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Shannon: Man of Steel Zod more ‘complicated’ than Stamp version (Exclusive)

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Whilst doing the promo rounds for excellent crime thriller ‘The Iceman’, out this week, we got a chance to ask star Michael Shannon about his part in speeding-this-way Superman reboot ‘Man Of Steel’.

So, not wasting anytime, we asked Michael just what makes his version of villain General Zod so different from Terence Stamp’s terrifying take on the character back in 1980 classic ‘Superman II’.

“I saw [‘Superman II’] when I was a kid, it scared the crap out of me,” Michael admitted about Stamp’s super evil performance.

“[But] I don’t really compare what I did to what he did. It’s very different the way it’s been set-up and the way it’s been written.

“I feel like in the original he was just a purely malevolent force. And in this version he’s maybe a little more complicated than that.”

Watch the video above for the full clip, exclusive to Yahoo! Movies UK.

Indie-regular Michael, who raked in the awards for 2011’s tension fest ‘Take Shelter’, also revealed how he felt about being given such a massive movie gig with ‘Man Of Steel’. “I hope it does well. I hope everybody goes to see it. I’m very proud to be a part of it,” he said, “[But] I don’t want it to overshadow other things that I do you know.”

Shannon: Man of Steel Zod more ‘complicated’ than Stamp versionShannon: Man of Steel Zod more ‘complicated’ than Stamp version

“I’ll certainly do over things in the future, but I’m sure it’ll probably be a pretty big deal in the span of my repertoire.”

Bit of an understatement there Michael, still, we totally agree.

Check back on Yahoo! Movies UK later to see our full interview with Michael about the epic ‘Iceman’.

‘Man Of Steel’, directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill, is out in the UK 14 June 2013.