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The Rookie: Feds: Julia Roberts’ very famous brother stars in new show - did you spot him?

  • The Rookie: Feds has been a huge hit with fans, with the first season currently airing on ABC - but did you spot a very famous guest star on the popular show? The series’ recently welcomed the brother of Julia Roberts - but did you spot him? MORE: The Rookie: Feds - Everything you need to know about the spin-off series Julia Roberts’ older brother Eric Roberts is a hugely prolific actor, having previously starred in over 700 projects including Dark Knight, Heroes and Suits. In the hit show, Eric


Head Full Of Honey - Trailer

A man suffering from Alzheimer's embarks on a final road trip with his granddaughter.MyMovies, trailer, 2019, Comedy, Drama, Til Schweiger, Emily Mortimer, Eric Roberts, Nick Nolte
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