Greta Thunberg: Have your say

30/12/2019 - 31/12/201910,557 votes
Greta Thunberg’s father has opened up about his daughter’s struggles with depression and revealed that he and his wife “thought her climate activism was a bad idea”. Svante Thunberg said he was concerned about his daughter after she “fell ill” three or four years before going on school strikes, and stopped eating and talking to others. Greta, now 16, inspired millions of people to join her in raising awareness of the climate crisis after she staged the strikes outside Swedish parliament, which propelled her into the public eye. Has the teenager's activism made you more aware of climate change? Have your say in our Yahoo UK poll.

Q1. Has Greta Thunberg helped the climate change debate?

YES: She's raised awareness
NO: She's made no difference
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