Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain

American artist and model
Frances Bean Cobain is an American visual artist and model. She is the only child of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love. She controls the publicity rights to her father's name and image.Wikipedia
BornAugust 18, 1992
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States of America
Net worth$200 million
Height5'5" (1.65m)
SpouseRiley Hawk, Isaiah Jones Silva
PartnerRiley Hawk
ParentsCourtney Love, Kurt Cobain


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Frances Bean Cobain mourns father Kurt on anniversary of his death

The 30th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death was on April 5. Kurt's daughter, 31-year-old Frances Bean, took to Instagram to pay tribute to his legacy, 'Page Six' reports. She also shared two pictures from "the last time [they] were together while he was still alive". "I wish I could've known my Dad. I wish I knew the cadence of his voice, how he liked his coffee or the way it felt to be tucked in after a bedtime story.", Frances went on to say that there was "deep wisdom being on an expedited path to understanding how precious life is".
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