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Glee's Cory takes on action movie

Cory Monteith is set to star on the big screen in new action drama McCanick.

The Glee star will play a young criminal released from prison, showing Canadian actor Cory in a very different light to well-meaning hero Finn in the hit musical show that has made him famous, Variety reports.

David Morse will star as drugs detective Eugene "Mack" McCanick, who reacts with violence and paranoia when he learns that Cory's character, a seemingly harmless young criminal, is out of jail.

Over the course of one long, hot day, Mack and his partner, played by Brandon Routh, try everything they can to hunt him down, believing he holds the secret to a truth from Mack's past.

The film, directed by Josh C Waller and scripted by Daniel Noah, will aim to echo the classic cop films of the 70s such as The French Connection and Serpico.

Producer Ehud Bleiberg said: "This film is full of intense, emotional characters and I'm excited to see actors like Cory Monteith and Brandon Routh gravitating towards these roles that are, perhaps, very different than what they are known for."

Cory recently played the male lead opposite Selena Gomez in Monte Carlo.