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Andrew Garfield: Spandex is not fun

Andrew Garfield has confessed he did not enjoy wearing his skin-tight Spandex suit to play Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man star told The Daily Show's Jon Stewart how he got so frustrated in the suit he made a spoof photo diary showing Spider-Man doing stupid things to try and blow off steam.

Andrew said: "This was a picture journal that I took throughout with a still photography, we had like 'A Day in the Life of Spider-Man. I was so frustrated certain days in the suit that I NEEDED to do something stupid.

"So we just went around the Sony lot. There's me taking a s*** I think...

"But you know, Spandex is not fun."

The 28-year-old actor had to be completely naked under the all-in-one suit and admitted peeing while he was wearing it was an art.

He said: "You have to escape it, it's like you have to escape the thing..."