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King Charles' surprising wedding tribute at new palace home revealed

  • While King Charles III may not have moved into Buckingham Palace with his wife Queen Consort Camilla yet, he does use the grand palace for important meetings. On Thursday, the monarch met with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield inside the iconic building, and photos of the occasion reveal that His Majesty has a unique collection of wedding tributes inside the royal residence. Look closely and you'll see Charles' wedding tributes As King Charles shook Mr Hadfield's hand, behind them tables full of


Chris Hadfield Explains Water Recycling on the International Space Station

The water recovery system on the International Space Station was instrumental in allowing larger crews to board the craft, thanks to the reduced need to be resupplied from Earth. Water is a precious resource on board the ISS, as Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield showed while he was commander. In this video, he demonstrated how 93% of the water used on board gets reclaimed. Credit: YouTube/Canadian Space Agency-NASA
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