Franks Wild Years

Franks Wild Years

Album by Tom Waits
Franks Wild Years is the tenth studio album by Tom Waits, released 1987 on Island Records. It is the third in a loose trilogy that began with Swordfishtrombones.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Experimental Rock, College Rock, Album Rock
ArtistTom Waits


  • 1Hang on St. ChristopherTom Waits2:46
  • 2Straight to the TopTom Waits2:30
  • 3Blow Wind BlowTom Waits3:36
  • 4TemptationTom Waits3:53
  • 5Innocent When You DreamTom Waits4:16
  • 6I'll Be GoneTom Waits3:12
  • 7Yesterday Is HereTom Waits2:31
  • 8Please Wake Me UpTom Waits3:35
  • 9Franks ThemeTom Waits1:50
  • 10More Than RainTom Waits3:52
  • 11Way Down in the HoleTom Waits3:30
  • 12Straight to the TopTom Waits3:24
  • 13I'll Take New YorkTom Waits4:00
  • 14Telephone Call From IstanbulTom Waits3:12
  • 15Cold Cold GroundTom Waits4:07
  • 16Train SongTom Waits3:20
  • 17Innocent When You DreamTom Waits3:08