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OPINION - There is now no doubt — the Donald Trump show is back

  • The most disconcerting element of watching The 47th last autumn at the Old Vic, a satirical comedy on Trumpian politics, is that Bertie Carvel’s brilliant turn as Donald Trump left me disappointed. This was despite Carvel expertly capturing the former US president’s bizarre finger pointing, his other tics and inflections, and his billionaire presidential swagger. It was simply that the real Trump is so much more creepily shocking in his actions and cartoonish appearances, with that sweep of orange hair, that no one can outperform this particular showman.


'Doctor Foster' writer reveals the show is based on a Greek Tragedy

BBC One drama ‘Doctor Foster’ has seen Suranne Jones’ title character going mad and wanting to get even with her unfaithful husband, played by Bertie Carvel. But this storyline isn’t so much of a new idea as the series creator has revealed it was inspired by a Greek tragedy.
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