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Nicolas Cage freakishly toned in bizzare poster

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Nicolas Cage is renowned for showing up in some terrible movie posters, but this is ridiculous.

An incredible one-sheet for Ryuhei Kitamura’s ‘Marble City’ was snapped by Twitch Film in the Marche du Film market area of Cannes, where films are bought and sold for international distribution.

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The film hasn’t begun production yet, and Cage is only ‘in talks’ to star, but that didn’t stop a canny graphic designer featuring him on the poster. Or at least his head, because that is definitely NOT the actor's body.

We’re sure he’s kept himself in shape, but come on.

Nicolas Cage freakishly toned in bizzare poster

Cage-d animal... freakishly toned Nicolas Cage (Credit: Twitch Film)

Described as “’Kill Bill’ meets ‘Drive’” by its director, ‘Marble City’ follows a newly released prisoner who seeks vengeance against those who put him in the slammer. Along the way he finds inner peace, presumably by murdering a lot of people.

Polaris Pictures' Producer Jeremy Wall said of the project, “The film is a high action and close combat fighting picture. We will bring a dynamic flair to the screen with this director and story.”

“We are delighted to be attracting the highest calibre of actor in the business to work with us in this venture, namely Oscar winning actor Nicolas Cage and Oscar winning actor Mickey Rourke – let the battle begin."

Rourke is not an Oscar-winner but the sentiment is the same.