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight amid concern that stowaways may have attempted to hijack the vessel. The Liberian-flagged Nave Andromeda left port in Lagos, Nigeria just over two weeks ago and was meant to arrive in Southampton on Sunday morning. It is understood a distress call was made, and coastguard and police helicopters were circling the ship on Sunday afternoon. Reports suggest that there may be seven stowaways on board. A five nautical mile restriction zone has been placed around the vessel. Hampshire Police confirmed: “We are aware and dealing with an ongoing incident on board a vessel which is situated south of the Isle of Wight.”

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    Government reduces minimum salary for migrants to settle in UK

    Government reduces minimum salary for migrants to settle in UK. Rules which come into force in December quietly published on Thursday by Home Office

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    Prince Philip Has "Walked Away" From Prince Harry

    His grandson's behavior is reportedly "completely alien to him."