Five Guys Walk into a Bar...

Five Guys Walk into a Bar...

Compilation album by Faces
Five Guys Walk into a Bar... is a comprehensive four-disc retrospective of the British rock group Faces released in 2004, collecting sixty-seven tracks from among the group's four studio albums, assorted rare single A and B-sides, BBC sessions, rehearsal tapes and one track from a promotional flexi-disc, "Dishevelment Blues" - a deliberately-sloppy studio romp, captured during the sessions for their Ooh La La album, which was never actually intended for official release.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, Blues-Rock, Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Album Rock, Proto-Punk
Release DateJuly 20, 2004
ArtistFaces (band)


  • 1FlyingFaces (band)4:18
  • 2On the BeachFaces (band)4:19
  • 3Too BadFaces (band)3:15
  • 4If I'm Late on the SideFaces (band)2:39
  • 5DebrisFaces (band)4:36
  • 6Jealous GuyFaces (band)6:44
  • 7EvilFaces (band)6:38
  • 8As Long as You Tell HimFaces (band)4:20
  • 9Maggie MayFaces (band)5:32
  • 10Cindy IncidentallyFaces (band)2:46
  • 11Maybe I'm AmazedFaces (band)6:12
  • 12InsuranceFaces (band)4:04
  • 13I Came Looking for YouRonnie Lane, Ian McLagan3:16
  • 14Last Orders PleaseFaces (band)2:36
  • 15Wyndlesham Bay (Jodie)Faces (band)3:08
  • 16I Can Feel the FireFaces (band)5:38
  • 17Tonight's NumberFaces (band)3:14
  • 18Come See My Baby (The Cheater)Faces (band)4:19
  • 19Pool Hall RichardFaces (band)4:25
  • 20You're My Girl (I Don't Want to Discuss It)Faces (band)5:21
  • 21Glad and SorryFaces (band)3:07
  • 22Shake, Shudder, ShiverFaces (band)3:39
  • 23Miss Judy's FarmFaces (band)4:38
  • 24RichmondFaces (band)3:03
  • 25That's All You NeedFaces (band)5:07
  • 26Rear Wheel SkidFaces (band)4:45
  • 27Maybe I'm AmazedFaces (band)3:39
  • 28(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right #]Faces (band)4:54
  • 29Take a Look at the GuyFaces (band)4:53
  • 30Flags and BannersFaces (band)2:02
  • 31Bad 'N' RuinFaces (band)5:25
  • 32Around the PlynthFaces (band)5:55
  • 33Sweet Lady MaryFaces (band)5:51
  • 34Had Me a Real Good TimeFaces (band)5:53
  • 35Cut Across ShortyFaces (band)6:25
  • 36You're So RudeFaces (band)3:43
  • 37(I Know) I'm Losing YouFaces (band)7:07
  • 38Love Lives HereFaces (band)3:06
  • 39I'd Rather Go BlindFaces (band)6:03
  • 40Hi-Heel Sneakers/Everybody Needs Somebody to LoveFaces (band)5:08
  • 41Gettin' HungryFaces (band)5:12
  • 42Silicone GrownFaces (band)3:08
  • 43Oh Lord I'm Browned OffFaces (band)3:50
  • 44Just Another HunkyFaces (band)3:34
  • 45Open to IdeasFaces (band)3:59
  • 46Skewiff (Mind the Fuse)Faces (band)5:16
  • 47Too BadFaces (band)5:53
  • 48Rock MeFaces (band)4:41
  • 49AngelFaces (band)4:16
  • 50Stay With MeFaces (band)5:50
  • 51Ooh la LaFaces (band)3:31
  • 52StealerFaces (band)3:17
  • 53Around the Plynth/Gasoline AlleyFaces (band)7:34
  • 54You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything (Even Take the Dog for a Walk,Faces (band)4:31
  • 55I Wish It Would RainFaces (band)4:45
  • 56Miss Judy's FarmFaces (band)4:00
  • 57Love in VainFaces (band)8:22
  • 58My FaultFaces (band)3:23
  • 59I Feel So GoodFaces (band)6:27
  • 60Miss Judy's FarmFaces (band)3:41
  • 61Three Button Hand Me DownFaces (band)5:46
  • 62Cindy IncidentallyFaces (band)2:39
  • 63Borstal BoysFaces (band)2:54
  • 64FlyingFaces (band)3:58
  • 65Bad 'N' RuinFaces (band)5:25
  • 66Dishevelment BluesFaces (band)4:58
  • 67Stay With MeFaces (band)4:40