Angela Barnes

Angela Barnes

British comedian
Angela Barnes is known for Neighbours from Hell (2016), That's the Way, A-Ha, A-Ha, Joe Lycett: Live (2016) and It Was Alright in the 70s (2014).Wikipedia
BornNovember 9, 1976
HometownSidcup, England


Portraits of Joe Swash, Chris Kamara and Angela Barnes made - from scrapped car parts

Joe Swash, Chris Kamara, and Angela Barnes have all been immortalised – with portraits made entirely of scrapped car parts. Mixed-media artist David Badcock has created the three familiar faces, using only materials which are destined for the scrap heap. The industrial artist dedicated over 110 hours repurposing 100kg of used parts from five scrapped cars, incorporating over 1,000 individual nuts and bolts. By using a car bonnet as a canvas, the industrial artist masterfully crafted striking likenesses of the three TV stars, each measuring 1.2m by 1.5m. Materials used to bring the portraits to life included tyres, steering wheels, broken lights, body metal and thousands of nuts and bolts.
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Steve Jobless
Steve Jobless
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