Breakfast in America

Breakfast in America

1979 studio album by Supertramp
Breakfast in America is the sixth studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released by A&M Records on 16 March 1979. It was recorded in 1978 at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles.Wikipedia
GenreSoft Rock, Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Art Rock, Album Rock
Release Date1979


  • 1Gone HollywoodSupertramp5:20
  • 2Logical SongSupertramp4:11
  • 3Goodbye StrangerSupertramp5:50
  • 4Breakfast in AmericaSupertramp2:39
  • 5Oh DarlingSupertramp4:02
  • 6Take the Long Way HomeSupertramp5:08
  • 7Lord Is It MineSupertramp4:10
  • 8Just Another Nervous WreckSupertramp4:25
  • 9Casual ConversationsSupertramp2:58
  • 10Child of VisionSupertramp7:31

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Why Supertramp’s Breakfast in America goes beyond cheese

  • When I was young, it seemed that life was unbearable. I’ve never paid a therapist to confirm it but I suspect the correlation between my dad leaving when I was nine and the start of a solid decade of implacable self-loathing wasn’t entirely random. My wonderful mother found us a wonderful stepdad who brought us down from the mortality-grey council block into a house of our own, but still, for my entire teenage years, I hid in its box room, my skin blanched forever pale for never seeing sunlight.And when I wasn’t making pathetic attempts on my own life I was plotting less pathetic ones. I changed my name in some fantastical hope it might erase me, make me someone new. But it was still just me, a 12-inch TV, a well-thumbed copy of Shakespeare’s Complete Works, a wired-up slab of the genius of Sir Clive Sinclair and my music – assorted early teen stuff, The Beatles, The Jam, Pink Floyd, ELO.