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A French serial imposter convinced everyone he was a missing Texas teen. This PI convinced him to confess

  • Three years after Nicholas Barclay, 13, vanished from San Antonio, law enforcement and his family believed they’d found the teen in Spain and returned him to his normal Texas life. Then a PI with a penchant for suspenders took “Nicholas” out for hotcakes - and got the French fraudster who’d been impersonating the teen to confess. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, writes Sheila Flynn


After 130 years, family loosens grip on storied French saxophone

Since 1885 the descendants of Henri Selmer have been making saxophones favoured by jazz greats like John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. From its factory at Mantes-la-Ville just west of the French capital, the factory crafts some 9,000 saxophones a year for enthusiasts worldwide. But growing competition from cheaper Chinese horns has forced the company to bring in another player.
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