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Disney set for Cinderella remake

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Disney set for Cinderella remakeDisney set for Cinderella remake

by Michael Edwards

First 'Alice in Wonderland' had a live-action makeover, then there was the battle of the Snow Whites in two forthcoming live-action adaptations, now it seems Disney want to bring 'Cinderella' to life again. And they're reportedly courting Mark Romanek to direct it.

Romanek is the man behind Robin Williams drama 'One Hour Photo'. More recently he made sci-fi love story 'Never Let Me Go' in which Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield star as a group of clones born to have their organs harvested. Needless to say that the strange love triangle is driven by all sorts of tragedy.

Whether or not Disney want Romanek to bring the same sad vibe to this story isn't clear yet.

But from the limited plot details available on the project, we do know that the Prince is being coerced into an arranged marriage for the good of the kingdom, and that the plan is threatened when he falls for Cinderella. So there's already a doomed love triangle feel that fits with the director's last outing.

Deadline, who broke the news, have said the studio have yet to sign a deal with Romanek, though the film is believed to be a priority so they're expected to move quickly.

The director does have a shaky history with studios, however. He famously pulled out of directing 'The Wolfman' just weeks before production was due to start, and he was said to have turned down the chance to helm 'The Wolverine'.

So we wouldn't want to make to many concrete predictions about Cinderella's sad fate just yet.