Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg

Swedish climate change activist
Greta Thunberg was born on 3 January 2003 in Sweden. She is a writer and actress, known for I Am Greta (2020), Pearl Jam: Retrograde (2020) and Humanity Has Not Failed (Featuring Greta Thunberg) (2021).Wikipedia
BornJanuary 3, 2003
HometownStockholm, Sweden
Net worth$100 thousand
Height4'11" (1.49m)
ParentsSvante Thunberg, Malena Ernman


Credit: Getty Images, Rotten Tomatoes, Gracenote Media Services


Greta Thunberg marches in France against oil drilling

Ecological activist Greta Thunberg Sunday joined a protest in the south-west of France against eight planned oil wells, which in theory will be banned in the country by 2040. The "Stop Petrole Bassin d'Arcachon" group, which opposes oil drilling in the area around the seaside resort of Arcachon, claimed 3,000 showed up for the protest, but police said there were 1,200. "The exit from fossil fuels must begin now by rejecting this project," said Natalie Herve, a spokeswoman for the group. Thunberg was in the region after Saturday making an appearance at a demonstration against a local highway.  The internationally known Swedish activist, wearing a pink raincoat and Palestinian keffiyeh, didn't speak Sunday but danced and shouted slogans in French and English against the oil business.  The wells would be drilled by Canada's Vermilion Energy, which has a concession near Arcachon until the start of 2035. The field has been in production since the 1960s and about 50 wells today produce a total of 1,500 barrels a day.Opponents are hoping to block authorisation for the project, which has yet to be approved.In 2017, the French government voted to stop domestic oil production by 2040.  At the beginning of December, the ecological transition minister Christophe Bechu said that as long as France needs oil, it is "not so bad that it comes from here instead of the other end of the world."jed/ppy/vk/cls/fio/gv/cw
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