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Seth Rogen mocks Gibson, Brown and Ratner

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Seth Rogen mocks Gibson, Brown and Ratner

Come at me bro!

The Oscars haven't exactly provided a wealth of controversy this year, so comedy actor/writer Seth Rogen has blasted some of his peers at the Independent Spirit Awards instead.

According to The Huffington Post, Rogen, who was hosting the event, delivered a hilarious opening monologue that stung his Hollywood peers and usurped Ricky Gervais as the edgy awards host of choice.

Among the barbs flung by Seth Rogen was one aimed at the homophobic comments of Brett Ratner, which ultimately led to his dismissal as Oscars telecast producer.

“The best thing to come of awards season is we learned what a horrible bigot Brett Ratner is," Rogen quipped, before taking aim at rapper Chris Brown. He claimed Ratner would be better off producing the Grammys because:

"At the Grammys, you can literally beat the s*** out of a nominee and be asked to perform twice"

But he reserved his best for another Hollywood legend. While talking about Dane Nicolas Winding Refn's arthouse actioner 'Drive' he joked that:

"'Drive' made Jews so scary I thought Mel Gibson directed it"