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  • Senior British Pilot 'Solves' Mystery Of MH370 And Pinpoints Where Boeing 777 Came To Rest

    A senior British pilot believes he has solved the mystery of what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Boeing 777 captain Simon Hardy also believes he knows where the doomed aircraft came to rest, following a six month examination of flight data. Using a unique mathematical technique, Hardy pinpoints the location of the aircraft to 100 nautical miles away from where the Australian Transport Safety Board (ATSB) is currently carrying out it search, the Sunday Times reports. Hardy also told the newspaper he believes pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah performed a final “emotional” fly-past of Penang island, before landing the plane on water, where it sank intact.

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  • Is ‘last farewell’ clue to mystery of missing Malaysia flight MH370?

    The doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was taken on a fly-past of the pilot’s home island before being deliberately landed and sinking intact thousands of miles away, according to a British pilot.

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  • This is what happens when you die on a plane

    In the very rare case you died halfway during a during a passenger flight, airline staff would be stuck with a dead body, distraught fellow passengers and limited space. A British Airways spokesman told the MailOnline: ‘We expect our cabin crew to treat customers who have passed away with dignity and respect.

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  • Lovestruck woman sends £900,000 to lover in Africa she's never met

    Sarah even sold an apartment block to pay £360,000 on bail money.

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  • North West Arrived In London And Threw Some Serious Prince George Shade At The Paps

    The 21-month year-old arrived in London to join her parents but didn't look very impressed with the photographers awaiting her.

  • New twist in neighbour row between Jimmy Page and Robbie Wiliams

    A celebrity neighbour row has taken a new twist after Jimmy Page hired architects and engineers to say how Robbie Williams' basement pool could destroy his 'irreplaceable' home. Led Zeppelin veteran Mr Page, 71, has sounded the fears for his Grade I listed house in Holland Park, West London - a stone's throw from the Take That star Mr Williams' £17.5million mansion. The pop star, who bought Michael Winner's former 46-room home in 2013, first sparked Mr Page's ire last month with plans for an extension including a lift and recording studio.

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  • US fears that Britain's defence cuts will diminish Army on world stage - Telegraph

    His comments, moreover, came after President Barack Obama had taken issue with David Cameron when he visited the White House in January. For there are growing fears that cuts will jeopardise a central tenet of the post-Second World War transatlantic alliance – namely, that Britain can be counted upon to provide military hardware to US-led campaigns in defence of Western interests. Whether it is dealing with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, or preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for Islamist terror groups, it has been a long-standing assumption of US military planning that Britain would deploy a combat force in excess of 10,000 men, as well as the fighter aircraft and naval vessels. During the 1991 Gulf War, for example, the famed 7th Armoured Brigade, or Desert Rats, took the lead role in the Army’s ground operations, which saw more than 50,000 British soldiers deployed to the region during the six-month campaign. q
  • Danny Dyer Brands Katie Hopkins 'Sexist' After She Blasts His Girlfriend For Proposing To Him

    Joanne Mas proposed on Valentine's Day - and it isn't even a Leap Year

  • M&S bans 'Jesus' and 'Christ' from gift messages - but jihad is okay 

    The words 'Christ' and 'Jesus Christ' have been placed on a list of banned words by Marks & Spencer and cannot be used in gift messages. Customers buying a bunch of flowers who try to add a free message containing them are prevented from completing their order.

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  • This is how Apple responds to 'patent troll' who cost them $500million

    As apple points out, Smartflash LLC has no workers, makes nothing and sells nothing, yet one company is making millions out of Apple. The patents relate to accessing and storing downloaded songs, videos and games. Here’s what Apple had to say in response: ‘Smartflash makes no products, has no employees, creates no jobs, has no U.S. presence, and is exploiting our patent system to seek royalties for technology Apple invented.

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  • Britons don't know their Charles Darwin from their Isaac Newton: how many of these 10 famous figures do you know?

    While people such as John Lennon and William Shakespeare remain well known Brits, other once-famous names - including a number of eminent Cambridge alumni - are in danger of being forgotten. ...

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  • A Word from the Editor: Britain has to come out of the multi-cultural inclusiveness trance

    Whenever any member of the Labour Party utters even a bat’s-squeak of a comment about alleged Conservative failures on immigration, the pint-sized Speaker, John Bercow, should be invited to beat both containers with a large stick to remind said member of their utter hypocrisy. The Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, wife of Blair Years bully-boy Ed Balls, was at it again last week, claiming that David Cameron’s immigration promise was in “tatters”, after the revelation that a whopping 624,000 newcomers arrived in the country last year. q
  • EXCLUSIVE: Jihadi John exposed by web error: Killer downloaded software using student ID

    Mohammed Emwazi, 26, now the world’s most-wanted man after beheading British and US hostages, had been on a shortlist of suspects. Instead of buying the software with a credit card, he used a student code from London’s Westminster University when he studied computer technology. The number contained unique information which gave his date of birth, what he studied, and where, and information on his student loan. An intelligence source said last night: "In today’s electronic age of social media and technology, we chase the digital footprint before we chase the person. q
  • Russians to fight North Sea oilfield ban - Telegraph

    A group of billionaire Russian investors with links to Vladimir Putin plans to challenge a UK decision to block their attempt to seize control of a clutch of North Sea oilfields worth billions. LetterOne – a Russian investment fund controlled by Mikhail Fridman – said yesterday that it would contest any move by the energy secretary, Ed Davey, to block its attempt to buy the North Sea assets from Germany’s RWE. Mr Fridman would have gained control of the fields as part of a €5bn (£3.6bn) deal to buy the German energy giants oil and gas division. However, the decision by Mr Davey comes after President Putin again threatened to cut off gas supplies to Europe in retaliation for his ongoing dispute with the West over eastern Ukraine. q
  • Ebola nurse claims treatment for disease has made her hair fall out and causes insomnia as she files lawsuit against hospital

    An intensive care unit nurse who survived her fight against Ebola has claimed the treatment has made her hair fall out, causes insomnia and has damaged her social life. Nina Pham was diagnosed with the deadly disease along with co-worker Amber Vinson after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient to die from the illness in October.

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  • TOWIE: Dan Osborne Shows Off His And Jacqueline Jossa's Baby Ella For The First Time

    He's also got a J tattooed on his wrist to prove his love for Jacqueline

  • The worst estate agent photos ever

    When photographs don't quite do the home justice

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  • Lulu admits to 'cheating' on The Great Comic Relief Bake Off

    The singer got expert help but still didn’t manage to win.

  • Cops seize £200,000 Ferrari on the M40 and find driver has no licence

    Before getting behind the wheel of a £200,000, 200mph sports car, you might at least spare a few months of your precious life learning how to drive. The grey Ferrari 458 was stopped on the M40 near Bicester, Oxfordshire, after a member of the public reported a sports car driving over the speed limit.

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  • Two-Thirds Of 'Cheshunt Nine' Leave Tesco

    Two-thirds of the executives suspended over Tesco (Xetra: 852647 - news) 's £263m profits overstatement scandal have left the supermarket giant. Sky News understands that William Linnane, the head of buying for impulse purchases, is to leave the company as part of a vast programme of redundancies just weeks after being reinstated to his role. His exit will follow that of Sean McCurley, who also temporarily returned to Tesco after being asked to stand aside from his job. Of the nine managers suspended following the emergence of its supplier revenues issues, two-thirds have either left Tesco or are in the process of departing.

    Sky News