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John Lennon Anthology is a four-CD box set of home demos, studio outtakes and other previously unreleased material recorded by John Lennon over the course of his solo career from "Give Peace a Chance" in 1969 up until the 1980 sessions for Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey.Wikipedia
GenrePop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Rock & Roll, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Album Rock
Release DateNovember 3, 1998
ArtistRick Nielsen, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Billy Preston, Tom Petersson, George Harrison, Yoko Ono, Harry Nilsson, Earl Slick


  • 1Working Class HeroJohn Lennon4:21
  • 2GodJohn Lennon3:32
  • 3I Found OutJohn Lennon3:50
  • 4Hold OnJohn Lennon0:44
  • 5IsolationJohn Lennon3:48
  • 6LoveJohn Lennon2:47
  • 7MotherJohn Lennon3:51
  • 8RememberJohn Lennon2:46
  • 9ImagineJohn Lennon3:22
  • 10FortunatelyJohn Lennon0:19
  • 11Baby Please Don't GoJohn Lennon4:06
  • 12Oh My LoveJohn Lennon2:54
  • 13Jealous GuyJohn Lennon4:10
  • 14Maggie MaeJohn Lennon0:52
  • 15How Do You Sleep?John Lennon5:22
  • 16God Save OzJohn Lennon3:27
  • 17Do the OzJohn Lennon3:08
  • 18I Don't Wanna Be a SoldierJohn Lennon5:20
  • 19Give Peace a ChanceJohn Lennon1:53
  • 20Look at MeJohn Lennon2:53
  • 21Long Lost JohnJohn Lennon2:15
  • 22New York CityJohn Lennon0:55
  • 23Attica StateJohn Lennon4:07
  • 24ImagineJohn Lennon3:29
  • 25Bring on the Lucie (Freda Peeple)John Lennon4:08
  • 26Woman Is the Nigger of the WorldJohn Lennon0:39
  • 27Geraldo RiveraJohn Lennon0:40
  • 28Woman Is the Nigger of the WorldJohn Lennon5:15
  • 29It's So HardJohn Lennon3:10
  • 30Come TogetherJohn Lennon4:20
  • 31Happy Xmas (War Is Over)John Lennon & Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band3:33
  • 32Luck of the IrishPlastic Ono Band, John Lennon3:43
  • 33John SinclairPlastic Ono Band, John Lennon3:43
  • 34David Frost ShowJohn Lennon0:53
  • 35Mind GamesJohn Lennon1:03
  • 36Mind GamesJohn Lennon1:14
  • 37One Day (At a Time)John Lennon3:14
  • 38I Know (I Know)John Lennon3:13
  • 39I'm the GreatestJohn Lennon3:37
  • 40(It's All da-Da-Down to) Goodnight ViennaJohn Lennon2:43
  • 41Jerry Lewis TelethonJohn Lennon2:01
  • 42Kiss Is Just a Kiss (As Time Goes By)John Lennon0:12
  • 43Real LoveJohn Lennon4:15
  • 44You Are HereJohn Lennon4:56
  • 45What You GotJohn Lennon1:15
  • 46Nobody Loves You (When You're Down and Out)John Lennon5:39
  • 47Whatever Gets You Thru the NightJohn Lennon0:38
  • 48Whatever Gets You Thru the NightJohn Lennon3:34
  • 49YesterdayJohn Lennon0:34
  • 50Be-Bop-A-LulaJohn Lennon2:54
  • 51Rip It up/Ready TeddyJohn Lennon2:31
  • 52ScaredJohn Lennon5:06
  • 53Steel and GlassJohn Lennon4:48
  • 54Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)John Lennon2:59
  • 55Bless YouJohn Lennon4:16
  • 56Going Down on LoveJohn Lennon0:54
  • 57Move Over Ms. L.John Lennon3:11
  • 58Ain't She SweetJohn Lennon0:29
  • 59Slippin' and Slidin'John Lennon2:28
  • 60Peggy SueJohn Lennon1:19
  • 61Bring It on Home to Me/Send Me Some Lovin'John Lennon3:52
  • 62Phil and John, Pt. 1John Lennon2:15
  • 63Phil and John, Pt. 2John Lennon2:00
  • 64Phil and John, Pt. 3John Lennon0:55
  • 65When in Doubt, Fuck ItJohn Lennon0:10
  • 66Be My BabyJohn Lennon4:34
  • 67Stranger's RoomJohn Lennon3:20
  • 68Old Dirt RoadJohn Lennon3:54
  • 69I'm Losing YouJohn Lennon4:06
  • 70Sean's Little HelpJohn Lennon0:58
  • 71Serve YourselfJohn Lennon3:50
  • 72My LifeJohn Lennon2:37
  • 73Nobody Told MeJohn Lennon3:33
  • 74Life Begins at 40John Lennon2:24
  • 75I Don't Wanna Face ItJohn Lennon3:31
  • 76WomanJohn Lennon4:03
  • 77Dear YokoJohn Lennon2:36
  • 78Watching the WheelsJohn Lennon3:05
  • 79I'm Stepping OutJohn Lennon4:19
  • 80Borrowed TimeJohn Lennon3:58
  • 81Rishi Kesh SongJohn Lennon2:27
  • 82Sean's LoudJohn Lennon0:35
  • 83Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)John Lennon4:13
  • 84Mr. Hyde's Gone (Don't Be Afraid)John Lennon2:42
  • 85Only YouJohn Lennon3:24
  • 86Grow Old With MeJohn Lennon3:19
  • 87Dear JohnJohn Lennon2:16
  • 88Great WokJohn Lennon3:14
  • 89Mucho MungoJohn Lennon1:25
  • 90Satire, Pt. 1John Lennon2:22
  • 91Satire, Pt. 2John Lennon4:36
  • 92Satire, Pt. 3John Lennon0:46
  • 93Sean's in the SkyJohn Lennon0:46
  • 94It's RealJohn Lennon1:05

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