Alien [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Alien [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Soundtrack album by Jerry Goldsmith
Alien: Original Motion Picture Score came out in 1979 and achieved critical acclaim, being released commercially in multiple forms during the following decades.Wikipedia
GenreSoundtracks, Film Score, Classical, Stage & Screen, Original Score
Release Date1979
ArtistJerry Goldsmith


  • 1Alien, film score~Main Title4:12
  • 2Alien, film score~Hyper Sleep2:45
  • 3Alien, film score~The Landing4:31
  • 4Alien, film score~The Terrain2:21
  • 5Alien, film score~The Craft1:00
  • 6Alien, film score~The Passage1:49
  • 7Alien, film score~The Skeleton2:30
  • 8Alien, film score~A New Face2:34
  • 9Alien, film score~Hanging On3:39
  • 10Alien, film score~The Lab1:04
  • 11Alien, film score~Drop Out0:57
  • 12Alien, film score~Nothing To Say1:51
  • 13Alien, film score~Cat Nip1:00
  • 14Alien, film score~Here Kitty2:07
  • 15Alien, film score~The Shaft4:30
  • 16Alien, film score~It's A Droid3:27
  • 17Alien, film score~Parker's Death1:51
  • 18Alien, film score~The Eggs2:23
  • 19Alien, film score~Sleepy Alien1:04
  • 20Alien, film score~To Sleep1:56
  • 21Alien, film score~The Cupboard3:05
  • 22Alien, film score~Out The Door3:12
  • 23Alien, film score~End Title3:08
  • 24Alien, film score~Main Title (Rescored Alternate Cues)4:11
  • 25Alien, film score~Hyper Sleep (Rescored Alternate Cues)2:45
  • 26Alien, film score~The Terrain (Rescored Alternate Cues)0:58
  • 27Alien, film score~The Skeleton (Rescored Alternate Cues)2:30
  • 28Alien, film score~Hanging On (Rescored Alternate Cues)3:07
  • 29Alien, film score~The Cupboard (Rescored Alternate Cues)3:12
  • 30Alien, film score~Out The Door (Rescored Alternate Cues)3:02
  • 31Alien, film score~Main Title (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)3:36
  • 32Alien, film score~The Face Hugger (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)2:35
  • 33Alien, film score~The Breakaway (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)3:03
  • 34Alien, film score~Acid Test (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)4:40
  • 35Alien, film score~The Landing (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)4:31
  • 36Alien, film score~The Droid (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)4:44
  • 37Alien, film score~The Recovery (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)2:49
  • 38Alien, film score~The Alien Planet (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)2:30
  • 39Alien, film score~The Shaft (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)4:00
  • 40Alien, film score~End Title (Original 1979 Soundtrack Album)3:08
  • 41Alien, film score~Main Title (film version) (Bonus Track)3:44
  • 42Alien, film score~The Skeleton (alternate take) (Bonus Track)2:34
  • 43Alien, film score~The Passage (demonstration excerpt) (Bonus Track)1:54
  • 44Alien, film score~Hanging On (demonstration excerpt) (Bonus Track)1:08
  • 45Alien, film score~Parker's Death (demonstration excerpt) (Bonus Track)1:07
  • 46Alien, film score~It's A Droid (unused inserts) (Bonus Track)1:27
  • 47Alien, film score~Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Bonus Track)1:49