Gary Numan

Gary Numan

English musician
Founding father of synth pop whose constantly evolving form of dystopian electronic rock music has influenced countless alternative and dance acts.
BornMarch 8, 1958
HometownLondon, England
Net worth$7 million
Height5'8" (1.73m)
SpouseGemma O'Neill (m 1997 - present)
ChildrenPersia Numan , Echo Numan , Raven Numan


Credit: Getty Images, Rotten Tomatoes, Gracenote Media Services

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Are ‘friends’ electric? 1,000 gigs in, Gary Numan sure is

  • Gary Numan performed the thousandth concert of his career in the dark and dingy confines of the Electric Ballroom in London on Saturday night. The landmark event passed as pretty much every Numan concert has passed since he rose to fame as Britain’s first synth pop star in the late 70s. That is, in a furious blizzard of throbbing and slamming electronic sound, dazzling lighting, theatrical posing and drily mannered mockney vocals delivering dystopian visions of a future we have arguably long sin


Gary Numan: Android in La La Land
Gary Numan: Android in La La Land
1h 25min