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Zoe Saldana gives inside information on Avatar sequels

Zoe Saldana gives inside information on Avatar sequelsZoe Saldana gives inside information on Avatar sequels

COMMENT | After confirming her participation in the forthcoming 'Avatar' sequels, Zoe Saldana has recently been opening up on what the 'Avatar' series means to her, as well as giving fans a bit of insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the world's biggest movie franchise. Saldana discussed her feelings about 'Avatar' during a tour of the set of the James Cameron blockbuster, which was conducted for a segment on MTV.

Despite the fact that we haven't seen anything from 'Avatar' since the 2009 original, and there will be a seven year gap between the release of the first and second films in the series, work has been ongoing ever since on making preparations for the filming of the sequels. One studio that Saldana visited has been under construction for no less than three years. Saldana, who has not had the opportunity to see this facility previously owing to her incredibly busy filming schedule, described it as "wonderful".

Saldana also revealed that she has met up with Cameron recently, and that the director had taken the time to show Saldana some conceptual artwork related to the 'Avatar' sequels which the scripts for the sequels are being based on. But the actress stated that she hasn't "haven't been able to read the scripts" owing to the fact that Cameron and his co-writers are "still working on them".

It was clear from Saldana's comments that the whole thing was an emotional thing for her, and that James Cameron is in an equally emotional state at present, and clearly keenly anticipating seeing the 'Avatar' sequels on the big screen. Saldana stated that Cameron "got choked up" telling her about the 'Avatar' storyline, and that she became emotional about it too. So although the scripts aren't complete, one of the principal players is clearly completely aware of what is going to occur narratively in the remaining 'Avatar' movies.

Aside from these details, Saldana also confirmed that she had known she would participate in the 'Avatar' sequels for "a while". It has been confirmed to the actress in autumn last year, when the production team involved in the movie approached Saldana and her co-stars, confirming all of the scheduled production dates.

The three 'Avatar' films will begin filming in October, 2014, with releases currently planned for Christmas 2016, and the fourth quarters of 2017 and 2018.

Christopher Morris watches too many sci-fi films, has a fanatical interest in Philip K. Dick's work, and is a regular contributor to Yahoo on television, cinema, video games, technology and politics.

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