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Stevie Nicks thanks Taylor Swift for writing song that helped her grieve Christine McVie

  • Stevie Nicks has thanked Taylor Swift for writing a song that helped her grieve her late friend and bandmate Christine McVie. While performing in Atlanta on Monday night, the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman opened up about the death of her pal in November and revealed that listening to Taylor's song You're on Your Own, Kid, taken from the 2022 album Midnights, helped her mourn after Christine died. "Thank you to Taylor Swift for doing a favour for me, and that is writing a song called You're on Your Ow


Stevie Nicks shares the Taylor Swift song that helped her grieve

Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks reveals how Taylor Swift song 'You're On Your Own, Kid' helped her grieve Christine McVie after her death last year.
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