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Samuel L. Jackson can't believe he agreed to 'crazy' The Long Kiss Goodnight stunt

  • Samuel L. Jackson can't believe he agreed to take part in an icy stunt for The Long Kiss Goodnight. During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show that aired on Monday, host Jennifer asked the Hollywood icon to name the "craziest" sequence he has ever participated in onscreen. Accordingly, Samuel was quick to name the scene in the 1996 action-mystery in which he and Geena Davis fire a machine gun at an icy lake and jump into the freezing water. "It was minus 37 degrees that day. They cut a hol


Geena Davis 'literally shaking' as she discussed alleged abuse from Bill Murray: 'It’s very emotional for me'

Geena Davis was left "literally shaking" as she discussed the alleged abuse she was subjected to by Bill Murray on the set of their 1990 movie 'Quick Change'.
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