• Teenage Audi driver, 17, killed pensioner just three months after passing test

    Newly-qualified Hanna Lewis ploughed into the car of Bryan Smithers, 79, on a sharp bend in Carmarthenshire after a day at the beach with friends.

  • EU Commission sending Britain new warning over 2.7 billion-euro bill, source says

    Britain will get a second warning from the European Commission over a 2.7 billion-euro (2.41 billion pounds) charge from an import scam the commission is trying to recover, a senior European Union official said. The EU executive arm has already decided to send the warning but postponed announcing it to Monday, Sept. 24, to avoid interfering with an EU summit in Austria this week, the official told Reuters. Britain will receive a new formal warning, the second step in EU sanctions procedure, for not having recovered 2.7 billion euros in revenues lost in a scam involving Chinese imports into Europe.

  • Male model George Koh jailed for murdering rival Harry Uzoka in row over girlfriend

    George Koh killed Harry Uzoka, 25, after meeting him to settle a dispute about a woman, accompanied by two friends. Koh, 24, from Camden, north London, claimed he had sex with Mr Uzoka's girlfriend, fellow model Ruby Campbell, and the two male models arranged a meeting to settle their differences. Mr Uzoka had just landed a film role before he was murdered by Koh on 11 January.

  • Chris Evans reveals baby twins are called Boo and Walt as wife calls in to show

    The presenter and his wife welcomed a boy and a girl on Wednesday evening.

  • Massive Eagle Ray approaches divers from dark ocean depths

    The beautiful black figure spotted with white is an enormous spotted Eagle Ray. Closing in on at least 12 feet across, the ray glides through the water like a seasoned jet fighter pilot performing at an airshow. Coming across an Eagle Ray when scuba diving is always a highlight moment to divers. While diving in Utila, Honduras, in clear deep blue waters, this gorgeous Eagle Ray wanted to put on a spectacular display. Karl and his dive buddies had traveled many miles from Montreal, Quebec to take in the breathtaking waters and animals Utila has to offer. Rays are carnivorous, meaning their diet consists of other animals, they never eat plants. Mostly, other little creatures that live beneath the sand like worms, shrimp and squid. Alongside these small ocean animals, they may eat small fish, clams, oysters, and even sea snails. After Karl and his buddies descended onto the sand after noticing this large Eagle Ray gliding towards them, the ray began to put on an amazing display. Gliding past numerous times as though examining the area like a Bald Eagle soaring above a field, the Eagle Ray pin points its prey. Settling onto the sand he begins vacuuming the area with it’s incredible suction. Rays do not have teeth, but rather have hard bony plates in which they grind their food after sucking it from beneath the sand. Finding their prey is not as easy as such animals as sharks. The rays eyes are on the top of its head making it difficult to see below them. Using their keen sense of smell for locating prey, they take aim and pounce. What an amazing and beautiful animal!

  • The mistake owners make when having to put their pets down

    'The hardest thing to do as a vet is putting a dog or cat down.'

  • Theresa May's calm anger is a bid to balance humiliation

    If there was any doubt how shaken the prime minister was by the very public snub of her Chequers plan meted out by EU leaders in Salzburg, there is none any more. Indeed her Brexit secretary confirmed on Friday he thought the prime minister had been ambushed. Instead she dug in - firstly on the fact she views her Chequers plan as the only viable option for an economic relationship with the EU that respects the referendum, and secondly on her refusal to countenance any backstop arrangement for the Irish border that would separate Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.