Four-day working week: Have your say

05/11/2019 - 07/11/20192,310 votes
Is the UK ready for a four-day working week? The Labour party is to put a shorter working week for all workers as a long term policy pledge in its election manifesto. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell had announced in his party conference speech in September the average working week in the UK would be cut to 32 hours within 10 years under a Labour government. Labour insists that there will be "no loss of pay" from the shortening of working week. However, the Centre for Policy Studies, a right-wing think tank, says it's analysis shows switch to a four-day working week will cost taxpayers £17bn a year. Meanwhile, tech giant Microsoft trialled a four-day week in Japan and said it's results showed staff productivity improved and sales increased by 40%. We want your views: what do you think, is four-day working week a good idea? Let us know by voting here.

Q1. Should Britain have a four-day working week?

YES: It would improve productivity
NO: It's a bad idea
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