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    PMQs verdict: Keir Starmer's arc of questions exposed Boris Johnson... and left alarm bells clanging in the heads of Tory backbenchers

    There was a telling moment early in Prime Minister’s Question when Boris Johnson swivelled round to gee up his backbenchers and, instead of nodding agreement or waving their Order Papers in the time-honoured tradition, the Tories just kept very, very still.The PM was responding to a call from Sir Keir Starmer to punish airline BA for “rehiring” workers on worse conditions. Mr Johnson argued it was not possible to keep every job exactly the same after the coronavirus pandemic and exhorted the country to “build, build, build”.

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    Man discovers ‘creepy’ hidden rooms in abandoned attic: ‘Straight from a horror movie’

    A Reddit user was taken aback when he climbed through a “small square hole” into his attic and discovered an entire secret apartment.

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    Magaluf main strip shut down after drunken Brits cause havoc over weekend

    Magaluf‘s main tourist strip has been shut down after crowds of drunken Brits who appeared to ignore social distancing guidelines caused havoc over the weekend.Video shared widely online shows maskless crowds dancing outside bars and nightclubs in the Punta Ballena district, an area popular with British tourists looking to party.

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    Coronavirus: The 15 major developments that happened on Thursday

    Coronavirus tests used by the NHS may be unsafe, it's emerged.

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    Black French boxer Patrice Quarteron criticises 'victim-obsessed' Black Lives Matter

    The black French Champion kickboxer Patrice Quarteron has criticised activists and the Black Lives Matter movement in France in a video and interview published on the website of Le Parisien newspaper  this week.Patrice Quarteron, two time French and European Muay Thai champion and current holder of the IKF Muay Thai Super Heavyweight World titile, said in the video that he does not support the Black Lives Matter movement.He says it is too focused on the idea of victimisation and that [the George Floyd killing] had “nothing to do with France” and had been deliberately used by campaigners.The problems in the US, with its history of segregation, should not be compared to the situation in France, he said, maintaining that many immigrants to France from West Africa, like his parents, had found better lives than in the countries they had left.In the outspoken video he also criticised the Justice for Adama campaign led by the sister of Adama Traoré, who alleges her brother, who died after being arrested in 2016, was the victim of police brutality. The case is still under investigation.Adama’s family say he died because the police used 'undue' force on him, the police say he had an existing health complaint which caused his death.'Massive defence' campaignsIn a separate interview also published on the website, Quarteron denounces the relative silence over the death on 4 July of a young white female police officer last week in southwest France, compared to what he called the “massive defence” [movements] launched following the death of black people after altercations with the police.“Outrage should not be about the colour of someone’s skin,” he said.The police officer, Mélanée Lemée, was run over by the driver of a vehicle trying to avoid a roadside check. The driver, who had a criminal record, was driving at high speed with no licence."Were there riots because Yassine [the name of the suspect] killed a police officer?” he asked. “If the police had shot Yassine, people would have said “They have killed Yassine”, there would have been murals painted in his memory, ‘Yassine for life’, and yet we are talking about a delinquent!"A guy who forced through a police barrier and then tried to escape a second one. If the police officer had shot him, which is what I would have done, there would be gigantic demonstrations today. When there is a police control, I’m sorry, but you stop.”'Scandalous and dishonest' claimsQuarteron grew up in Grand Borne, considered one of the tough districts on the outskirts of southern Paris and is dismissive of those who have never lived in these areas but still claim to understand them."I lived for 33 years in one of the poorest towns in France”, he said. “ I was in the heart of it and I never saw honest working people assaulted by the police, or fear the police. It was rather the opposite situation," he said."And honest people have had enough of being left to cope alone in these ares, where they are at the mercy of drug dealers and delinquents.”“I cannot bear these people who use hardship, which I have experienced, to further their careers, when they know absolutely nothing about it.”He argues that in France the problem is not with racism in the police but the failure of the education system. He wants more focus and investment in education, lamenting the fact that so many people in deprived areas leave school without qualifications.Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an organised movement in the United States advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality against African-American people.An organisation known simply as Black Lives Matter exists as a decentralised network with about 16 chapters in the U.S and Canada.In the summer of 2016, the Black Lives Matter movement in France also merged with the Black Lives Matter movement in connection with the Adama Traoré affair.

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    The Queen, Kate Middleton and royal family don't eat these 5 foods

    We can only imagine the luxury of sitting down to dinner at Buckingham Palace each evening with your meals prepared for you by a team of top cooks. You'd think, as a royal, you could eat anything you choose – but that's not so.Mealtimes aren't actually as straightforward as you'd think in the nation's most prestigious family and there are several foods the Queen and Co don't eat.From avoiding bad breath and upset tummies to following Her Majesty's menu preferences, dining as a royal comes with a few restrictions. Read on to find out which foods are not allowed for the regal set…MORE: 15 beautiful royal wedding cakes: the Queen, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and moreWATCH: The royals must avoid these foods GarlicLoved by some, despised by others, garlic is a real love it or loathe it food. It's no huge surprise then that the food flavouring, which causes distinctive-smelling breath the following day, is banned chez Her Majesty.The Duchess of Cornwall once revealed on Australian MasterChef that when on official engagements, nothing with too much garlic is ever served: "Garlic is a no-no... You always have to lay off the garlic." This was confirmed by former royal chef Darren McGrady, who revealed that palace chefs are forbidden from serving food containing too much onion or garlic.MORE:  ShellfishAlso off the menu for royals is shellfish, which carries a high risk of food poisoning.Former royal butler Grant Harold told Woman & Home magazine: “It is a very sensible move to abandon having seafood when out and about on public duties. We don’t want a member of the Royal family having a serious reaction to food poisoning, especially if she is on an overseas tour.”We're sure this rule is broken occasionally though; Prince William has previously revealed his love of sushi and Prince Charles has been known to sample shellfish. The Queen is said to always stick to this guideline though. Foie GrasThe French delicacy was banned in royal palaces in 2008 by Prince Charles over concerns for animal welfare. The royal's Deputy Master of the Household announced the rule in a letter to a Bristol activist [shown on Peta's website], saying:"I just wanted to reassure you that The Prince of Wales has a policy that his chefs should not buy foie gras."MORE: The Queen's one dining table rule all royals must follow Rare meatThe Queen is reportedly not a fan of rare meat - according to former royal chef Darren McGrady, she likes her meat well done. Royals are also prohibited from eating foods containing raw meat such as steak tartare when on official engagements to avoid food poisoning. PastaThis is hard to believe but apparently the Monarch is not big on starchy carbs like pasta, rice and potatoes. Darren McGrady previously disclosed that the Queen does not care much for pasta and likes to eat meals containing fish or meat and vegetables instead.

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    Anthony Hamilton selling 18 rare cars at auction

    The father of Lewis Hamilton is quite the collector.