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Follow news and updates as Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States

Biden Inauguration

  • The Independent

    John Oliver blasts Joe Biden for delaying raising cap on refugee admissions: ‘Pick up a f***ing pen and do the right thing’

    ‘Props to Jen Psaki there, only a few months into the job and she’s already waving away concerns about stranded refugees with the ease of a Spirit Airlines gate agent letting you know your flight’s delayed’

  • Evening Standard

    President Joe Biden’s son laid bare: key revelations from Hunter Biden’s memoir

    Devastating loss, an all-consuming crack addiction and what he really thinks of his father Joe — Hunter Biden doesn’t hold back. Nick Curtis digests the memoir that has shocked the US Capitol

  • The Independent

    Texas governor Greg Abbott dismisses Joe Biden’s gun pledges as ‘show’

    ‘There is no acceptable way that a president by executive order can infringe upon Second Amendment rights’

  • The Independent

    Donald Trump thinks the coronavirus vaccine should be called ‘Trumpcine’

    Former president also tore into Dr Anthony Fauci: ‘Have you ever seen anybody that is so full of crap?’

  • The Guardian

    What’s Donald Trump up to these days? I tried to find out via Instagram

    What’s Donald Trump up to these days? I tried to find out via Instagram. In the early days of his post-presidential life, Trump has crashed a wedding and welcomed maskless Mar-a-Lago guests

  • The Guardian

    The Observer view on Joe Biden’s audacious spending plans

    The Observer view on Joe Biden’s audacious spending plans. If the president pushes through his proposed investments, he will revitalise the economy and make America great again

  • The Telegraph

    Donald Trump takes swipe at Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence in speech to Republican donors

    Donald Trump vowed to help Republicans win seats in Congress in 2022 elections but lashed out at two top party figures, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and former Vice President Mike Pence, at a donor retreat on Saturday. At a dinner at his Mar-a-Lago Club for Republican National Committee donors in Palm Beach, Florida, the former president made clear he is still irked at his inability to hang on to the White House despite losing the Nov. 3 election to Democrat Joe Biden, who is now president. Mr McConnell drew Mr Trump's ire in the aftermath of the election for stating the obvious - that Mr Biden had won the presidency - and the two remain at odds. Parting from the prepared text of his speech, Mr Trump called the senator a "son of a bitch," an attendee told Reuters. Before leaving office, Mr Trump had scolded Mr Pence for not intervening to stop the congressional certification of the vote tally, an authority the vice president did not have. The vote certification was the backdrop for the events on Jan. 6 when pro-Trump protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol. Departing again from his prepared text, Mr Trump said he had spoken to Mr Pence recently and told him he was still disappointed in him, the attendee said. Representatives for Mr McConnell and Mr Pence did not immediately respond to requests for comment. In prepared remarks seen by Reuters, Mr Trump sought to position himself as the Republican kingmaker, saying he wanted to talk "about the future of the Republican Party - and what we must do to set our candidates on a course to victory." "I stand before you this evening filled with confidence that in 2022, we are going to take back the House (of Representatives) and we are going to reclaim the Senate. And then in 2024, a Republican candidate is going to win the White House," he said. Mr Trump has spent the 2-1/2 months since his chaotic exit from the White House considering requests from 2022 candidates for his endorsement and has been giving them his blessing based on whether they support him and his agenda or not. He has said any talk of his own plans - the Constitution gives him the right to seek another four-year term - should wait until after the November 2022 elections. A variety of other Republicans are considering their own potential runs for the party's presidential nomination in 2024, such as Trump's former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While Mr Biden defeated Mr Trump by millions of votes, the Republican made inroads among traditional Democratic voters such as Hispanics and African Americans. Mr Trump, who also sprinkled his remarks with attacks on Mr Biden, said the key to victories in 2022 is to build on those gains, saying "the Republican Party will succeed and grow in the future by embracing its destiny as the champion of working-class Americans." Mr Trump's active role in Republican politics despite losing the 2020 election is unlike other former presidents, who have tended to retreat from the limelight after leaving the White House. “Saturday’s speech will be welcomed words to the Republican donors visiting Mar-a-Lago to hear directly from President Trump. Palm Beach is the new political power centre, and President Trump is the Republican Party’s best messenger," said Trump adviser Jason Miller.

  • Evening Standard

    Prince Philip death: Joe Biden among world leaders paying tribute to Duke of Edinburgh

    Joe Biden says the Royal family ‘are in our hearts during this time’

  • Evening Standard

    Joe Biden says US gun violence is ‘international embarrassment’ as he announces weapons crackdown

    Joe Biden has described gun violence in the US as an “international embarrassment” as he announced a crackdown on homemade weapons. The president is enacting new measures through an executive order so he does not need approval from Congress. One killing spree was in Boulder, Colorado and the other in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • The Guardian

    Joe Biden announces first steps to curb ‘epidemic’ of US gun violence

    Joe Biden announces first steps to curb ‘epidemic’ of US gun violencePresident condemned gun violence as an ‘international embarrassment’ after series of recent shootings around the USUS politics – live updates