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Why So Sad Batman? Batfleck Reveal Parodied

Why So Sad Batman? Batfleck Reveal ParodiedWhy So Sad Batman? Batfleck Reveal Parodied

That didn't take long. Following the reveal of Ben Affleck's Batman , his new suit and his new set of wheels, the internet has already decided it is ripe for parody.

Why So Sad Batman? is a Tumblr page dedicated to photoshopped images of Batfleck which suggest some reasons for his gloomy demeanour.

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Forget the whole murdered parents thing, Batman could be sad because nobody turned up to his siesta, or because the Batmobile has been given a parking ticket.

'Batman Vs Superman's co-star was revealed 13 May on director Zack Snyder's Twitter account following a tease the day prior.

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The reveals of Batman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman had been speculated for some time, with costume designer Michael Wilkinson tweeting that the reveals wouldn't be far away.

'Batman Vs Superman' is set for release on 29 April 2016.

Ben Skipper is a freelance writer and Batman nut. He hopes Warner Bros' attempts to make a connected DC universe for the big screen are successful, even if so far he's been less than impressed. Follow Ben on Twitter @bskipper27.

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