Excess All Areas

Album by Kevin Bloody Wilson
Excess All Areas is a 2009 album by Australian singer/comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson. The title is a pun on "Access All Areas" being a homonym with the title in Australian English.Wikipedia
Release Date2009
ArtistKevin Bloody Wilson


  • 1Nigel and WilmaKevin Bloody Wilson3:00
  • 2Old Home VideosKevin Bloody Wilson3:37
  • 3Bring Back the BiffKevin Bloody Wilson3:09
  • 4Butter FaceKevin Bloody Wilson2:41
  • 5You Can't Call Me Kev AnymoreKevin Bloody Wilson3:23
  • 6Nanna Never FartedKevin Bloody Wilson4:11
  • 7The Cougar SongKevin Bloody Wilson3:11
  • 8Common SenseKevin Bloody Wilson3:37
  • 9Me Beer's Cut OffKevin Bloody Wilson3:29
  • 10Readin' Me My WrongsKevin Bloody Wilson3:33