'Frozen 2' v 'Frozen': Have your say

25/11/2019 - 28/11/2020732 votes
The long-awaited 'Frozen 2' has landed in cinemas in the UK, a full six years after the first movie became the biggest animated film of all time. And thanks to a sterling turnout worldwide over the weekend, 'Frozen 2' has already nabbed some records of its own. Making just over $350 million (£271 million) worldwide overall, it makes it the biggest ever global opening for an animated movie, though its domestic US figure fell just behind that of 'Incredibles 2'. It’s also the biggest opening for an animated movie ever in the UK, having made £15.07 million over its first three days on release. But which do you prefer?

Q1. Which 'Frozen' film do you prefer?

'Frozen' (2013)
'Frozen II' (2019)
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