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Creepy scene cut from The Amazing Spider-Man revealed

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Details of scenes and characters that were cut from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' have been revealed.

According to reports on Vulture the most shocking cut was a reportedly 'sexually unsettling' scene in which Ifans' monstrous incarnation The Lizard corners two teenage girls in a toilet before licking one of them.

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Also ditched were several scenes involving the family of Rhys Ifans' character Dr. Curt Connors, despite his wife and son being cast.

Creepy scene cut from The Amazing Spider-Man revealed

Spidey... hope he's not dropped his travelcard (Copyright: Sony Pictures)

Annie Parisse from 'Law & Order' was announced as playing Connors' wife Martha, but neither her nor a young actor who was set to play their son feature in the finished film.

Those who saw the early trailers will also have noticed that much of the first-person web-slinging footage that was shown in them was cast aside too.

It's not known whether or not the missing footage will make it onto the DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

The film has so far reported impressive numbers, breaking box office records for a Tuesday release in the USA, pulling in receipts of $35 million (£22.5 million).

It's also been announced that this first instalment of the re-booted franchise will be the first in a trilogy that will explore how the disappearance of Peter Parker's parents shaped the friendly, neighbourhood web-slinger.