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Take that, Expendables: the 10 most absurdly violent Eighties action films

  • As the fourth Expendables film hacks, shoots and stabs its way into cinemas, audiences may be forgiven for feeling a sense of disappointment. Compared to the casts of the other three pictures, which boasted appearances from icons including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis, the ensemble for this one – ridiculously, and unpronounceably, named Expend4bles – is distinctly more B-list, with the likes of 50 Cent, Megan Fox and Dolph Lundgren supporting the starrier duo


Denver Zoo's 'Chuck Norris' Parakeet Cuddles Up to Stuffed Toy

He may be called Chuck Norris, but Denver Zoo’s newest rainbow lorikeet is a softie at heart.Footage released by the zoo on February 12 shows Chuck drinking from a syringe and cuddling up to a rainbow lorikeet toy.“No matter how much Chuck changes, one thing stays the same: his love of his lorikeet plushies,” the zoo said. Credit: Denver Zoo via Storyful
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