Album by Black Sabbath
Forbidden is the eighteenth studio album by English rock band Black Sabbath, released in June 1995. This recording saw the reunion of Black Sabbath's Tyr-era line-up from 1990, with the return of Neil Murray and Cozy Powell.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock , Heavy Metal , British Metal , Doom Metal , Stoner Metal , Power Metal
Release DateJune 20, 1995
ArtistIce-T , Black Sabbath


  • 1Illusion of PowerBlack Sabbath4:54
  • 2Get a GripBlack Sabbath3:59
  • 3Can't Get Close EnoughBlack Sabbath4:28
  • 4Shaking Off the ChainsBlack Sabbath4:04
  • 5I Won't Cry for YouBlack Sabbath4:48
  • 6Guilty as HellBlack Sabbath3:28
  • 7Sick and TiredBlack Sabbath3:31
  • 8Rusty AngelsBlack Sabbath5:00
  • 9ForbiddenBlack Sabbath3:49
  • 10Kiss of DeathBlack Sabbath6:09

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