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Australian singer
David Liam McCormack is an Australian musician and singer-songwriter. He is best known as frontman of Brisbane-based rock group Custard, and for voicing the character Bandit in the animated children's series Bluey.Wikipedia
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Gavin and Stacey lockdown episode revealed on Twitter - and it is perfect

  • Fans were delighted by the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special back in 2019, with many fans desperate for a follow-up episode. While there is still no word from the show's creators, James Corden and Ruth Jones, on the future of the show, scriptwriter David McCormack has detailed an imagined episode of the series which sees all of the characters stuck in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic - and it is perfect! Fans were loving the lockdown episodeIn the Twitter thread, which has since gone viral, David wrote: "From time to time I like to sit and think about how the characters in Gavin and Stacey would be handling the lockdown at the moment. What follows is my best prediction... Gavin and Stacey are living apart - Stacey in Barry with the kids, Gavin in Essex. It was only meant to be for a weekend while Gavin visited the family but it was mutually decided that both parties would be safer staying put. They phone every night and miss each other loads. 'It's just so strange down here without you. And the kids are bouncing off the walls. Truth be told, Gav, so am I!' 'Come on, babes. This will all blow over soon and we'll be able to go back to the way things were.' 'I hope so. Love you.' 'Love you.' Theme music plays." Loading the player...WATCH: Gavin and Stacey's Nessa gives coronavirus adviceHe continued: "Pam has a meltdown when she realises that she opened a letter that came through the door without first disinfecting it. The next day, she becomes convinced that her seasonal hayfever may be something more sinister. 'Oh my Christ. Mick! I've got the conoravirus!' Despite Michael's protests that she's absolutely fine, Pam insists on social distancing at home, demanding that Michael leave her meals outside the bedroom door and sleep on the sofa for the next two weeks." READ: Gavin & Stacey: what the cast looked like then and nowDavid detailed the activities of all of the characters, with Bryn keeping a firm five metres from Gwen while exercising with a new Fit-Bit, Dawn and Pete hating living together during isolation, and Nessa determined that she is immune to the virus. Fans were loving the imagined episode, with one writing: "This has made my night! I read it all in their voices. You are a bloody genius!" Another added: "I'm cackling, this is perfect - the dialogue could be lifted from the show." Read David's entire, hilarious thread here. READ: Gavin and Stacey star Neil the baby is all grown up! See the adorable photo


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