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Hangover 3 location revealed

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They got trashed in L.A. and trashed Bangkok, now an insider has revealed where the 'Hangover' lads will be heading next: Tijuana, Mexico, apparently.

A source told Life & Style: "A lot of ['The Hangover Part III'] will be shot in Los Angeles, but then they are going to do the crazy scenes in Las Vegas again and then one wild week in Tijuana."

Star Bradley Cooper previously suggested that the film's supposedly secret location would be LA, but it seems the wolf pack will also venture south of the border.

Hangover 3 location revealed

Mexico-bound... the wolf pack in 'The Hangover Part II' (Credit: Warner Bros.)

The film will reunite Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha as bachelor party veterans Stu, Phil, Alan and Doug. The first two movies grossed £667 million between them, making a sequel almost inevitable.

The plot of the film is still under wraps, but Galifiankis recently told Rolling Stone that ‘part three’ will ditch the formula from the first two movies, and instead see his character escape from a mental institution with help from the wolf pack.

Todd Phillips is also back in the director's chair. 'The Hangover Part III' is released in the UK on May 24th 2013.

Does the new location excite you or are you tired of this comedy franchise already?