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Omar Sharif ‘slaps’ woman in the face

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Incredible footage of Hollywood legend Omar Sharif appearing to slap a woman in the face has emerged online.

The video, first seen on TMZ, shows a female reporter approaching the 79-year-old ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ star at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and asking for her photo to be taken by the actor.

Omar Sharif ‘slaps’ woman in the face

Angry... Sharif appears to slap woman

Apparently Sharif tells her to wait her turn in Arabic, before slapping her in the face.

It’s not totally clear from the footage whether he actually made contact with the woman, but she was momentarily stunned.

Even more bizarrely, seconds later the woman does have her photo taken with him, and the pair are all smiles.

In 2003 the actor apparently received a one-month suspended prison sentence for hitting a police man in a Parisian casino.

All smiles... the pair then pose for a photo

Four years later he was found guilty of "assaulting a Beverly Hills parking lot attendant and breaking his nose".

Besides 'Lawrence', Sharif also starred in 'Doctor Zhivago', 'Funny Girl' and 'Genghis Khan'.